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Television Addiction


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An essay about Marie Winn's essay "Television Addiction." I had to put my opinion on whether she is correct or incorrect in saying that Television is a harmful addiction like Drugs and Alcohol.

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Television Addiction

  1. 1. Davila 1 Jonathan Davila Professor Dougherty English 67 29 July 2010 Technology Drug Many people have heard of alcohol and drug addiction as harmful, but television addiction is a completely different matter. In Marie Winn’s essay “Television Addiction,” she argues that television is a harmful addiction, because people stay glued to the television and do not interact with others. She is incorrect in saying that television is addicting, because it does not have the same devastating effects as alcohol and drugs, such as family problems and even death. Furthermore, television has benefits such as educating us and relieving stress. Everyday we hear about people who are faced with personal issues who turn to drugs and alcohol to solve their problems. There are many stories on the news that show people who overdose on drugs and cannot keep their mind focused. Winn states that, “A heroin addict, for instance, leads a damaged life: his increasing need for heroin in increasing doses prevents him from working, from maintaining relationships, from developing in human ways” (Winn 93). Although she tries to give examples on what defines an addiction, she does not give us concrete evidence of why she believes television is like an addictive drug. Alcohol addiction is a totally different matter and is a problem faced everyday in the lives of many people. Winn
  2. 2. Davila 2 explains that, “an alcoholic’s life is narrowed and dehumanized by his dependence on alcohol” (Winn 93). Although alcohol and television have nothing in common, she explains how both television and alcohol shut out the real world, and make us view the world in a completely different way, but she is incorrect in saying that television is a harmful object that can change the way we live. Television should not be seen as a harmful object, because it gives us many benefits that could be used in life, and it can relieve us from stress. In today’s society many people use television as a way of gaining knowledge. Television gives us the advantage of learning new things and also changing the way we view the world. Winn states that we are, “passing up the activities that lead to growth or development or a sense of accomplishment” (Winn 93). She is wrong in saying this because television helps our mind develop new ideas and also influences many people to strive for a better life. We learn many things from television such as history, life, cooking and news. However, Television should not be considered bad, because it is very helpful in many ways. Television nowadays is used as a good way of relieving stress after a tough time at work or after a long day at school. It allows us to relax and forget our problems that affect us in our daily lives. Winn states that, “The worries and anxieties of reality are as effectively deferred by becoming absorbed in a television program” (Winn 93). Winn gives us the idea that many people use when watching television, in which people use it as a way of
  3. 3. Davila 3 relieving themselves from worries and problems they may be facing. Television should be considered as a good thing because it allows the viewer to relax and have a good time without the thoughts of daily problems in life. In reality we should not let television control our lives, but instead live our life on our own terms. Winn tries to teach us different examples of how television is a harmful addiction, but should consider looking into the good side of television and how it can benefit us in many ways unlike alcohol and drugs, which harm us mentally and physically. Next time people say their addicted to television they should ask themselves, are they really addicted or are they too lazy to do other things besides watching television? In the end people are the ones who control the television and can make their own decision to turn the power off. 676 Words
  4. 4. Davila 4 Work Cited Winn, Marie. “Television Addiction.” A Pocketful of Essays, vol. II. Ed. David Madden. Fort Worth: Harcourt, 2001. 92-94. Print.