2013 Content Marketing Budget


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2013 Content Marketing Budget

  1. 1. + Doing Your 2013 Marketing Budget? The Minimum Content Marketing You Need to Make A Dent in Your Online Marketing Efforts
  2. 2. SIZE MATTERSWhether your business is small or medium, youcan have a great content marketing strategy and campaign that will fit in your budget.
  3. 3. + 1. The website update – a must! Your website is your 24-HOUR STORE FRONT! Building a comprehensive content strategy for your website for the purposes of the ultimate engagement and online marketing campaign has a number of advantages;  itraises a site in organic search, Strategic Investment  builds a strong and loyal audience and Time: 3 weeks to 6 months  increase conversions – meaning sales!
  4. 4. + 2. Content STRATEGY The most compelling content should reach people wherever and whenever they need it, in whatever format they choose. WHAT IS THE STRATEGY PROCESS?  Audit – 3 to 6 weeks depending on size  Analysis – gap & competitive (part of audit time) Strategic Investment  Campaign Strategy Time: 3 weeks to 6 months  Message Building  Website & Campaign Integration Strategy
  5. 5. + 3. Creating A Campaign StorylineCONSIDERATIONS:Target AudienceBrand GoalsSales CycleProducts/ServicesCompetitionMedia ConsumptionContent AuditGap Analysis Strategic Investment Time: 3 weeks to 3 months
  6. 6. 4. Integration!
  7. 7. + 5. Build Content Schedule  Blog Posts  Integrate Industry Events  Newsletter Content  Slideshare Presentations  e-book launches  Video Releases  Photos needed  Interviews with the Press Your editorial calendar will Strategic Investment provide hot topics that your marketing team may Time: 3 to 6 months have never considered.
  8. 8. 6. Igniting Your Campaign The content marketing provided by New Dawn Media is produced according to the custom editorial calendar. An editorial calendar is a necessary milestone in launching your campaign, but a structured process that has logical steps that provide deductive reasoning on sensible decision making (strategy) that provides direction for a creative content marketing campaign. Your editorial calender is regularly updated to adapt the content and strategies that perform best for your brand.
  9. 9. 8. Promotion – Yes, SocialMedia! style and tone, you will get a special brand guideline inAlong with context, the proper channel to your target audience, as wellas the contentour editorial calendar like you have never seen before.You want to influence your target audiences beyond search and thatengagement comes from well planned social promotion. Socialpromotion also requires content for the platforms your audience usesmost. Thus, the importance of an INTEGRATED content strategy andeditorial calendar both.