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The latest Art Through Da Vince's Eyes Menu

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Our Menu

  1. 1. All Day Breakfast Old School Favourites Light Menu White or Wholegrain breadToast x 2 $3.50 Fruit & Spice Toast $2.50White or wholegrain bread served with jam, Vegemite Sandwich $2.50 Bruschetta $4.50vegemite, peanut butter or honey Peanut Butter Sandwich $2.50 1 slice of Bruschetta topped with tomato, garlic, basil,Egg , Bacon & Cheese Muffin $4.00 Original Potato Chip Sandwich $3.00 oregano and olive oilEgg & Hash Brown Pancake $10.50 Baked Beans or $6.00 Add Bocconcini Extra $1.00Pancake, butter, 1 egg,1 hash brown and maple syrup Spaghetti on 2 pieces Toast Minimum 15 min wait for chips and wedgesScrambled Egg Pancake $11.50 Hot Dog with Cheese & Sauce $5.50 Oven Baked Chips $7.00Pancake, butter & scrambled eggs Hot Chip Sandwich $5.50 Oven Baked WedgesFarmer’s Breakfast $13.00 with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce $8.50 Sandwich From $5.50Pancake, butter, 1 egg, 2 piece bacon, 1 hash brown and Soup of the Day $7.50 Toasted Sandwich From $6.50maple syrup served with thick toast & Butter Wraps (White) From $5.50Big Farmer’s Breakfast $20.00 Quiche & Salad $8.50 (Gluten Free) $6.502 Stack pancake, butter, 2 eggs, 3 pieces of bacon, 2 hash Frittata & Salad $8.50brown and maple syrup Toasted Foccacia From $8.00 01. Cheese, Lettuce & Tomato $8.80 Choice of Dressings: Avocado & Garlic, Balsamic, Caesar,Side Orders: 02. Eggplant, Capsicum, Sundried Tomato Honey & Mustard, Italian DressingSweet Chilli Sauce $0.50 & Cheese $9.80 Garden Salad $7.50Tomato Sauce $0.50 03.Ham, Pineapple, Tomato, Cheese Tuna Salad $12.50BBQ Sauce $0.50 & Lettuce $11.60 Caesar Salad $13.50Cheese $1.50 04. Chicken & Avocado $12.00 Warm Chicken Salad $16.50Sour Cream $1.50 05. Chicken, Avocado, Cheese & Lettuce $12.00 Add Beetroot to any salad $1.00Hash brown $2.00 06. Salami, Bacon, Ham & Cheese $14.00 Add Chicken to any salad $3.00Pan Tomatoes $2.00Sunnyside Up Egg $2.50 Salad Fillings: Cucumber, cheese, tomato, lettuce, Main of the DayBacon (2 pieces) $3.00 beetroot, grated carrot, pineapple, sundried tomato, Refer to specials boardToast (2 pieces) $3.00 capsicum, Extra filling $0.80 eaScrambled Eggs (2 eggs) $5.50 Ham or Tuna Extra $2.00 Chicken Extra $3.00 Avocado or Eggplant Extra $1.00 ea Mayo, Avocado & Garlic, Caesar Dressings $0.40ea Honey & Mustard, Sweet Chilli, BBQ, Tomato or American Mustard
  2. 2. Dessert Menu Pancake Menu Kids MenuCoffee & Cake of the Day $6.50 Traditional Flavours 1 Stack $6.00 Sandwiches Lemon & Sugar 2 Stack $7.00 Vegemite, Peanut butter or Cheese $2.50Devonshire Tea $8.00 Butter & Maple Syrup 3 Stack $8.002 scones w/ jam and cream accompanied by a Cheese and Tomato or Cucumber $3.00 Jam & Cream small pot of tea Toasted Add $1.00 Ice Cream & Dessert SauceDevonshire Coffee $8.00 Additional Topping $0.20 Baked Nuggets (3) & Chips $4.502 scones w/ jam and cream accompanied by either a Baked Nuggets (6) & Chips $6.50cappuccino, latte, flat white or black coffee Chocolicious $7.00 Egg on Toast $3.50Devonshire Pancakes $10.00 Pancake topped with chocolate spread, ice cream and2 pancakes w/ jam and cream accompanied by either a Scrambled Egg on Toast $5.00 chocolate saucesmall pot or tea, cappuccino, latte, flat white or black coffee Little Roman $6.50 Banana Caramel Bliss $7.50 Pancake w/ egg bacon and maple syrupServe of Scones $5.00 Pancake topped with banana, cream, ice cream & Gladiators Breakfast $7.502 scones served with either Jam & Cream caramel topping Pancake with egg, bacon, hash brown and maple or Butter & Jam Apple & Cinnamon $7.50 syrupStrawberry Shortcake $5.50 Pancake topped with hot apples, cream, ice cream and Freckle $5.00A scone halved then each half is topped with cream, cinnamon Pancake with vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup andstrawberries and caster sugar Strawberrylicious $8.50 sprinkles Pancake topped with strawberries, cream, ice cream Everest $5.50Ice Cream Menu and strawberry sauce Pancake with marshmallows, chocolate sauce, ice Blueberrylicious $8.50 cream and sprinkles1 Scoop Plain Cone $3.80 Pancake topped with hot blueberries, cream, ice cream Lemon & Sugar $5.00 Waffle Cone $4.00 and blueberry sauce Pancake with lemon and Sugar2 Scoop Plain Cone $4.80 Bananberry Bliss $10.00 Waffle Cone $5.00 Pancake topped with strawberries, banana, cream, ice Pop Tops $2.50 cream and strawberry sauce3 Scoop Bowl $5.50 Devillicious $10.00 Mini Iced Milk $3.00 Pancake topped with strawberries, choc ice cream and Flavoured topping, scoop of ice cream, milk andSundae $5.50 chocolate sauce topped with whipped cream and chocolateVanilla ice cream with your choice of topping and sprinklesor nuts Specialty Pancakes 2 Stack Add $2.00 Child’s Milkshake $2.50Banana Cream Sundae $6.50 3 Stack Add $3.50Vanilla ice cream, slices of banana, cream 4 Stack Add $5.00and caramel topping