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Village solutions to global problems


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This is a practical model for ending global problems of starvation, social unrest in an environmentally sustainable way

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Village solutions to global problems

  1. 1. presents
  2. 2. Village Solutions for Global Problems
  3. 3. GSR has developed a low cost highly effective way for building sustainable rural prosperity
  4. 4. it does not require expensive imported technology to start…
  5. 5. It empowers communities to work together to build their own prosperity
  6. 6. It is therefore ideal for village life
  7. 7. It heals the planet while empowering universally inclusive prosperity It is therefore potentially the greatest business opportunity of this century
  8. 8. GSR helps villages to incorporate as businesses
  9. 9. The owners of the business are the community members
  10. 10. the business plan of this village corporation is designed and executed by the community, with assistance from GSR’s highly trained design team
  11. 11. GSR partners with this village corporation, and helps it market its products, develop its economy
  12. 12. And integrate the production value chain
  13. 13. GSR helps train farmers in low cost permaculture techniques that enable them to rapidly increase their income
  14. 14. Using amrut mitthi farming methods, it is possible to produce as much as $10,000 of produce per acre
  15. 15. This methodology makes it possible to transform barren land…
  16. 16. Into fertile farmland (this is the same land as the previous photograph five years later)
  17. 17. GSR’s “My Village Bank” provides startup financing for a wide variety of cottage industries in the village
  18. 18. …such as construction materials, carpets, furniture, soap and clothing
  19. 19. Community members will have to work very hard, but they get great benefits. Everyone in the community is guaranteed employment… ©2009 Green Self Reliance 19
  20. 20. … a beautiful home produced with local materials and local labor,
  21. 21. plenty of nutritious cooked food,
  22. 22. health care, schools, job training, and a rich cultural life
  23. 23. The quality of life for every family in a GSR village project is equivalent to a lifestyle that might cost about $40,000 per year in the city.
  24. 24. ©2009 Green Self Reliance 24 This village centric solution is a networkable model for sustainable middle class prosperity for the entire planet
  25. 25. The first step towards empowering prosperity for all of the people in an area is building the first village of 5000 people. The initial investment required is about $5 Million.
  26. 26. This includes design, infrastructure, initial wages, and soil rehabilitation
  27. 27. Within five years, the village corporation should have annual revenues of as much as $10 Million
  28. 28. Profits will help build the village economy and also assist neighboring villages to begin the same process
  29. 29. Once the original “anchor” village is running smoothly, it will be possible to build as many as 100 satellite village projects for practically no cost. This means that the original investment of $5 Million can build a local economy with revenues over $1 Billion within 10 years
  30. 30. How is this possible? • Neighboring villages will be excited to offer full cooperation • Minimal labor costs ( they will work for food) • Free land • Amrut mitthi materials are freely available • GSR Marketing team and Agro trainers already existing • GSR warehouses already existing • GSR truck fleet already existing
  31. 31. GSR can help these villages begin their development process on very limited budgets
  32. 32. by sharing existing warehousing and distribution infrastructure…
  33. 33. …by training farmers in the new projects how to use low cost Amrut mitthi agriculture methods (which utilizes only locally available materials),
  34. 34. And by mobilizing a good dose of sweat equity
  35. 35. Eventually these self funded satellite projects will achieve the same level of prosperity as the original project
  36. 36. Success in self funding village projects will serve to open the floodgates of tens of thousands of villages eager to build their economies
  37. 37. Networks of prosperous self reliant village economies will be able to effectively network with each other to develop strong local economies
  38. 38. This means an end to poverty, starvation and hopelessness for millions of people – by their own efforts. There are no handouts in GSR!
  39. 39. That is why we call “Self Empowerment of the Powerless”.