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William Shakespeare


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William Shakespeare

  1. 1. Davila 1 Introduction William Shakespeare is an author who has inspired many writers of our time. His works have been studied by many people and his plays have been made into movies and even live performances. Shakespeare is an author who pushed the limit when it came to writing and showed us how great a play can be. Shakespeare’s plays were mainly focused on one thing, making the reader feel the emotions that are going on through the plays. Shakespeare has helped out society by giving us new words with new meaning and giving us stories that show us how life may have been for him during his time. Shakespeare’s works have been a major part of history in which queens and kings enjoyed his writings and until now people in schools need to read many of his plays. Background William Shakespeare was born on April 23, 1564 in Stratford-on-Aivone. He was an English poet and playwright. This would one day become what he is most known for. He married Anne Hathaway who had 3 children. He began a successful career in London as an actor, writer, and a part owner of a playing company. This tells us where Shakespeare started to get inspired to write his plays. Shakespeare also worked as an assistant schoolmaster in Lancashire.
  2. 2. Davila 2 Working with someone would teach him to write better and get a better feeling about his work. Shakespeare became such a successful playwright that his family was granted with the great honor of having a Coat of Arms. Later in Shakespeare’s life he became a part owner of the famous Globe Theatre in London. Shakespeare moved to London because he wanted to become a successful actor and playwright. Shakespeare’s life of becoming an actor and playwright was due to working hard and putting much dedication into his works. He was able to write many of his most famous plays while studying in London and began his journey towards a more successful career. Shakespeare became very successful in London after moving there for 4 years. Shakespeare was better known for his plays about tragedies that were written. His main genres for plays were tragedy, history and comedy. Shakespeare began to write many of his plays while attending school. Many of his older plays are based on tragedy and seem to show a dark side to them. During a time of great plagues he was able to write 2 poems that he dedicated to Henry Wriothesley and Earl of Southampton. Shakespeare later on retired to Stratford in 1613 where he died three years later. Shakespeare was buried in
  3. 3. Davila 3 the chancel of the Holy Trinity Church. His grave is inscribed with a curse that no one should move his bones. After his death he left behind a wife and two daughters. Shakespeare’s life was full of knowledge and determination and in the end it all paid off for him. Contributions Shakespeare has contributed to modern culture and people of our time in many different ways. Shakespeare has helped us to understand the meaning of literature. His legacy has contributed in many ways to modern culture and how we interpret literature. Shakespeare’s works are the foundation of many of the archetypes that are found in modern day literature. His plays have influenced the way many writers write their plays and how we learn to understand old English. He has contributed many words to the English Language and has thus expanded our vocabulary in many ways. Shakespeare has been placed among one of the writers who had dignified the language. He contributed to the modern English language by giving us new words and by showing us a new meaning to English. He helped out by making English a practical means of reaching the public. Shakespeare gave us the Globe Theatre, one of the major theatres of the time. Many of Shakespeare’s plays were done there and are still in use today. He contributes
  4. 4. Davila 4 too many of the movies we have now in which actors portray his plays. Shakespeare introduced style and structure to language. Shakespeare helped contribute many new vocabulary words to the English dictionary. He has contributed many words in the English Language and has expanded our vocabulary in many ways. His literature has helped us to expand our minds and learn new words that were not yet heard of during his time. Shakespeare invented over 1700 common words by changing nouns into verbs. Many of his playwrights helped contribute to our movies. His English had many ways of contributing to modern English. We have learned many things from his words of wisdom. He has helped scholars increase their knowledge. Shakespeare gives us insight into the human character like very few writers do and he reminds us how beautiful the spoken and written word can be. He is also a form of shorthand - a single line can conjure up a myriad of complex thoughts. His contribution to the World Literature is highly remarkable, and perhaps unmatched. Shakespeare’s works contribute to our movies and the way certain climaxes end in movies. His plays that have become movies have given us ideas of how he depicted time while he still lived. The ways he puts his plays together contribute to the way modern writers write there own plays and stories.
  5. 5. Davila 5 Influence Throughout many years Shakespeare has influenced many modern day writers in many different ways. His writings have influenced poetry of our time and have inspired many painters of our time. Many students were influenced by him and now study his work for research and topics. Many English majors study Shakespeare so that they are able to comprehend more detailed plays and writings. His plays have influenced many of the movies directors make now. Shakespeare has inspired many students till now to attend Stratford University to study his works. Many people have turned to his work to create movies and also to publish there own books. He has influenced a number of English poets. Many of his works influenced poetry to be written after his death. Shakespeare overall has greatly influenced the entire English language. Shakespeare was influenced to start writing while he attended Stratford University. He was influenced by Queen Elizabeth since she enjoyed his literature and sponsored him. Homer was another person who greatly influenced Shakespeare. The human condition also influenced him and he used themes such as jealousy, love, ambition, death and others in all of his plays. Shakespeare was influenced by many people whose books we still read till this day. When
  6. 6. Davila 6 we study Shakespeare's works today, we realize that we are not so very much different from him and his contemporaries, even though we have a different mindset and values. Shakespeare’s plays help us to understand old English and be able to admire his works. Shakespeare's plays have been translated into every major language in the world. All across the United States, the plays are performed in schools, theaters and festivals. There are over one hundred Shakespeare festivals and many permanent theaters that perform his works. Shakespeare’s works help influence the movies we watch today. The ways he put his plays together helped to influence the way modern writers write there own plays and stories now in our time. His literature has influenced us to expand our minds and appreciate what we read from modern authors. Shakespeare’s legacy will continue to live on from this day on and will influence people for the rest of time. Conclusion William Shakespeare will always be an author who will live on for the rest of time through his writings. He will be a great influence to many writers and will help encourage others to read more. Shakespeare will continue to help modern society realize that the past is a key to knowing the future. Shakespeare’s writings will help us
  7. 7. Davila 7 expand our vocabulary and will open up many opportunities for us to read and study his writings. William Shakespeare will be a writer who will be looked up to and will always inspire many people to write and be interested in plays and literature.
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