Rapport Mastery


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Build business relationships that develop loyal, repeat customers and quality referrals.

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Rapport Mastery

  1. 1. “Rapport? You mean like, 'You run as fast as you can, and I'll throw it as far as I can?'” Jeff Kemp [When asked about his rapport with wide receiver Jerry Rice.] 407.947.2590 joe@PiciandPici.com dawn@PiciandPici.com www.PiciandPici.com 1
  2. 2. Joe And d Aw n P i c i Joe And d Aw n P i c i A MessAge froM Joe And d Aw n : have had the honor and responsibility of sharing this methodology as speakers, trainers and coaches We have been in the communication training for hundreds of thousands of individuals world industry for over twenty years. Powerful, effective wide. At Pici & Pici Inc., we have created results individuals understand that communication and driven training programs that assist individuals people skills are the cornerstones to success in and organizations in accomplishing more through business. Unfortunately, as our world becomes more Rapport MasterySM. Our Rapport MasterySM sales technology focused, these essential skills are being training is an extremely strong skill builder, which is left behind causing many companies to wonder straightforward and easy to apply. Included during why they are struggling to obtain and secure more the instruction is live telephone training with your business. The purpose of this booklet is to empower prospective customers. Participants gain success you with the secrets that top performers understand through immediate application. and apply. These secrets are embodied within Rapport MasterySM. Within the systematic approach to rapport building are the hidden secrets to increasing business Rapport is the deepest relationship that can be with new clients as well as cultivating long term attained in the business process. In todayʼs tight loyalty with present clients. The ultimate goal of markets, businesses compete to expand their this methodology is to forge relationships with customer base while encouraging loyal, repeat individuals causing them to trust you/like you and, business from existing clients. Many businesses as a result, desire to do business with you! attempt to woo customers with special offers, new features, free shipping and countess other benefits. We hope you will enjoy and start applying the Contrary to this practice, our research shows that skills associated with Rapport MasterySM and 85% of your client base will give you loyal, repeat that our booklet will raise your awareness and business if they begin trusting and liking the understanding about the value of strengthening the individual who represents your company. This is the relationships between you and every individual you essence of rapport. contact. We have invested enormous effort in understanding the complex subject of customer relations. Our work resulted in the construction of a methodology used Joe & Dawn to understand behaviors and how they reveal the Joe and dawn Pici needs of those with whom we communicate. We 2 3
  3. 3. testiMoniAls testiMoniAls “Joe, your approach to the phone has been a tremendous “Fantastic! I cannot say enough - has a wonderful gift for success for our team. I have invested heavily in sales training sharing and teaching skills for sales. The information I over the past 30 years yet never received the results that your acquired has been invaluable, not only in my ability to sell system produced. The way you approached it and got 100% my self, but in my ability to help my clients. If you need to buy in was the best Iʼve ever seen, an unbelievable approach.” learn, refresh or enhance your sales skills or team - this is the man and the company to hire!” dutch owens Owner, Gem Supply Meredith Powel December 6, 2008 “Your training helped our team prepare themselves to understand whom they are calling on and how they should “I have witnessed and experienced Joe and his wife Dawn deal with each customer based on their DISC profile. The best take a floundering business and incorporate their Rapport part of the day came as we developed a “Value Proposition MasterySM and live phone call system to turn it into a major Statement” for Ike as he is heading into uncharted waters. profit center. If you truly desire to improve results, increase We have already used this statement in the field and it proved profits and your call conversion to 84%, then to be effective. As you know I have been in this business for Joe and Dawn Pici are the only ones who can get you there. a long time and I am glad I stuck around. Even an old pro I endorse and strongly recommend Pici & Pici Inc. needs to be retooled every now and then.” to any business, especially in this economy.” BriAn Bowen dArcy fritzke Division Manager, Johnson & Johnson December 1, 2008 “Should you desire a message delivered to your group or “My sales paradigm was definitely challenged and expanded organization that is remembered and put into practice then in ways that made such logical sense. The way in which Joe you will need a speaker that understands the power and Dawn superimposed the human behavior factor of the story mixed with marvelous humor. into the whole connecting process, and Dawn Pici would be the intelligent choice.” ultimately the selling process was masterful.” frAnk feAther hendrick schoeMAn Author, Speaker, Futurist “The hands on approach with REAL prospects made me money while I was in training.” rich, coluMBus, oh 4 5
  4. 4. www.PiciAndPici.coM r A P P o rt M A s t e ry w h At is r A P P o rt ? Rapport is the deepest level of relationship between two individuals in business which involves sharing common ground and is established when harmony and accord have been reached between both parties. This does not mean the individuals involved agree on every issue, it means they have attained a mutual respect for each other's opinions. w h At is R a p p o Rt M a s t e Ry sM ? Rapport MasterySM is the possession of skills and the genuine desire to develop relationships of “The more solid your rapport mutual trust and emotional affinity. The operative with your client base is, words here are genuine desire. There is no place in the greater sustainability your business will have.” Rapport MasterySM for surface level ʻtricksʼ such as mimicking behaviors for the sake of manipulating dAwn Pici unsuspecting people. Rapport MasterySM works best when adopted as a life style. It is to be used as a way of dealing with people and doing business at all times, not merely to manipulate others with surface techniques or to be saved until there is a glaring problem. Rapport MasterySM involves personal transparency as well as enthusiasm for the success of others. Helping a client find a solution to a problem or need may be involved in seeing anotherʼs success become a reality. 6 7
  5. 5. r A P P o rt M A s t e ry www.PiciAndPici.coM how q u i c k ly c A n i exPect how do i k n o w t h At i h Av e r e A c h e d t o At tA i n r A P P o rt w i t h s o M e o n e ? t h i s l e v e l o f r e l At i o n s h i P w i t h Another individuAl? If you browse the internet, you will find headlines such as, “Create Rapport in Seconds!” Isnʼt it like Has anyone ever asked your opinion or advice? the ʻmicrowave generationʼ to expect instant results Have you become someoneʼs trusted advisor, go-to- that require little or no effort and guy, consultant or strategic partner? time? Look again at the definition of Rapport MasterySM. Can you List their names here: actually trust or have deep affinity for someone in a few seconds? ______________________________________ Although each of us naturally ʻgelsʼ with a certain type of ______________________________________ individual, there is no way to create this level of trust and ______________________________________ regard for another person ______________________________________ outside of the test of time. Creating rapport is a step by ______________________________________ step process. The purpose of ______________________________________ this manual is to help you progress as quickly as possible though the rapport building ______________________________________ process and to solidify your relationships with ______________________________________ even the most difficult individuals. More in depth training is available during our Rapport MasterySM ______________________________________ for sales on site training for your company or individuals may attend one of our SELL NAKED.... ______________________________________ SUCCESSFULLY! 3-day sales boot camps. ______________________________________ ______________________________________ These are the individuals with whom you have created rapport. 8 9
  6. 6. r A P P o rt M A s t e ry www.PiciAndPici.coM f r o M A d v e r s A ry to A d v o c At e Rapport MasterySM involves changing the game from being the adversary of your customer to becoming their greatest advocate. An individual who has acquired Rapport MasterySM is no longer functioning in opposition to their customer, but is on the customer's ʻsideʼ. Consider this: The normal salesman-customer relationship is an adversarial one. The customer walks onto a lot to purchase a car. He/She assumes the salesperson approaching them with the big toothy grin is out to rip them “When we coordinate our effort off, put them into a car they donʼt like at a with the effort of others, price they cannot afford. The salesperson on we create rapport and build the other hand is preoccupied with his/her success for all involved.” own interests. He/She needs the sale to create income and wants to get this done as quickly Joe Pici as possible to facilitate getting on to the next customer. Each assumes they will be dickering over the price, options available, etc. Our best example of Rapport MasterySM was an auto salesman by the name of Steve Kone. Steve was the top producer at his dealership year after year. Steve had created life-time clients who would travel hundreds of miles to purchase from him personally. How did he do this? Steve's deepest desire was his customerʼs satisfaction. A successful sale was not simply getting them into a unit, he wanted to get his customers the best car at an acceptable price. We all knew we could trust Steve to find us a great car 10 11
  7. 7. r A P P o rt M A s t e ry www.PiciAndPici.coM and that he would make it an enjoyable experience. PRIORITY He was an amiable individual and we all regarded As with pace, individuals will have different him as our friend. Steve was looking out for our best priorities which refer to their perspective or interests. He was our advocate. the most important consideration as they view Reflect on the example of Steve the car salesman their world. Individuals tend to be either Task/ and his life-time customers. Steveʼs Rapport Process oriented, which means they are more MasterySM created a solid client base which resulted focused on doing things, or People/Affinity in consistent profitability. Rapport MasterySM is the oriented, which means they place higher essential key when influencing and leading others. importance on establishing relationships. is there one Method Individuals make a connection based on pace, f o r e s tA B l i s h i n g r A P P o rt ? they decide to do business based on priority. No. Rapport MasterySM is not a ʻcookie cutterʼ how do i Begin the Process of approach to connecting with people. Because every e s tA B l i s h i n g r A P P o rt ? individual is unique, Rapport MasterySM requires an understanding of human behavior. To simplify this The road to rapport begins at the first contact by process, you must become aware of two important matching the other individualʼs pace. A positive elements in human interaction: pace and priority. connection is established by listening and observing their rate of speech and volume and then adapting PACE your communication style to match. Generally speaking, some individuals tend to Note: Business is rarely done at this stage. be more fast paced while others tend to be more slow paced. Fast paced individuals tend to how do i Move the client through speak, respond and decide quickly as opposed t h e r A P P o rt P r o c e s s A n d to slower paced people who tend to be more Begin to do Business? reflective when they speak and make decisions. Once a positive connection has been established Note: there is no ʻright or wrongʼ or by matching pace, the road to rapport takes two ʻbetter or bestʼ here. different paths based upon priority. 12 13
  8. 8. r A P P o rt M A s t e ry www.PiciAndPici.coM Task Oriented: Priorities include plans, individual they will then move forward into affinity. procedures, processes, and doing things. They will do business once they trust you. Only after they trust you will they like you. The next step toward rapport when dealing with a task oriented individual is establishing trust. Because this behavior style views the world from a People Oriented: Priorities include task perspective, task completion is imperative for friendship, caring, and interacting with others. constructing trust. The road to rapport takes a different path with the people oriented individual. After a positive Trust initiating DOʼS connection has been made by matching pace, this behavior style must like you in order to do business • DO be early for appointments with you. • DO return phone calls promptly Affinity building DOʼS • DO get down to business quickly and • DO be kind and patient focus on logical results • DO let them talk and tell humorous Trust breaking DONʼTS stories • DONʼT over promise and under • DO smile and be fun deliver Affinity breaking DONʼTS • DONʼT interrupt meetings by checking phone messages or taking calls • DONʼT push for the sale or bully • DONʼT be emotional or ask them how • DONʼT get right down to business - they ʻfeelʼ make it a social call first Remember, rapport is established with all types of • DONʼT be harsh or rude with others individuals when they both trust AND like you. while with them Once trust is established with the task oriented 14 15
  9. 9. r A P P o rt M A s t e ry sellnAkedsysteM.coM Business will take place if they like you. Once affinity What suggestions do you have for your next is established, then they will move on to trust you. encounter with each one Trust and affinity comprise the foundation of Name suggestioNs Rapport MasterySM. This foundation influences every relationship, business or otherwise. Your focus on encouraging and maintaining the trust/affinity balance with all individuals will dictate your success. Points to Ponder List 3 clients and indicate their PACE (fast or slow) and Priority (Task or People): Name paCe priority Fast Slow Task People We hope your introduction to Fast Slow Task People Rapport MasterySM will begin to empower your communication and improve your bottom line! Fast Slow Task People Is there room for improvement in communicating with them at their pace and according to their priority? 16 17
  10. 10. r A P P o rt M A s t e ry P i c i & P i c i s e rv i c e o f f e r i n g s shoot fewer shots… h i t M o r e tA r g e t s ! Rapport Mastery SM for Sales– On-site and on target for your needs, Pici & Pici Inc. has been in the business of creating business for What a magnificent job you have done in putting together over 20 years. They provide: your sales training program and the incredibly effective method of transmitting your knowledge to us. v A choice of our customized, Results Driven Sales You presented clear and effective hands on Training Systems. strategies to commence the sales process. v Assessments that deliver targeted, relevant The Value Proposition approach and training for each participant. live phone training were unique and amazingly effective. The v Live, on-site application of material. bottom line was that I left with quantifiable results. v Unmatched implementation and reinforcement For anyone or any business considering your training programs. programs, I would give a resounding affirmative v Effective, experienced trainers to encourage them to move forward with Pici & Pici. They will get the best training v Your sales professionals will be personally coached theyʼve ever experienced to make REAL sales prospecting calls DURING the and it will absolutely improve their business.” training. These calls usually generate more new business than most organization’s have produced stePhen rosner in months, thereby insuring your ROI! v Results Driven Sales Training works to eliminate the fear of prospecting in your sales force by teaching the principles of sales training and providing ONSITE APPLICATION of the material. v We will train and assist your sales team in getting appointments with key decision makers. v Sales professionals will be IGNITED for LONG TERM results. 18 19
  11. 11. www.PiciAndPici.coM P i c i & P i c i s e rv i c e o f f e r i n g s Rapport MasterySM for the Office "50% of a manager's time is spent resolving people problems related to trust and poor communication.” “Dawn Pici is a dynamite presenter and corporate trainer. US News and World Report, 2002 I have witnessed first-hand her high-energy, experiential, interactive and informative training sessions, which have benefited audiences worldwide over her 20-year career. Dawn's work with companies internally to improve AccoMPlish More communication can create a work environment that is far with the s tA f f y o u h Av e i n P l A c e ! more productive and way less stressful. Dawn's fast-paced and entertaining seminars will keep you on your toes and in We help companies cut costs and increase rapt attention. The take-aways are increased performance, productivity by minimizing stress in the work place creative focus, and improved cooperation and team created by fragmented leadership teams who are productivity in your workplace. If you or your company need struggling with communication issues and turf a shot of adrenalin, you need Dawn Pici.” wars. January 17, 2009 We specialize in conflict resolution. frAnk feAther future-Proof strAtegies, v Improve Operational Efficiency President & owner, v Decrease Employee Turnover glocAl MArketing consultAnts v Boost Productivity v Enhance Customer Loyalty Pici & Pici Inc. will provide state of the art training, on-site for your convenience 20 21
  12. 12. www.PiciAndPici.coM P i c i & P i c i s e rv i c e o f f e r i n g s Sell Naked .... Successfully! 3 d Ay s A l e s B o o t c A M P The only sales seminar that PAYS FOR ITSELF! Increase your earning power and gain immediate results as Joe helps you book appointments with Your prospects! The unique difference between this sales training and others is application. The Sell “Your training offered information to meet my Naked... Successfully System is designed to MAKE needs for developing and growing my speaker business. money for you by giving you the opportunity to The amount of details included during the days of training learn and apply these principles during training. made the process understandable, logical and gave me the ability to easily implement.” v Discover how to ʻreadʼ your prospects and gain insight into their needs. frAn fABBro v Power prospecting and lead generation at ProfessionAl trAiner networking events. v Create value propositions that get your foot in the door. v Get your voice and emails returned. v A fool proof system to close even the most skeptical buyer. v Create customer loyalty and on going referrals. v Apply your skills during live telephone contacting. v AND MUCH MORE! 22 23
  13. 13. www.PiciAndPici.coM P i c i & P i c i s e rv i c e o f f e r i n g s EXPOSE YOURSELF! 3 Days that will EXPLODE Your Speaking Career! Get to the GORILLA MONEY of the speaking and Training Industry I attended your BRILLIANT Expose Yourself Speaker FAST! Training Course. Eight months later, my book sales A seminar for the serious career professional who increased from 20,000 to 52,000 copies and my speaker is great on stage, but desires the skills to create a income has increased TEN FOLD; 1000% from last year so secure income regardless of the market. far.The information I received at your course was invaluable. NSA and Toastmasters Welcome! However, the MASSIVE impact came from the belief and confidence that I gained by attending & associating with the You will leave the sessions two of you... Thank you !!! with clients ready to book you! terry gognA v Break into the upper levels of speaker ft.fHs. income! International Speaker & Author of the book, v Gain more bookings! "How can I get myself to do what I need to do?" v Acquire spin-off business! v Empower your fee negotiation skills! v Build your confidence on the phone with prospective clients! We help good speakers build BIG Businesses! 24 25
  14. 14. www.PiciAndPici.coM P i c i & P i c i s e rv i c e o f f e r i n g s A cAreer in PuBlic sPeAking could Be TOTAL EXPOSURE y o u r wAy t o A P o w e r f u l , n e w f u t u r e ! s e l l n A k e d s y s t e M ’ s 3-d Ay s P e A k e r /t r A i n e r B o o t c A M P For more information about what Pici & Pici can do you and/or your organization, please call 407.947.2590 Especially designed for the aspiring speaker or joe@PiciandPici.com who wants to take the next step. M o r e s k i l l –M o r e M o n e y M o r e i M PA c t –M o r e c o n f i d e n c e In tough economic times you need a way to get the most out of your career. v Get to 6 figures Fast! Sell Naked System It’s a shame I wasn’t taught this stuff when I started my career. v Learn how to market yourself It would have saved me years of aggravation, income economically - avoid rip-offs. & time. I left the seminar with the greatest of clarity v Cut 5 years off your learning curve. that I have ever experienced!” v Price, Prospect, Protect and Promote terry gognA yourself! ProfessionAl sPeAker v Market yourself for LESS money. v Contracts, Event Planning, Power Negotiation, v Much More! 26 27
  15. 15. Joe@PiciAndPici.coM Joe Pici Meet Joe Pici Sell Naked in Person. Joe has expanded this knowledge and coaching expertise into a Bold, unshAkABle, focused comprehensive, turn-key system for success in sales s A l e s s t r At e g i s t , e x e c u t i v e c o A c h , by the same name. The Rapport MasterySM for Sales and Sell Naked…Successfully! sales boot camp are Author, trAiner relentlessly on-target, packed with the culmination Joe Pici is a strategist for top sales professionals of his years of experience in: and coach specializing in results driven sales v Reaching decision makers and booking training through Rapport MasterySM. Since 1992 appointments he has functioned as a catalyst for sales teams and individuals, helping them sharpen their skills for v Closing more sales creating appointments and closing sales through his live phone call workshops. Joe and Dawn have v Securing repeat business and customer created a methodology for loyalty results driven training programs that assist individuals and v Empowered communication organizations in accomplishing more through Rapport v Creating focus and direction for on- MasterySM.. Rapport going growth and productivity MasterySM sales training is an extremely “Joe Pici is the greatest speaker and trainer of our time. strong skill builder His unique approach to sales and human behavior has which is straightforward revolutionized todayʼs sales industry. His desire to educate and easy to apply. and to see others succeed is only matched by the clarity of COO and co-founder of purpose in his message and laser sharp focus.” Pici & Pici Inc., Joe is also co-author and the rico PenA, owner tsv live intellectual resource behind the books Sell Naked on the Phone and 28 29
  16. 16. d Aw n @ P i c i A n d P i c i . c o M dAwn Pici M e e t d Aw n P i c i helping them to attract and retain valued volunteers. Powerful and purposeful, Dawn knows the reality viBrAnt, insightful, of stepping beyond in her own life, earning both insPiring undergraduate and masters degrees. As a K through B u s i n e s s s t r At e g i s t , t r A i n e r , collegiate instructor, Dawn mastered the skills sPeAker, Author of communication and motivation. Her success continued as she crossed over into the sales and dAwn Pici is a business strategist specializing in marketing field. (Dawn was in the top 25% of the area of Interaction Dynamics through Rapport volume producers nationally for 3 consecutive MasterySM.. She has developed programs that quarters.) will increase efficiency, encourage mutual respect “Dawn is Awesome. She was fantastic. The audience was and improve communication in your team while engaged and had a great time while learning valuable tools reducing conflict in the workplace. to help them be more successful. Her v escalate sales innovative and energetic approach was great and from the feedback we received from v attract and retain valued employees the event, we will look to have her appear at many future events. Dawn is very professional v improve customer loyalty, and easy to work with. I highly recommend her to any company looking for v enhance team efficency training that is effective, engaging, and cutting edge.” Listen, laugh and learn with Dawn and enjoy her signature keynotes or empowerment training toM fulMer workshops. The techniques she imparts are simple to understand and easy to apply. first Aid for director of Business suMMit octoBer 1, 2008 As co-author of the books Fueled by Greatness, Sell Naked on the Phone, and Sell Naked in Person, Dawn is also the intellectual resource behind Rapport MasterySM. in the Office. Although best known for her work with corporations, Dawn works with faith based and non-profit organizations 30 31
  17. 17. P i c i & P i c i s e rv i c e o f f e r i n g s P A rt i A l l i s t o f t i t l e s Authored By J o e A n d d Aw n P i c i Sell Naked on the Phone Sell Naked in Person With Sell Naked On The Phone, and Sell Naked in Person you will increase your closing ratios, improve telephone/appointment conversions and create loyal, repeat clients. More than a simple collection of tips and techniques, these two books make up the Sell Naked Sales System™. It is a repeatable, principle- “Rapport is a process.” based, system approach to professional sales and Joe Pici selling strategies. These books represent over 75 years of combined experience, perspective, and wisdom in the application of basic principles of human behavior that you can draw from to become a highly successful sales professional. Whether you are in sales, customer service or simply want to improve your communication skills, these books are full of practical advice that you can use everyday. Available at www.piciandpici.com and www.sellNakedsystem.com 32
  18. 18. 407.947.2590 joe@PiciandPici.com dawn@PiciandPici.com www.PiciandPici.com