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Zinger's Employee Engagement Manifesto


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This employee engagement manifesto by David Zinger outlines 21 strong points about the future of employee engagement. Each slide offers a robust declarative statement because, "if you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything." Read the manifesto and determine your own perspective on engagement.

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Zinger's Employee Engagement Manifesto

  1. 1. The New 21-Point Employee Engagement Manifesto David Zinger Global Employee Engagement Speaker and Expert Founder & Host of the Employee Engagement Network Website: Email:
  2. 2. Our current practices and approaches to employee engagement are failing. They are failing to achieve organizational results and most employees fail to experience the benefits of their own engagement. These failures may result in widespread abandonment of employee engagement. This is intolerable and unacceptable as engagement has the potential to create excellent experiences of working for individuals fused with organizations capable of creating robust results. Let’s work together to ensure we avoid the loss from a failure to engage! David Zinger - FAILURE
  3. 3. Read this new 21-point manifesto outlining my core beliefs, principles, and actions to improve employee engagement and work. Notice that each item is a verb directed towards action. These are strong declarations. You will discover where I stand on the major elements of engagement because “if you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.” If you or your organization align with some of these statements I welcome and invite you to work with me. David Zinger David Zinger - MANIFESTO
  4. 4. Simplify employee engagement into an 8 word definition: good work done well with others every day. David Zinger - ONE
  5. 5. Change engagement by changing behaviors and actions. We change attitudes, emotions and culture by changing behavior. David Zinger - TWO
  6. 6. Make employee engagement actions and behaviors simple, small, strategic, significant, and sustainable. David Zinger - THREE
  7. 7. Rewrite the grammar of engagement from the noun of engagement to the verb of engage. David Zinger - FOUR
  8. 8. Diminish the hype and pursuit of “great” work with the sustainable grit and gumption of good work performed daily. David Zinger - FIVE
  9. 9. Monitor and manage moment-to-moment or daily fluctuations of engagement as opposed to stale survey data. David Zinger - SIX
  10. 10. Recognize the names and faces of employees by eradicating the disengaging anonymity in our current measurement methods. David Zinger - SEVEN
  11. 11. Offer transparency of real time metrics accessed by both individuals and organizations. David Zinger - EIGHT
  12. 12. Substitute the counterproductive concept of work/life balance with the more attainable life-work infusion. David Zinger - NINE
  13. 13. Awaken workers around the world to how work itself can make us well. David Zinger - TEN
  14. 14. Ensure that engagement always focuses on improving both results and relationships. David Zinger - ELEVEN
  15. 15. Reframe the term employee engagement into work engagement. David Zinger - TWELVE
  16. 16. Integrate engagement into work, abandon the idea of discretionary effort, and eliminate a program approach to change. David Zinger - THIRTEEN
  17. 17. Mobilize employees to own their engagement while being accountable to everyone else for their influence on other’s engagement. David Zinger - FOURTEEN
  18. 18. Energize leaders, managers, and supervisors to be more engaged while also being more engaging. David Zinger - FIFTEEN
  19. 19. Enable managers and leaders to fully engage their virtual and mobile work forces. David Zinger - SIXTEEN
  20. 20. Learn from the best in the world while also offering my best to the world. David Zinger - SEVENTEEN
  21. 21. Commit to practice what I teach and model the behaviors I advocate. David Zinger - EIGHTEEN
  22. 22. Elevate the profession of employee engagement by contributing to learning, experimentation, and certification. David Zinger - NINETEEN
  23. 23. Build the psychology and neurology of engagement as we claim engagement as an experience to be lived rather than just a problem to be solved. David Zinger - TWENTY
  24. 24. Forge the diamond of engagement into the heart of work and well-being. David Zinger - TWENTY-ONE
  25. 25. I invite you to work with me on improving employee engagement for the benefit of all. My contributions include speaking, writing, educating, and consulting for leaders, managers, and employees. Contact: David Zinger, M.Ed. Phone 204 254 2130 Email: Website: David Zinger - CONTACT DAVID ZINGER