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5 Quick Steps To Your Smarter Financial Self


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5 Quick Steps To Your Smarter Financial Self

  1. 1. presents Congratulations, you have less 5 QUICK STEPS TO YOUR SMARTER FINANCIAL SELF debt than 90% of yours peers! Longterm planning allows you to achive those big dreams. MoneyStrands allows me to plan for the things that ADD ACCOUNTS BEEF UP YOUR PROFILE mean the most to me. 2 Let moneyStrands automati- 3 The better you describe yourself the better cally pull together, analyze moneyStrands reveals how you compare to and present you with the similar people anonymously. highlights of your nancial data trapped in multiple bank or credit accounts. money- Strands will keep the results up-to-date all in one secure Hmmm… 'female', '20-something', and convenient place. 'college degree', living in 'San Francisco'. How can I adjust our Yes, that's me! family budget to start saving for a house down payment? moneyStrands helps I add all my accounts me put my long term ONCE and moneyStrands goals in perspective so keeps them up-to-date. I can always chart out That's a time saver indeed. a realistic plan. Schools over! "Real life", here I come... The future sometimes SIGN UP FOR FREE! means sharing and with 1 moneyStrands we can Register easily with your Being in control of my money gives me the both keep our nances MAKE IT YOURS email and you will con dence to go for what I want. seperate or together. 4 Create your own layout by quickly be on your way to adding, deleting or reshu ing nancial prudence. Costs your nancial data the way you you "Nothing"… like. moneyStrands adapts to Everytime I rate something your preferences. moneyStrands learns about me and ne tunes upcoming recommendations. That's smart! No more surprises. Take advantage of I know how to spend my money yet still any company achieve my longer match to your term goals. retirement account. Watch out mate! Your checking account balance It's free money! has just dipped below $200. STAY IN CHARGE ON-THE-MOVE 5 Access all your data on your smart phone. Con gure moneyStrands to receive timely text alerts that may save you TYPES OF from nancial headaches. RECOMMENDATIONS Try this credit Watch out mate! Your checking card. It has a Financial Tip Expert advice and account balance lower APR thank has just dipped yours and no best practices annual fee. below $200. Peer How people like you Comparison behave nancially CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY AT YOUR SERVICE TIME TO GET STARTED! Product Products tting - moneyStrands' intelligent recommendation engine searches expert tips, relevant facts, and product o ers moneyStrands is here to help you make smarter nancial Suggestions your pro le. from many sources to nd the best deals and advice that match your nancial pro le. decisions. Sign up now and see your nancial picture come - As your life changes, your nancial goals also change. moneyStrands learns, anticipates and adapts to into focus. After all, your money IS your future! your needs and priorities along the way. Alerts Timely messages that keep you in the know. Powered by