The "M" Word


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Keynote from the London Perl Workshop 2009

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The "M" Word

  1. The “M” Word Dave Cross [email_address]
  2. What is The “M” Word?
  3. Something that most of the Perl community is suspicious of
  4. Something that much of the Perl community doesn't see the point of
  5. The “M” Word is not Microsoft
  6. What is The “M” Word?
  7. Something that is often more confusing than it needs to be
  8. Something that is hard to use successfully
  9. The “M” Word is not MySQL
  10. What is The “M” Word?
  11. Something that much of the Perl community would rather not deal with
  12. Something that much of the Perl community doesn't really understand
  13. The “M” Word is not mst
  14. What is the “M” word?
  15. The “M” Word is MARKETING
  16. 2009 is the year the Perl community started to take marketing seriously
  17. This is good
  18. 2009 is the year the Perl community started to understand what marketing is
  19. This is better
  20. What is marketing?
  21. Ask Wikipedia
  22. The activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large
  23. T he management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably
  24. mst's marketing story
  25. Nordic Perl Workshop
  26. Getting the videos online as soon as possible
  27. “ That'll be good for marketing”
  28. “ Oh, I'm not doing marketing...”
  29. “ ... I'm just raising awareness”
  30. Marketing is raisng awareness
  31. “ Marketing” eq “Raising awareness”
  32. So, what has been happening?
  33. Many things
  34. Tim Bunce “Perl Myths”
  35. Enlightened Perl Organisation
  36. Perl Ironman Blogs
  37. YAPC::Europe Marketing BOF
  38. TPF Marketing Committee
  39. Cleaning
  40. Web site redesigns
  42. Breaking out of the echo chamber
  43. Perl programmers know how wonderful Perl is
  44. We need to get that message to non-Perl programmers
  45. More Perl presence at non-Perl conferences
  46. Mostly un-coordinated activity
  47. All coming together simultaneously
  48. Having a big effect
  49. This is only the start
  50. We can achieve much more
  51. You can help
  52. We can all be Mouseketeers
  53. We can all be Mouseketeers
  54. We can all be Marketeers
  55. We can all raise awareness of Perl
  56. Can you give a talk at a non-Perl conference?
  57. Can you write an article for a non-Perl web site?
  58. Can you help to redesign a Perl web site?
  59. Can your company donate web designer time?
  60. Can you start a Perl blog?
  61. Can you donate money to pay for this work?
  62. Can you come up with a great marketing idea that we've missed?
  63. 2009 has been a great year for Perl
  64. With your help 2010 can be even better
  65. Become a marketeer
  66. Help to raise awareness
  67. Don't be scared of the “M” word