Hostess by Donald Magnum


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This essay was on what kind of person I thought the Hostess in the story was.

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Hostess by Donald Magnum

  1. 1. Davila 1Jonathan DavilaProfessor DoughertyENGL 1C12 September 2012 Unknown Knowing In everyday life, we often make inferences such a judging someone wehave not talked to or simply thinking we have knowledge of a certain subjectwhich we are unsure about. Inferences occur daily whether it is reading anarticle on someone or judging someone we just met based on appearances. Inthe short story “Hostess,” by Donald Mangum, the reader can make inferencesabout the hostess based on how she speaks and acts throughout the story. Thereader is able to understand what the hostess is like and how she thinks based onhow this story was written. While reading this short story it can beacknowledged that she is a caring and thoughtful woman. Throughout the story we see many caring examples of how the hostesstries helping out the husband when he is drinking at the beginning of the story.The hostess in the story states that, “Now there was a whole line of beer drinkersdoing the rain dance out in the hall… I was the hostess, and I had to dosomething” (Magnum 46). This quote illustrates that she cares about the peoplein this trailer because she decides to put a bowl on the floor so the people wouldnot dirty the carpet and so they would not make such a big mess. In the
  2. 2. Davila 2beginning the hostess tries her best to help out the husband, while any otherperson would have just left him there and make him clean up his own mess afterall the chaos going on. We can infer that the hostess is caring based on how sheacts around this family and how she shows her care for the husband and wife. Later on in the story we see an example of how the hostess is athoughtful woman because as the wife is talking on the phone with someonewhose family member has passed away. The hostess tells her, “Sweetheart, youlisten to me,” I said, trying to close the window for more quiet” (Mangum 47).This shows that the hostess is a thoughtful woman because she took some timeto try calming the women down and even closed the window so that she wouldhave more privacy because of her loss. With this saying that the hostess made Iwas able to infer that she does not only care about herself, but is thoughtfulwhen helping out others with problems. In the end I was able to make the decision that my inferences of thehostess were correct based on evidence she states throughout the story and howshe shows her compassion towards the family. Through her actions and throughher way of speaking, I was able to determine that the hostess was definitelythoughtful and caring enough to not only care about herself, but for the wellbeing of others. The lesson that we can learn from this story is that all peopledeserve a chance to speak up, because if we do not allow them to we will beginto make inferences about what type of person they may be without getting toknow them. By the time this story ended I was able to infer that the hostess was
  3. 3. Davila 3a caring and thoughtful person and there is nothing that would change my mindabout that.