Getting Online - Social Media 101 for Giving Circles


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  • Getting Online - Social Media 101 for Giving Circles

    1. 1. Social Media 101 for Giving Circles Presented by Dawn Crawford & Tara Connolly Social Media & Communications Consultants @SocMediaRckStr
    2. 2. • Raleigh-based full service communications & fundraising agency that works exclusively with nonprofits• Over 10 years of dedicated nonprofit experience paired with 7+ years of corporate advertising experience• Bring us your problem and we’ll solve itClients, Experience & Affiliations 2
    3. 3. Social Media isa Conversation
    4. 4. Why Add Social Media to the Mix• Pushes communication to your members and donors• It’s where they are already spending time• Makes your organization feel innovative & easier to find• Sometimes easier than a updating a website
    5. 5. Testing! Testing!• Don’t know where to start? • Do a quick test of your members and donors to see where they are spending their social media time• Use a free tool like SurveyMonkey or Google polls
    6. 6. tools make us human
    7. 7. • Update members on events, new programs or fundraising totals• Recruit new members – “shop before you buy”• Become a thought leader - Share interesting news about your cause
    8. 8. Group PageRestricted Membership XCan Open to the Public X XCover Image X XEvents X XUpload Documents XAdvertise on Facebook XUpload Photos X XAnalytics XTimeline Features XVanity URL X
    9. 9.  Make It Powerful • Use images and videos• Have your members turn on “notifications” so they get all your posts• Take advantage of the cover photo to showcase members or cause• Snag a vanity URL
    10. 10. • Live tweet events• Update members on events/fundraising totals• Recruit new members• Share interesting news• Get on VIPs radar• Fundraise one tweet at a time - Have a sponsor/partner match number of tweets $1 up to a total
    11. 11. Cool Tool - Social Media Dashboard HootSuite –• Manage Twitter & Facebook in one place• Schedule updates• Batch upload• Analytics
    12. 12. • Video is the next social media revolution – be ready for it! • Need more of an example than Kony 2012?• Share videos of events, members, leaders• Tell story of who you help!
    13. 13. Blogging• Tell the story of your cause and members• Showcase what the fundraiser will fund – people, places and things• Show the cause and events through videos and photos
    14. 14. • Visual pin board of photos and ideas • 3rd most visited social media site • Primarily happy photos, but can be used for good• Create a board for committee members for an event• Try a visual “laundry list” of fundraising impact
    15. 15. • Photo sharing social network for iPhones and Androids • Bought by Facebook in April so it will be around for a while • Big hashtag culture• Try a photo contest or just advertise your fundraisers• Show your cause and members• Can send images to Facebook, Twitter or blog
    16. 16. Google+• Great for SEO• Still VERY early adopter• Hybrid of Facebook and Twitter – long form information sharing• Hang Outs are fun thing to play with• Example: • Ottawa Public Health -
    17. 17. Find Your MixNews X X XPhotos X X X X XVideos X X X X XEvents X X XInformation Sharing X X XBuilds Trust X X X XMore Women X X X Unknown UnknownLots of Interaction X X X X X X 17
    18. 18. startaripple
    19. 19. Prime the Social Media Pump• Give value• Be a person• Identify champions• Take it off social media• Engage often
    20. 20. Peer-to-Peer Fundraising: How It Works Starts an Online Nonprofit Campaign Supporters, Create Fundraising Board, Staff Pages & Ask for & Volunteers Donations Friends &Network Family Co-Workers Give Donations
    21. 21. Peer-To-Peer Fundraising • 7.5% transaction fees are industry standard + monthly fees • Make sure it’s completely social media optimized • Start small and repeat
    22. 22. Mega Example – Charity: water $3,000,000 as of late 2010
    23. 23. partingthoughts
    24. 24. Social Media is a Conversation
    25. 25. Explore
    26. 26. Nerd Out & Experiment
    27. 27. Say Bye-Bye
    28. 28. Passion is Infectious
    29. 29. Biz Card + Internet Magic = Presentation 720-231-1930 @SocMediaRckStr