PhilippeBecker Capabilities Overview


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San Francisco branding agency PhilippeBecker overview

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PhilippeBecker Capabilities Overview

  1. 1. We design brands that create value—category-defining brands that rise top of mind, center of heart and at the bottom line. We do this for emerging sectors, new products and evolving categories—for start-ups to the Fortune 50.
  2. 2. At the heart of it, we design brands that people connect with, understand, pick up, talk about or maybe even love (and what brand doesn’t want to be loved or understood).
  3. 3. Founded by Philippe & David Becker in 1998. 22 creative, sharp, passionate, dedicated and collaborative people based in San Francisco. Numerous design and industry awards.
  4. 4. Brand Strategy What we do Brand Building Brand Creation
  5. 5. Brand Strategy • Consumer insight • Positioning • Brand stories Brand Building • Increase brand relevancy What we do • Revitalize existing equities • Line extensions New Brand Creation • Develop brands in emerging categories • Create holistic brands from scratch • Stretch brands into new categories • Concept development; NPD ideation
  6. 6. Strategy Package Design Naming Core practices Brand Identity Structure Print Communication
  7. 7. Organics for All. Objective: Create a new organic brand from the ground up, built on the proposition that great tasting organic food should be available (and affordable) to the widest audience possible. What we did: New brand creation • Strategy • Positioning • Naming • Design • Implementation • Brand book and video before
  8. 8. Open a Waterfront Bistro at home. Objective: Redefining the category with a new brand of restaurant quality seafood at home. What we did: New brand creation • Naming • Brand identity • Package design • Brandscape video • Brand guidelines before
  9. 9. A Brighter World. Objective: Create a new brand of sustainable household products that delivers the kind of efficacy customers expect from non-green cleaning products. What we did: New brand creation • Brand identity • Package design • Brandscape video • Brand guidelines
  10. 10. Born from the Wisdom of Moms. Objective: Create an emotional dialogue with moms via new packaging What we did: New brand creation • Brand identity • Design • New category development before
  11. 11. Retail Branding Prior to working with Safeway, PhilippeBecker enjoyed a seven-year relationship with Whole Foods Market developing a range of new category brands, as well as launching 365 Organic. We continue to create and revitalize brands in the non-grocery sector. Most recently we completed the design of 10 new brands for Michaels. Following are some examples of our work.
  12. 12. Whole-istic Brand Development. Client: Whole Foods Market Objective: Launch the 365 Organic brand and develop a comprehensive brand architecture for new destination categories. What we did: Brand building Brand creation • Strategy • Packaging • Implementation • Brand guidelines
  13. 13. Crafting 10 new brands brands for North America’s largest specialty retailer of arts, crafts and framing. Client: Michaels Stores Objective: Revitalize the image of this category leader by creating destination brands driven by consumer insights and lifestyle needs. What we did: New brand creation Brand revitalization • Marketplace and consumer insights • Brand positioning • Naming • Brand identity • Packaging design • Brand communication
  14. 14. Garnering loyalty with signature destination brands and seasonal favorites. Client: Williams-Sonoma Objective: Create signature destination product lines across the Williams-Sonoma store. What we did: Brand building • Brand identity • Packaging
  15. 15. A new personal care brand created with signature ingredients from around the globe—THERE is a destination for the mind, body and spirit. Client: Cost Plus World Market What we did: New brand creation • Marketplace insights • Brand strategy/positioning • Naming • Brand identity • Packaging design • Copy writing • Brand rollout
  16. 16. CPG Brands PhillipeBecker partners with a wide range of CPG brands across diverse categories. Our projects range from global brand launches to national brand revolutions. Following are a few examples of our work.
  17. 17. Innovative new culinary kit for 2. Client: Nestlé USA Objective: To develop the brand and packaging for this category- defining new product. What we did: New brand creation • Marketplace Insights • Brand architecture • Brand identity • Packaging
  18. 18. Hands-on alliance with IDEO for a brand that keeps germs off hands. Client: IDEO/CleanWell Objective: PhilippeBecker was invited by IDEO to partner on the development of natural line of cleaning products and hand sanitizers. What we did: New brand creation • Brand identity • Packaging
  19. 19. We like wine (a lot). So we created our own brand from scratch. What we did: New brand creation • Identified market opportunity • Product development • Sourcing • Positioning • Naming • Brand identity • Packaging • Brand communication • Web 86 POINTS 89 POINTS
  20. 20. Vegetarians can have their steak and eat it too. Client: Garden Burger Objective: Inspiring a mouth-watering trip around the globe for these full-flavored garden steaks. What we did: New brand creation • Brand identity • Packaging design before
  21. 21. Making the computer personal with this global rebrand Client: Hewlett-Packard Objective: Integrated branding for 100+ consumer products in six languages, across multiple product categories. What we did: Global brand relaunch • Packaging • Branding guidelines before
  22. 22. T-Mobile packaging agency of record since 2003. Client: T-Mobile USA Objective: Launch new signature brands. Rebrand of franchise products. What we do: Brand building Brand creation • Marketplace insights • Structure/innovation • Packaging • Collateral • Brand communication
  23. 23. High-touch branding for myTouch launch. Client: T-Mobile USA Objective: Create a brand that delivers on the promise of personalization and self expression enabled by this latest platform. What we did: New brand creation • Structure • Brand identity • Packaging • Collateral • Launch materials
  24. 24. Raising the bar. Client: Continental Mills Objective: Improve taste appeal, messaging, consumer navigation and shelf standout for this premium brand of brownie mix. What we did: Brand revitalization • Consumer insights • Packaging before
  25. 25. Waking up a brand Brand New Brand. Client: Brand New Brands Objective: Packaging refresh for a sleep beverage launched by the health and wellness incubator, Brand New Brands. What we did: Brand revitalization • Branding • Packaging before
  26. 26. Expressing a new world of possibility. Client: Microsoft Objective: Make the brand relevant to programmers and creatives who use these robust web authoring tools. What we did: Brand revitalization • Packaging • Launch collateral • Brand guidelines before