Design Your Destiny- How to set habits that lead to more business


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Dawn Doherty CEO coach and Business coach for service professionals shares the science behind creating effective habits and guides you through a formula that will have you breaking old patterns in record time! Get worksheet at

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  • Hit recordIn summary- This webinar is based on the following concept: that there is a practical guide to understanding and applying the laws of the universe to get the business you deserve and the life you desire.Some of what you’ll hear today may be concepts that you’ve heard or read elsewhere and your internal voice may say to you “I already know this”.The big question is “have you actually used it to change your life?”Bruce Lee “To know and not to do, is not to know.”If you haven’t applied it then you may not fully understand it OR you don’t believe it. So be OPEN and stick with us!We’d like for this to be interactive. We’ll present actionable techniques that you can immediately apply to your business. Have a pen and paper ready as we’ll step you through a few exercises that will have you making a difference TODAY.Type in your questions as we go. We’ll answer them if relevant and then address all questions at the end of this presentation (that should take no more than 40 minutes).We’re recording the session and the link will be sent to everyone who stays with us until the END of the call. We have a valuable offer that will be making at the 25 minute mark so make sure not to miss this.
  • I’m Dawn Doherty. I’m an iPEC graduate from 2009 and a successful business coach.My definition of success in FREEDOM. I choose who I work with, where I work from and set my own schedule. I make a great living (multiple 6 figures) doing this. I’m DOING what I’m supposed to be doing, waking up each day knowing that I’m living my purpose.I’m on a MISSION to help coaches find FREEDOM. Those who work with me clearly define what they stand for and create thriving coaching practices on their terms.In addition I bring CEOs together so they can grow their businesses. What happens here is they shift the way they see the world and their relationships in the office and their home life improves. This is so fulfilling because the touch thousands of people…their new way of being affects many lives.
  • Review the agenda
  • Start by sharing that I’m obsessed with understanding the science of success. (I’m an electrical engineer, open the hood, quilting class). What makes some of us successful in our coaching practices and others having “jobbies” (their coaching is a hobby because it’s not a livelihood).Knowing what to do and actually making them a part of your day are two different things- my goal with this session was for you to make a difference in your biz and life I believe that our power is synthesizing information and delivering the content to our clients in a way that’s meaningful for THEM.“The Power of Habit, why we do what we do in life and business” new source for helping my coaching clients to set DELIBERATE approaches. Replace old impulses with new urges. Go from struggling to thriving.Story of Lisa- location 73 of 6093: her husband left her for another woman, low moment showed up at girlfriend’s home, decided to take a trip, went to Cairo and lit pen as if it were cigarette, “I felt desperare…”, toured city, self pity gave way and she decided she needed a goal to work towardsShe would come back to Egypt and trek desertOne small shift in Lisa’s perception that day- the conviction that she had to give up smoking to accomplish her goal- had touched off a SERIES of changes that would affect every part of her lifeHow: replace smoking w jogging, jogging changed how she ate, worked, slept , saved money planned for future and so on.POINT: By focusing on ONE “keystone habit” Lisa taught herself how to reprogram the other routines in her life too
  • DISCUSSION- what’s one “Keystone habit” that you can focus on? Me- time management. Share what I do- this lead to me reaching out to more contacts, doing more marketing like this webinar, working out more regularly and eating well/taking supplements. I’m living my best life ever.Let’s explore how you can get started
  • In the first few days of the year we’re energized and ready to embark on new challenges. Many of us are unsure of how to get started and where to focus our attentionRecent studies show that people abandon New Year’s resolutions within weeks- not because of lack of will power but because they make sweeping changes all at once.The brain area that governs our willpower (the pre-frontal cortex) is like a muscle that is quickly exhausted when asked to perform high intensity tasks such as making MANY changes at the same time Let’s get started with exercising our ability to achieve more and detail what that is daily for our coaching practices!For example- attempting to quit smoking, lose fifteen pounds, start a coaching prractice, and organize our financial life all in one month is likely to overwhelm our brain’s ability to adapt new behaviors and exercise control.Scientific research shows (and this was proven with Lisa) that focusing our efforts on one or two goals at a time is much more likely to result in success. Consistently concentrating on small changes strengthens and expands our brains will power capacity, enabling us to take on increasingly greater challenges.
  • Let’s say you wanted to follow my lead and adopt a kick-ass time management habit that leads to life altering amazingness (remember, like Lisa this lead to medoing more outreach, getting more clients, working out more and ”me” meditation time) How do you MAKE that happen?Here’s how it works: A habit is a 3-step neurological process. First there’s a cue, something that tells your brain to go in automatic mode. Then there’s a routine. And finally, a reward which helps your brain to crave the behavior. It’s a basic formula that you can use to create-or break- habits of your own (break through your personal success barriers)
  • Here’s how to make this approach work for youOnce you find a cue that works for you (the printed calendar was my top cue) you’ll see the cue (like I saw the calendar) and your brain will start craving the reward, which will make it easier to do the time management planning exercise day after day (TJ Maxx exercised my credit card while I exercised Biscuit on the beach)
  • What we focus on we attract. Reticular activating system. Lease a car storyIndex card, say it each morning- seals your successWhen I see my daily calendar print out I will prepare today’s schedule noting appointments and the free time to fit in my top “to-do’s” to get a trip to TJ Maxx.The best part? In a couple of weeks you won’t need the trip to TJ Maxx, piece of chocolate etc at all. Your brain will come to see (as mine did) that performing time management daily itself is the reward…which is the whole point, right?
  • Review each one
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  • Q&A
  • Design Your Destiny- How to set habits that lead to more business

    1. 1. DESIGN YOUR DESTINY Freedom through effective habits
    2. 2. Agenda • Introduction, what I stand for (and why that matters) • How habits work on a neurological level and what it takes • • • • to make them change Why we fail to keep our resolutions and how to change this Habit forming formula My 10 powerful habits to create a thriving coaching practice Q&A
    3. 3. Lisa’s Story • “I felt desperate, like I had to change something, at least one thing I can control” • Why clients pay us- pain of staying the same is more than the pain of change • One small shift in perception can touch off a series of changes that affect all aspects of our lives • As our habits change, so do the neurological patterns (our brain waves) • Old impulses are crowded out by new urges Source: The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg
    4. 4. The Most Important Decision of the Day • When you woke up this morning, what did you do first? • “All our life, so far as it has definite form, is but a mass of habits” – William James, 1892 • Most of the choices we make each day may feel like the products of well-considered decision making but they’re not. They’re habits. • Habits have enormous impacts on our health, productivity, financial security and happiness! Source: The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg
    5. 5. Get Focused and Inspired • Resolutions fail because we try to make too many changes at the same time • Our brain is quickly exhausted when asked to take on too much • Consistently concentrating on small changes strengthens our brains capacity to achieve more Source:
    6. 6. Diagram- Design a Habit that lasts What will remind you to do your daily “Time Mngmt” exercise? My Cues Pick the Cue Step One: Pick the cue Frog on my desk Blank daily calendar sheet on desk iPhone alarm set The more cues you test out, the faster you’ll find one that works Inspired by: The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg * Get Dawn’s Daily Calendar at
    7. 7. Diagram- Design a Habit that lasts What motivates you? Step Two: Choose a reward A trip to TJ Maxx A jaunt on the beach with Biscuit A chapter of “The Silent Wife” After a few days ask yourself: Do I crave the reward when I’m exposed to the cue? You’re on your way to creating a powerful new habit! Inspired by: The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg * Get Dawn’s Daily Calendar at
    8. 8. Diagram- Design a Habit that lasts Step Three: Execute the routine Your cue reminds you of your routine Commit to your plan IN WRITING Your rewards motivates you Write it down as a formula When I see __________ I will ______ in order to get ________. Now execute! Inspired by: The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg * Get Dawn’s Daily Calendar at
    9. 9. Dawn’s 10 Habits to Create a THRIVING Coaching Practice I block 30 minutes each morning to start my day off with consciousness. • Walk my dog while listening to meditation “The Dive” at I block 30 minutes each morning “self coach” using Tony Robbins Morning Power Questions from Notes From a Friend • Pg 58- example “What am I happy about in my life right now? What about that makes me happy?” I block 15 minutes each morning to connect to my day and insure that every minute counts. • Write out appointments in a daily calendar noting the intervals of free time. • Review master “to-do” list and identify the items to take care of matching them to open intervals
    10. 10. Dawn’s 10 Habits to Create a THRIVING Coaching Practice I consciously plan (takes all of 10 minutes) what I’ll eat to get me through the day. • Meals noted and take my Vitality and Life Pac I block 30 minutes at the beginning of each work to reach out to 5 people who are my VIPs (90 per month) • 3 Intangibles- share what I know, who I know or acknowledgement Pg 58- example “What am I happy about in my life right now?” Review the what you plan to do weekly/ monthly to stay top-of-mind with your network • Newsletters, AHSTIPT event
    11. 11. Dawn’s 10 Habits to Create a THRIVING Coaching Practice Plan to do something deliberate that has you practices your sales dialogue with strangers. Throughout the day be mindful of the good things. Fit in some fun! Be deliberate with scheduling dates with friends, reaching out to family and laughing out loud. I end my day with the Tony Robbins questions on page 59 of Notes from a Friend • How did I give back today? What did I learn?
    12. 12. Summary • Practice the exercise of cue, reward, execution • Start w time management and download my calendar at • Review “Dawn’s 10 Habits” for inspiration • Go back to the “Wheel of Life” and identify areas to work on” • 21 days secures the habit into your daily routine • 21 days secures the habit into your daily routine
    13. 13. Connect with Dawn • • • Twitter: @dawndcoach • Facebook: • Instagram: @dawndcoach • LinkedIn:
    14. 14. Thank you for your time! Questions and Answers You Rock!