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Da Vinci 2010 Linked In Presentation


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CRO/Preclinical Services

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Da Vinci 2010 Linked In Presentation

  1. 1. Bringing Art & Innovation together through Scientific Excellence As a GLP, AAALAC Contact Accredited Contract Research RTP, NC Ph: 919-661-8443 Laboratory, DaVINCI offers Fx: 919-661-8580 a full range of Preclinical In Vivo Research Services. Member MassMEDIC NCMD Main Facility AALAS Lancaster, MA Ph: 978-368-3477 Accreditation Fx: 978-368-3579 OLAW
  2. 2. Bringing Art & Innovation together through…Discipline GLP Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine •Medical Device •Drug, Compound •Combination Devices A regulatory environment •Dermal Pathology Histology •Telemetry •Article supported by •Invasive, Minimally Innovation, Skill, & •Safety Invasive a State-of-the-Art Facility. •Efficacy •Interventional Radiology Orthopaedic Pharmacokinetics & Toxicokinetics Non-GLP Acute & Chronic Studies
  3. 3. Bringing Art & Innovation together through…Customized Service Our business has been built on the foundation of establishing relationships with our clients. In doing so, we are more focused on individual needs versus the needs of the masses.  Customized service ensures that the details and the demands of the application are met. Focus  Focus provides confidence that your research is in the hands of experienced and knowledgeable staff. Responsiveness Customized  Responsiveness gives attention to the needs of your specific study.  Flexibility represents a service that is truly client oriented. Flexibility
  4. 4. Bringing Art & Innovation together through…Skill Meeting the Demands of the Industry. Innovation Orthopedic Surgery Micro-Surgery - Invasive Equipment Experience Arthroscopic Telemetry Surgery Implantation Laparoscopic Telemetry Surgery Expertise Monitoring Full Necropsy w/ Gross Examinations & Analysis
  5. 5. Bringing Art & Innovation together through…Imaging See the difference. Testing Fluoroscopy- Endoscopy IVUS Interpretation Tomography Analysis 3D Ultrasound (CT Scan) Cardiovascular Micro-Digital Monitoring Photography Telemetry Evaluation Telemetry Implantation Monitoring
  6. 6. Experience and efficiency provide our clients reliable data. DaVINCI offers a higher level of quality. Mechanical Torsion Tension Testing Fixture Puncture / Pressure Design Ball Testing Separation Statistical Testing Analysis
  7. 7. Bringing Art & Innovation together through…State of the Art Facility MEDICAL EQUIPMENT  3D & 2D Ultrasounds FACILITIES  DSI Telemetry Monitoring Systems  50,000 sq./ft Operation  COBE Heart Lung Machine/Bypass  Large, State of Art Surgical Suites  Dragger 4D Anesthesia Machines  Animal housing - 200 Plus large (Digital) and more. animals  2-Neuro Vascular Units, OEC 9800  Sterilization, Low Pressure “ETO” (30fps, 1kx1k resolution, Thermal, X- (Telemetry Sterilization) & Steam ray & DVD Medium  Specialized Sample Storage,  Pacemaking Units, Medtronics -80c, -40c & -20c Programmer FDK  Caging for High Volume Studies  Endoscopy, Laparoscopy & More…. for all species (Storks 3 Chip Camera)  Instron System for Material Testing and analysis.  Phillips CAT Scan, Tomoscan M/EG
  8. 8. Bringing Art & Innovation together through…Knowledge AAALAC Accredited Contact Tony Nazal to learn more about our ability to take your research to the next level. We are not just specialist, but we have the hands on expertise to make the difference in the success of your research. Choose not to accept anything less for your preclinical needs. GLP Facility Knowledge provides understanding, Experience & Skill provide the foundation to apply it correctly.