Religion vs Science


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A short story I typed up about the conflicts between science and religion.

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Religion vs Science

  1. 1. Davila 1 Jonathan Davila Professor Dougherty English 68 28 October 2010 The Lamb and the Ape As darkness filled the room the lab began to operate. There was a man beginning his scientific experiment. When the chemicals bubbled and the light began to dim, the experiments took effect. The scientist was interested in showing people that through chemical reactions and evolution the world is what it had become today. On the other side of the world, a man dressed in white was preaching to others about how God created the world and why we should spread the word. While the man in white was preaching on the other side of the world, the scientist was working on his experiments to prove that evolution is the cause for what humans have become now. The sun was shining brightly above the blue sky as it began to rise. The next day the scientist received a phone call from his boss stating, “Albert I have received an invitation from the Vatican to attend a meeting about the conflicts between science and religion and I would like you to be my ambassador since I will not be able to attend that conference.” The scientist said, “Thank you for asking me to attend I would be honored to serve as an ambassador.” After the phone call, Albert went up to his room and began to pack his bags and was on his way to Rome.
  2. 2. Davila 2 Over in Paris the man in white was visiting the Louvre where he was able to see many spectacular photos of many of the world’s most famous artists. He was really into all the artwork and was excited to see the huge paintings on the wall. The man was surprised seeing so many people surrounding the Mona Lisa and he thought to himself, “These people are wasting their time looking at such a small picture.” As he continued to walk he saw a picture that immediately caught his attention that showed the hand of God reaching down to earth and almost touching the hand of a man who seemed to be Adam. The man wondered why is it that scientist wouldn’t accept the fact that God created the universe and all its creatures. Upon exiting the museum he received a phone call from his advisor stating, “You have been chosen to attend a meeting about the conflicts between Religion and Science.” The man immediately said, “Yes” and was interested to see what type of people would be at the event. Many days passed and the there were a few days left till the meeting in Rome. Albert grabs his bags and goes to the airport and begins his journey to Rome, while the man in white has just arrived in Rome and was experiencing the great and magnificent structures of ancient Rome. He was then contacted by the Vatican and is told to go to the airport in Rome where he must wait for someone who will be arriving shortly. While waiting for the airplane to take off Albert begins to wonder, “What could be so important about this meeting that would make me be chosen for this task?” Time passes as the airplane lands in Rome and Albert exits the plane and realizes that there is someone
  3. 3. Davila 3 holding up a sign up with his name. “I wondered to myself why is this man dressed in all white and why does he have a sign for me.” As Albert walked up to the man they greeted each other and took off in a special taxi. While driving back to the Vatican the man in white asked Albert what brought him to Rome and Albert answers, “I’m here for a meeting about conflicts on Religion and Science” “What about you?” “Really? I’m here for the same exact reason.” “You must be an important religious person to be here Albert.” “Well actually I’m a scientist,” said Albert. “I’m here to state my theory on evolution and also on why we should allow the cloning of organs so that people could live a longer and healthier life.” “Well that’s interesting, but I don’t think the Catholic Church will ever accept cloning or the evolution theory,” said the man. “That makes it look as if the scientist are trying to outsmart God, but no one can outsmart the almighty one.” “You are probably right about them not accepting my theories, but I will find a way to prove what I say is true,” said Albert. The cab was silent and they could hear all the cars speeding past while driving on the highway. Time passed as they finally arrived at the Vatican and were greeted by priests and scientists. At 3:00pm both men arrived on time for the meeting that was about to begin. The meeting began and the room was silent. There were two sides of the room in which religious individuals sat on one side and scientists on the other. The Cardinal walked out and began his
  4. 4. Davila 4 long speech on how scientists should accept the word of the lord as it is written in the Holy Bible. The meeting began with the Cardinal stating that others should not create life by cloning organs. “Scientists should have no right to play God,” said the Cardinal. “Well God helps those who help themselves,” said a Scientist. Albert then took a stand and said “Why should we not be able to continue our research so that we can help those who are in need.” “Your theories about evolution are wrong because God created everything therefore Scientists should accept that,” said the Cardinal. “If you allowed us to do our research we would be able to turn this world into a better place by saving people’s lives,” said the Scientist. The meeting had ended and everyone had left on their own paths. The scientist realized that this was a waste of time since he was unable to change their minds. As the Cardinal began to drive back to his home he was hit on the side of his car by another car that was speeding through a red light. and was in bad condition. Albert saw this and right away ran to see what had happened. The Cardinal was immediately rushed to the hospital and was told that there is a chance he may die. The Cardinal asked if the doctors could do anything to save him. The Doctor looked at him and said we would have to do an organ transplant. The Cardinal rejected that idea because it was against his religion. Albert tried his best to convince him on getting the transplant but the Cardinal denied it. Albert knew that there was a way to save him while the Cardinal lay in his
  5. 5. Davila 5 death bed, but due to his strong faith he denied the scientific research that would have saved his life. 1148 Words