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My Life As a Game


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My Life As a Game

  1. 1. My Life As A GameIn the four games that follow , I am awardedpoints for my discipline and virtuositythroughout the working week. VS
  2. 2. My Life As A GamePoints may be cashed in on a Friday evening or rolled over to thenext week.Points not used after a 5 weeks are discarded from the runningtotal , to keep a healthy life / work balance.
  3. 3. Brahma NoticeThis is the sweetest beer on the market at present Ergonomic Bottle Current Bottle A personal favourite
  4. 4. The Dreaded Alarm
  5. 5. You Snooze You LoseThis Game rewards you for getting up on time every morning :Points are awarded based around how many times you hit thesnooze button.It has the following rules :1.You can hit the snooze button a maximum of three timesbefore you lose the game.2. Saturday and Sunday are excluded from the game.
  6. 6. You Snooze You Lose3. The Game is performance based to incentivise the participants Points are awarded like so : 20 points are awarded for waking on first alarm. 15 points after first snooze 10 points after second snooze 5 points after third snooze
  7. 7. Brahma Bonus Alert !• 10 bonus points awarded for rising on first alarm after a heavy night on the Brahma
  8. 8. Last Check 1. Before you leave the house check for your phone , wallet and keys. 2. If you have all three you receive 10 points. 3. Five Bonus points are awarded for remembering an I Phone charger.4. Five Bonus points rewarded for remembering a water bottle.
  9. 9. Healthy Body / Healthy Mind Points are awarded for the following activities 10 points for a one hour trip to the Gym 15 points for an hour of swimming 20 points for a game of 5 a side
  10. 10. Full Duck or No Dinner Rule10 point deduction for a heavy night on the Brahma with or without pizza
  11. 11. Pay Me PatienceThe Game revolves around the 16 bus .When I leave DIT for the day and I walkto the nearest bus stop this is what Isee…..
  12. 12. Pay Me Patience• 1 point is awarded for every minute you have to wait till the next bus .• 4 points are automatically awarded for an “ Out of Order ” message
  13. 13. Friday Rewards150 points – A Night at the Cinema200 points – Poker with the lads300 points – A Match Ticket750 Points – Book a trip away
  14. 14. C’est Fini……