Ragsdale 30th Class Reunion


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Ragsdale 30th Class Reunion

  1. 1. Mark Your Calendars! November 6, 2010 George K’s, 8:00 p.m. 2108 Cedar Fork Drive. Greensboro, NC 27407 (336) 209-3130 HIGH SCHOOL Ticket prices are $30.00 for single person, or $60 a couple. There will be a cash bar. RAGSDALE Attached to this pamphlet is a small form we ask that you fill out and return with your check. CLASS OF 1980 30TH REUNION Checks should be made out to “Ragsdale Class of 80 Reunion.” The Planning Committee would also like to direct you to our website www.alumni80.com Here you can register your information, upload pictures, and look and see what your classmates are doing. It will be the place where all our class information will be located. There is also a group of us on facebook, which is where we can interact with each other and renew old friendships. We look forward to bring you all a High Point, NC 27265 great 30th Reunion. Class of ‘80 Reunion 3902 Burguss Court
  2. 2. Please Take a Moment To Complete the Information Section Below and Return To: Dawn Sparks The Lost List Ragsdale Class of 80’ Reunion 3902 Burguss Court Please review the lost list and forward any information you have High Point, NC 27265 on classmates who have not been located. Name: Tony Abrams Laura Adams Marshall Hinshaw Kent Hoffman Aubrey Pouncy Debbie Presler Contacts Address: Pearlette Alsbrook GiGi Hoos Rogers Sara Louise Price Tommy Andrews Joseph Michael Howell Howell Daniel Pruden Pruden Mary Ella Anthony Joan Felice Hubbard Deanna Lynne Puckett Green Mitch Stout Med Aziz Lora Lou Hurley Cleveland Quick Mitch@mitchstout.com; City, State Zip: Joe Barker Richard Hurtz Teresa Anne Quick Wendy Carol Blackney Donna Marie Hylman David Arnold Ratcliffe mstout@rfmd.com Linda Carol Bolton Steven Smith Ingram Randy Ray 336-431-8408 Phone: William Darryl Bolton Fleta Jacqulyn Ireland Blanche Bonita Reese 336-678-5791 Donna Marie Bourgeois George Keith Jackson Eddie Respess Email: Ricky Brown Susan Elizabeth Jackson Carey Leigh Robertson Allen Burnett Alonzo Jefferson Richard O’Neil Robinson Bill Callahan Larry Wayne Johnson Carolyn Melissa Rogers Dawn Johnson Sparks Number on Planning to Attend: Jaynie Maneulla Carrick James Luther Johnson, Jr. Reynolds Robin Carter Kevin Jones Frank Rosinski ddavis8409@triad.rr.com Paul Rodrick Carter Tommy Eugene Jones, Jr. Kim Rush 336-889-6899 Eva Glenora Caulder Quinton Joyner Ronald Jerome Russell  $30.00 Single Chong Hoon Chang Keith Knoll Julie Shaver 336-259-7775 Michael Ray Cole Vicki Kuntz Janice Sheldon Renee Comer McCandless Tim Lathrop Becky Shelddric $60.00 Couple Elizabeth Paige Corley Vicky Lilly Karen Slater Tracet Dene Cox Laura Jean Lowe Larry Dwayne Smith Please make your check payable to: RAGSDALE CLASS OF 80’ REUNION Terri Lea Craddock Margaret Lynn Belinda Smith Thomas Wade Davis Allen Wesley Mackey Bobby Smith Pam Pierce Chrismon Katherine “Kit” Dorsey Donnelly Kathy Mashburn Williamson Devin Smith dcclean15@hotmail.com Mark Dula Marleme Clapp McClenny Edwin Russell Smith, IV 336-887-1222 Spouse Name: Paula Dumford Dorothy McCrae Mike Snyder Linda Fay Dunbar Susan McDonald Nicholson Martha Ann Sowers Caty Durst Windy Lorraine McGee Perez Lynda Anne Stafford Children’s Names & Age: Kevin Dyer Mike McMahan James Russell Stephenson Cynthia Jane Edwards Melody Morris McManus Darrell Stuart Laverne Ellison Mike Miller Johnny Sturdivant Lori Fairley Sherry Jean Milliam Eva Marie Sturdivant Occupation: Jeffrey William Finch Stan Mitchell Paul Grayson Sutherland Gary Forrest Christopher Jay Mitchell Brent Charles Taylor Memories from High School, Places, Lived, Etc. Donna Elain Fulp Loflin Leanne Montana Junior Glenn Temple Janet King Garcia Curt Moore Anna Louise Thomas Leander Alpheus Gholeston Laurie Moore Brenda Lee Thomasson Brenda Faye Gibson Wanda Denise Moore Larry Michael Thompson, Jr. Pat Gill Debbie Mooring Warren Jay Waller Amy Beth Glovier Bingham Andy Morgan Robert William Warren, Jr. Greg Greene Marty Morris Alan Neill Watts Jeanie Lynn Greer Max Albert Mull Max Jeffrey Hall Welborn Gale Hall Allison Robin Mullinax Allyson Meghan Wells Little Information for Lost List: James Thomas Hancock Roosevelt Nelson Donald Keith White Scarlett Hare Karen Nichols Donald William Whitley Darion Harmon Gwyn Brenda Norton David Whittington Leslie Karen Harrison Dee Mary Overlees Mark Wilhelm Sandra Hatcher Terry Graham Pait Janice Williams Becky Gordon Hatfield Hope Pallas Cynthia Yvonne Williamson John Lawrence Haynes Joe Parker Simmons Samuel Dwight Haynes John Gordon Parker, Jr. Lisa Renee Winslow Jeffrey Craig Hickman Greg Peace John David Young Annette Chenille Hill Angela Diane Pendleton Duncan