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Interactive Technologies Group GTI, ICT Department, UPF
The Human Side of Technologies
Technology for adult learning, digital media literacy.

Published in: Education, Technology
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  1. 1. http://gti.upf.eduGTI Departament de Tecnologies de la Informació i les Comunicacions, UPF The human side of technologies Research activities with and for Àgora – La Verneda Adult School
  2. 2. http://gti.upf.eduGTI People & research lines - Interactive technologies for Learning - Interactive technologies and the elderly - Interactive technologies for children - Visualization - Graphics
  3. 3. http://gti.upf.eduGTI Àgora is a non-profit making association of adults who do not have any academic degree. Àgora was created in 1986 as the results of the neighbourhood claims about the lack of basic services in the district. It is dedicated to the non-formal training of lifelong learners, especially those who are socially excluded Àgora has two aims:  To offer a wide range of educative and cultural activities to people without academic degree  To promote the managing ability and initiative of adults
  4. 4. http://gti.upf.eduGTI 1.600 participant people: • Adults without academic degree • Teenagers and young adults who have experienced school failure • Immigrants • People with special learning needs 150 volunteer people People from the neighbourhood to University lecturers. 7 hired staff Opened 7 days a week, from 9am to 10pm 111 training groups 460 weekly hours of activities. All activities are for free!!
  5. 5. http://gti.upf.eduGTI Activities  ICT and Media literacy, dialogical literary gatherings  Speaking Spanish and Catalan  Languages: English, French, Arab, German, etc.  Workshops: artistic, music, dancing, sport activities, etc.  … Democratic participation Everyone who participates in Agora is involved in egalitarian conditions and has the opportunity to participate in the decision-making spaces without exclusion. (Eg. Mixed commissions, centre council, etc.)
  6. 6. http://gti.upf.eduGTI The GTI has been collaborating with Àgora for about 10 years  European and national research projects  APADIS, TENCompetence, Life2.0, WorthPlay, METIS…  PhD Thesis - Sergio Sayago (completed in 2009) - Valeria Righi, Susan Ferreira (ongoing)  Bachelor’s Final Projects  Long list! Over 20 …
  7. 7. http://gti.upf.eduGTI Some of our recent activities… with and for
  8. 8. http://gti.upf.eduGTI Design collaborative services for active ageing Beyond Àgora community – involving public bodies, neighbhoord associations, local businesses Design, develop and evaluate a platform for worth playing online games created by older people Over 30 games created on several different topics (Bernat Metge, neighborhood memories, geography, maths…) Video:
  9. 9. http://gti.upf.eduGTI Understand and design IT-based service for communities of older people Long term ethnographical study (over 4 years) Participatory observations during weekly meetings while participants (learn to) use technologies in groups Participatory design approach Online (e.g. Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter) and offline communities Understanding sustainability and appropriation of developed technologies over long time
  10. 10. http://gti.upf.eduGTI Older people as active creators of online videos: challenges and opportunities for web accessibility • Understanding how older people use online video portals: everyday use and accessibility barriers. • User-centered research 3 years ethnography study • Online video portals mediated communication • Older people creating video content • Fostering digital and social inclusion • Design recommendations
  11. 11. http://gti.upf.eduGTI Supporting collaborative design / creation and sharing of activities for learning in Àgora
  12. 12. http://gti.upf.eduGTI • Activities with schools: – E.g., • Activities with NGOs: – MSF, • More activities by other ESUP professors / research groups at the DTIC: – Other activities impacting society…
  13. 13. http://gti.upf.eduGTI Departament de Tecnologies de la Informació i les Comunicacions, UPF El lado humano de las tecnologías