Intersection Between Social Media and Fundraising 10/25/11


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Most nonprofits have created a robust following on their Facebook pages, Twitter streams and YouTube channels, but how often do those interactions turn in to donations for your nonprofit? At this session, learn how to master the tools and create a plan that will turn your loyal social media supporters into long-term donors. The session also includes case studies of fundraising programs that have raised dollars and awareness for nonprofits.

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  • Make a Plan
  • Pick-A-Platform
  • Ideas!
  • Intersection Between Social Media and Fundraising 10/25/11

    1. 1. Intersection of Social Media and Fundraising Presented by Dawn A Crawford Social Media & Communications Consultant @SocMediaRckStr
    2. 2. • Full service agency that works exclusively with nonprofits• Nearly 10 years of dedicated nonprofit communications experience paired with 7 years of corporate advertising experience• Offer a full range of services – bring us your problem and we’ll solve it
    3. 3. Social Media isa Conversation
    4. 4. Do NOT Be This Guy
    5. 5. Social Media is aRelationship
    6. 6. Creating Your Sustainable Plan Master Tools Make a Plan Pick-A-Platform Get Some Ideas Final Thoughts
    7. 7.
    8. 8. Social Media Dashboard HootSuite –• Manage all your social media in one place• Schedule updates• Batch upload• Analytics
    9. 9. Analytics for $5 a Month!
    10. 10. Peer-To-Peer Fundraising • 7.5% transaction fees are industry standard + monthly fees • Make sure it’s completely social media optimized • Start small and repeat
    11. 11.
    12. 12. Prime the Pump• Give value• Be a person• Identify champions• Take it off social media• Engage often
    13. 13. Create a Plan• Time limited• Clear call to action• Creative themes work• Update often• Use multi-media• Ideas! • Beth Kanter Case Study Search studies/
    14. 14. Surround Sound Approach• Mention on all your current communications – newsletters, website, etc.• Engage bloggers to tell your story• Leverage advocates to repost• Reach out to the media
    15. 15.
    16. 16. • Come HOME to Facebook - make your cause mesh with peoples personal lives = family, friends and community• Ask often• Leverage celebrations with Causes • Backend through Network for Good
    17. 17. • Get on VIPs radar• Ask for Retweets• Leverage advocates• Fundraise one tweet at a time • Have a sponsor/partner match number of tweets $1 up to a total
    18. 18. • Video is the next social media revolution – be ready for it!• Great article on video fundraising ideas: • Video Can Help Boost Donations in End-Of-The-Year Fundraising - • Tips for Shooting A Winning Video For Your Nonprofit -
    19. 19. • Claim your page – you never know• Do check-in fundraiser with a corporate sponsor
    20. 20. • Showcase what the fundraiser will fund – people, places and things• Feature guest posts by bloggers about why they donate = your customers
    21. 21.
    22. 22. Project Overview Purpose: • Year-end fundraising campaign for the Autism Science Foundation • Get small/medium donors who have some autism familiarity to donate Distribution: Social media, website and email Timeline: • Material development: November 12 – November 30 • Campaign: December 1 – December 31
    23. 23. Set Realistic GoalsContribute to achieving the ASFs year-end fundraising goalOf $15,000Contribute to an 15% increase in ASFs Twitter and Facebook followership for the monthReceive 2,000 views on the videoPlace 5 posts on blogsPlace 1 media story
    24. 24. Campaign ElementsLandscape AnalysisCampaign Logo DevelopmentVideoWebsite/BlogEmail FlightSocial Media EngagementBlogger OutreachMedia OutreachThank You Notes
    25. 25. Website – Recipe4Hope.org1,016 visits (758 absolute unique visits)74.41% new visits63 sources and mediums drove traffic to the siteNearly 25% of all traffic came from Facebook - After that was Twitter (6%) and the Discover Magazine Blog Bad Astronomy (5%)
    26. 26. One of the best engagement tools of the campaignHighlights included cookie photos and December 15 Status Update Contest13% “Like” increase for the month1,585% increase in Post Views in comparison to Nov 201016% increase in Post Feedback in comparison to Nov 2010
    27. 27. 5% overall increase in Twitter followersFrequency – 101 tweetsReach – 4,540 followersImpressions – 219,318 followers175 clicks on links in tweetsBiggest lull around Christmas
    28. 28. Media & Bloggers2 media stories including USA Today “How to make your impact this holiday season”15 Placed Blog Posts and got 2 “Ripples”
    29. 29. Call2Action WidgetDonation widget that could be embedded in blogs or websites• 32,593 Hits• 15,756 Unique Views
    30. 30. Fundraising Stats$10,954 raised online between 11/30 - 12/3164 gifts overall$171 average gift
    31. 31. – called the “Groupon” for nonprofits because it highlights one nonprofit a day to raise awareness and funds $1 at a time$307 donations + some larger donations through ASF website6 national blog posts31 tweets with amazing reach
    32. 32. Social Media is a Conversation
    33. 33. Explore
    34. 34. Nerd Out & Experiment
    35. 35. Take It Off Line
    36. 36. Say Bye-Bye
    37. 37. Passion is Infectious
    38. 38. Biz Card + Magic = Presentation + Reading List Dawn Crawford Principal Communicator 720-231-1930 @SocMediaRckStr