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Is cell phone spying legal.docx

If you ask your elders, they would say life was far better, unsophisticated, peaceful and content in the past than it is these days.

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Is cell phone spying legal.docx

  1. 1. Is Cell Phone Spying Legal?If you ask your elders, they would say life was far better, unsophisticated, peaceful and content in the past than it isthese days. The reason is evident in the vast technologically-driven percentage of our lifestyles. People have becomedependent on their digital companions so much so that there are high chances of your privacy being invaded. Thiseventually leads to a lot of consequences that interferes with your peaceful living. Take for instance, socialnetworking, almost half the people you know exactly where you are and what you are doing. But again, this is madepublic at the choice of the user and there is nothing illegal about it. What about cell phones then? Do you thinkinvasion of privacy through cell phone usage without the knowledge of the user is legal? Well, this is a question thatcannot be safely answered in the positive.Spy Phones - Did you know that through cell phones you can not only find ones location but can identify chain ofconversations between two people either through text message spying or conversation real time spying or recordedspying. Batman - The Dark Knight had a sequence where Christian Bale fabricates a multiple cell phone monitoringsystem based on the radar technology tracking given to him by Morgan Freeman, who later becomes the spy workingfor Bale, giving him instructions to nab the crime doer at his location. The scenario must have looked rather futuristicfor the common man but the truth is it is prevalent in the society today in a less hyped version. In fact, one does nothave to be a high grade official in the government or defense forces or law and enforcement to track the mobileconversations. All you need is the internet to look for some much popular software that can help penetrate otherpeoples mobiles and track things that are supposed to be private.So coming, to our point, you must be wondering whether all of this is legal. Lets just say for now that unfortunatelythis is not illegal either. The technology used to track private conversations on cell phones can be put to good usewhile tracking a childs activities by the parents, tracking conversations that may indicate terrorism and preventingmass deaths and accidents, nabbing cheating spouses and so on. It is the way you use the tracking system thatdecides the legality of the system. Any illegal use of such software may result in being arrested as well. So one needsto get acquainted to the right terms of use of the methods they fetch to spy on others cell phones and the legalconsequences in a timely manner that also varies depending on the country they are in.