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Schools, Learning, and BYOD

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  • Someone next to you - any experience with personal devices, reading about them, tried it, teachers?
  • We hear about innovation all around us today. But . . .
  • High School - 3 teachers, one still engaged at the end of the year 2 elementary schools - one - technology magnet school, person to work with the technology and another to work with curriculum integration. Spring - portable devices - one ipad and ipods
  • Weaver Lake - portable devices WD - laptops/netbooks
  • One junior high school - entire team was there because students had gone to the principal.
  • Osseo Sr. High School - fully open - other H.S. - informally open. Elementary - BW, FB, WD, WVR, CV, EB, RC, ZW, PL, Some putting their toes in the water - OAK, RL, RC Primary schools - FO, CI - probably won’t adopt it - others that haven’t adopted - PB, BG, GC
  • Importance of listening to teachers.
  • Add a poll here by both Poll Everywhere and Google Forms Free Accounts - Poll Everywhere - limits Google Forms - if you have apps for education, this is part of the package. Otherwise teachers can set up private gmail accounts. Naiku - Minneapolis company
  • Story - OSH teacher
  • Create a QR code with URL shortener QR code creator
  • Story - OSH teacher
  • Story - OSH teacher
  • Interesting note - Students who misbehave are often the ones that are never expected.
  • 48 percent of low-income families have a home computer compared with 91 percent of higher-income families,
  • Qualcomm, “Project K-Nect” - Phones given through grants One of the programs to come out of the Wireless Initiative helped students at several North Carolina schools achieve higher test scores. The schools’ math scores were below national standards, possibly because many of the students lacked Internet access at home. With grant funding from Qualcomm, “Project K-Nect” provided ninth grade students with smartphones, which they could use to access additional instructions and collaborate with their peers, at any hour of the day. After one year, the students who had the phones saw a 30% increase on their test scores.
  • SAMR and TPCK - Ruben R. Puentedura, PhD
  • Much the same idea - access to information for students.
  • We have to be leaders.
  • If you like to keep dry and comfortable, BYOD may not be the place for you.
  • Satisfaction when you survive the ride.
  • Learning in their hands 10.2012

    1. 1. BYOD= Learning in their Hands Teaching St udent s t o UsePer sonal Devices f or Lear ning Dawn Nelson I nst r uct ional Media & Technology Coor dinat or I SD 279, Osseo Ar ea Schools Maple Gr ove, MN nelsond@dist r ict 279.or g Dawnn82@gmail.com
    2. 2. BYOD= Learning in their HandsI nspir ing Teacher s t o Launch St udent Lear ning wit h Per sonal Devices Dawn Nelson I nst r uct ional Media & Technology Coor dinat or I SD 279, Osseo Ar ea Schools Maple Gr ove, MN nelsond@dist r ict 279.or g Dawnn82@gmail.com
    3. 3. Important Information•Net wor k - MCC Guest - no passwor d•Twit t er Hash Tag -# I nt er net Libr ar ian• Conf er ence Blog - www.libconf .com
    4. 4. OutcomesFollow one school’s pat h on a BYODj our neyI dent if y pr evailing quest ions andcommunicat ions about st udent devicesConsider benef it s and bar r ier sEmbr ace t he chaos---t his wor ld is newand unset t led, ever -changing
    5. 5. Share & Discuss I mage used under a CC license f r om ht t p:/ / www.f lickr .com/ phot os/ alesk/ 356136498/ sizes/ l/
    6. 6. •Innovation isn’t necessarily•new technology.•Instead it’s a way of thinking, creating, communicating.
    7. 7. •Instead of ‘I Teach’•It’s About ‘You Learn’
    8. 8. What is BYOD?Wikipedia says: a concept where people use personally owned devices which are not owned by their employers or schools Bring relates to bringing the device to the environment where the service is provided. In some cases it is physically limited to a location (wireless, certain rooms), but more often it is time and location independent. Your refers to the person bringing the device. Own refers to device ownership of students and teachers. Devices include smartphones, tablets, ereaders, laptops, etc.ht t p:/ / en.wikipedia.or g/ wiki/ BYOD
    9. 9. BYOD in SchoolSt udent s br ing devices t hey (pr obably)alr eady ownWir eless syst em pr ovided in t he schoolI ncor por at ed int o lear ning
    10. 10. ht t p:/ / f ar m2.st at icf lickr.com/ 1281/ 5186819370_ 0463ef 098e_ b.j pg
    11. 11. I SD 279, Osseo Ar ea SchoolsFir st pr oposed - Spr ing, 2009 , Tim Wilson, CTO -Osseo Ar ea SchoolsFir st t r aining - August , 2009, 3 schools, 14 t eacher s‘Seeded’ wit h 3 devices per classr oom - Schoolr equest ed (locking cabinet s included)One school, 2 t eacher s - st ar t ed in t he spr ing
    12. 12. +++ (Pluses) After First YearPlat f or m/ Device Agnost icCount er act s ‘Keep Away’ or ‘Got cha’Moving t owar d aut hent ic lear ning
    13. 13. Year 2 - 2010- 20115 addit ional schools - 45 t eacher sNo devices of f er edTr aining mor e specif ic but only one daySt ill a pilot
    14. 14. Year 3 - 2011- 2012St ill on a per t eacher basis13 element ar y schools, 2 j unior high schools,4 senior high schools = 19 out of 25 schoolsOsseo Senior High School - f ir st ent ir e openschoolNo devices, No t r ainingSt ill a pilot - dat a is self -r epor t ed
    15. 15. "My students have their laptop withthem at all times and decide whento use it. They might havedifferent ideas, more open ideasthan I do. Im not yet sure how touse the laptops, and I welcome thestudent input."Shelly Drake, 5th Grade Teacher
    16. 16. QuickTime™ and a decompressorare needed to see this picture.
    17. 17. Student Response Systems • Fr ee • Poll Ever ywher e • Google For ms • Licensed • Naiku • eI nst r uct ion • SMART
    18. 18. Access to Information• Looking up inf or mat ion• Not e t aking• Text ing t o shar e inf or mat ion• Bell wor k
    19. 19. Photo eat ion and Edit ing Projects• Video Cr and Video - • St udent s r ecor ded skit s on iPods and edit ed at home. The videos wer e downloaded and used f or t he mor ning announcement s.• Phot os - • Af t er videoconf er ence wit h Tuskegee Air men, devices use t o t ake pict ur es of Susan Mor gan, daught er of one of t he Air men.• Phot ogr aphy class - t aking phot os t o edit
    20. 20. Google Apps• Take not es• Cr eat e pr esent at ions• Google Voice - Wor ld Language • St udent s call number t eacher select ed. • Repor t inf or mat ion • Fluency assessment
    21. 21. • Ebooks and Readers Er eader s • Reading books dur ing leveled r eading • Recor ded books - leveled r eading • Apps • Classr oom novels - shar ed not e-t aking• Mackin VI A • Read collect ion ebooks t hr ough t he web • I ndividual download ser vice f or st udent devices• Tumblebooks - web based
    22. 22. QR Codes• Book r eviews• Links t o st udent -shar ed wor k• I nf or mat ion about t eacher s
    23. 23. Authentic Audience for Writing• Blogging and r esponding t o blogs• Wr it ing f or t he web • Online collabor at ive wor k • Wikis • St udent Web Pages
    24. 24. Authentic Audience - Social Networking• Teacher and Club FB Pages• Edmodo• Somet imes t o a wor ldwide audience
    25. 25. •Kevin Cur wick •17-year -old high school senior •Saw somet hing he didn’t like •St ar t ed QuickTime™ and a decompressorare needed to see this picture. somet hing new
    26. 26. QuickTime™ and a decompressorare needed to see this picture.
    27. 27. QuickTime™ and a decompressorare needed to see this picture.
    28. 28. •Huf f ingt on Post •Ryan Seacr est •Today Show QuickTime™ and a decompressorare needed to see this picture.
    29. 29. Other Observations• Secur it y: “This has not been a pr oblem.”• Shar ing: St udent have quickly shar ed t heir devices wit h each ot her .• Number : About 40% of my class has per mission t o do Coper nicus.
    30. 30. What We RequireAdminist r at ion appr ovalCommunicat ion wit h par ent sCont r act wit h par ent s at t his t ime issit e-basedDon’t r equir e specif ic signat ur e, j ust aspar t of handbook behavior agr eement
    31. 31. Our Next StepsSuppor t websit eSt r engt hen our Vir t ual Libr ar y websit es f orst udent sSt af f DevelopmentUser Gr oup meet ings t hr oughout t he 2012-2013 school yearDat a Collect ion
    32. 32. Why It WorksCTO advocacy f or st udent accessSuppor t ive dist r ict administ r at ion andschool boar dWir eless access - 100% of our sit esTech Suppor tGoogle Apps f or Educat ion
    33. 33. What Else Works?CI PA compliant f ilt er ingNo blocking
    34. 34. Tech Support?NopeUnder st anding wit h t eacher s and t ech suppor tt hat t hey ar e not r equir ed t o suppor t devices,but encour aged as t hey ar e ableNo char ging st at ions
    35. 35. Practice ChangesLocked cabinet sLocked classr oomsAdd pieces about r espect of t ime and place t ohandbooks.Remind st udent s about t he impor t ance of pr ot ect ingt heir dat a
    36. 36. AnsweringConcerns
    37. 37. Wireless CapacityBe sur e your syst em is r obustPublic net wor kRegist er t he devices?
    38. 38. Students Behaving BadlyBehavior issues, not t echnologySt udent Engagement in lear ning Teacher must r emain act iveDigit al Cit izenship Revise AUP Def ine it in your behavior agr eementReinf or ce consist ent ly Weaver Lake PLP- ht t p:/ / weaver lakeplp.wikispaces.com/ 5.+What +We%27ve+Lear
    39. 39. Digital Divide• Pew Sur vey • 77 % - ages 12 t o 17 own a cell phone • 31 % - 14 t o 17 - smar t phone • 62% - incomes under $ 30,000• Pew I nt er net Sur vey - Digit al Dif f er ences • 50% of adult s wit h incomes over $ 30K have cell phones Links t o st udies on t he links and r esour ces page.
    40. 40. Digital Divide Low Income Students’ Test Scores Leap 30% With Smartphone Useht t p:/ / mashable.com/ 2012/ 10/ 15/ wir eless-r each-st udent s/
    41. 41. Staff Development• Edina - Go Wir eless• Williamson (TN) Count y Schools-• Osseo C4 Model of Lear ning • Depar t ment websit e • PD Playlist
    42. 42. Focus on the Tools - Or the Process?• “I ’d r at her a t eacher knows a couple t ools and lot s of ways t o use t hem, t han lot s of t ools and only a single way t o use t hem. St af f development t hat is t eacher , r at her t han t echnologist , led would be a good st ar t .” (Doug J ohnson, Blue Skunk Blog, ht t p:/ / doug-j ohnson.squar espace.com/ blue-skunk-blog/ 2012/ 8/ 2/ lar r y-cuban-and-t eacher s-making-t ech-cho )• Osseo - Compr ehensive Technology I nt egr at ion
    43. 43. Why Move Ahead?Cost savingsOur cust omer sI ncr easingly digit al wor ldFor lear ning
    44. 44. Why Move Ahead?• Higher or der t hinking• St udent s have t he devices • Connect low income st udent s wit h inf or mat ion ht t p:/ / t hej our nal.com/ ar t icles/ 2012/ 09/ 24/ 5-mediar ich-lesson-ideas-t o-encour age-higher or der -t hinking.asp
    45. 45. Why Move Ahead? QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.• Higher or der t hinking• St udent s have t he devices ht t p:/ / t hej our nal.com/ ar t icles/ 2012/ 09/ 24/ 5-mediar ich-lesson-ideas-t o-encour age-higher or der -t hinking.asp
    46. 46. Mobile BYODLear ning 1:1
    47. 47. Mobile BYODLear ning Aut hent ic Lear ning 1:1
    48. 48. Mobile BYOD Lear ning Aut hent ic Lear ning FlippedClassr oom Blended and Online Classes 1:1 EBooks/ Online Text books
    49. 49. Things to Think AboutOr - How We Bruised our Shins on the Coffee Table So You Don’t Have To
    50. 50. Decide and DoNo t hr ee year pilot s1. Wr it e your pr oposal - r esear ched and clear2. Administ r at ion Suppor t School Boar d suppor t3. Communicat e wit h pr incipals or ot her sit e admins4. Have t r aining planned and web r esour ces cr eat ed5. Find leader s at each sit e
    51. 51. Site StepsFor Teacher s Mor e t han one per son School Libr ar y suppor t Communicat e Of t enPar ent Communicat ion Par ent meet ing or f or um Ongoing ‘Good News’
    52. 52. Know Your OpponentThe Tech Guys Management Filt er sTeacher sThose who ar en’t quit e t her e yet Gar y St ager - ht t p:/ / st ager .t v/ blog/ ?p=2397
    53. 53. Join the Adventure or Embrace the ChaosPr oj ect Coper nicus Moodle Sit eBuild a PLN Twit t er - BYOD or BYOT (mor e hit s f or educat ion)Diigo Gr oup - BYOD/ BYOT-K12
    54. 54. How About You
    55. 55. Dr y and Comf or t able Saf e BYOD is not t his.
    56. 56. Mor e like whit ewat er r af t ing.
    57. 57. Beaut if ul
    58. 58. Sur vived t he r ide!
    59. 59. Thank YouTwit t er - @dawnr nelsonFacebook - Dawn NelsonBlog - ht t p:/ / blogs.dist r ict 279.or g/ libr ar y-t echconnect / I f I adver t ise it will I begin t o wr it e t o it ?I STE Aligned St af f Development Pr ogr am - 18cr edit t echnology cer t if icat e, Gr ad cr edit f r omHamline Univer sit y - beginning J anuar y, 2013