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10 Lessons I Learned At InboundCon


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These are the lessons I learned at Canada's 1st inbound marketing conference on 14th September 2013, organized by Powered by Search. Enjoy!

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10 Lessons I Learned At InboundCon

  1. Canada’s 1st Inbound Marketing Conference
  2. Before someone else does
  3. The type of keywords used on a page should indicate the type of call- to-action on that page.
  4. A search term like “Content Marketing” doesn’t necessarily indicate that the searcher is looking for marketing services, it just indicates that they want to learn more information. Example
  5. So, a “Buy Now” button is inappropriate. Instead, they should see call-to-actions like “Read more” or “Download ebook”. Example
  6. Divide keyword list into: 1. Broad match – information gathering (learning phase) 2. Phrase match – have an idea for what they are searching for 3. Exact match – know exactly what they are searching for
  7. When developing a content strategy, ask yourself: •Who am I trying to reach? •What are my objectives? •How can I engage my audience in this content? •What does this audience want to see? •How do we get that type of content to this audience?
  8. Lovable and useful content is shared. Content made for ranking purposes is ignored.
  9. Otherwise, money is wasted on directing visitors to something that’s not related to what you’re advertising.
  10. Listen to what people want, then deliver exactly that.
  11. If advertisers spent the same amount of money on improving their products as they do on advertising then they wouldn't have to advertise them. “ ”-Will Rogers
  12. It’s about smart marketing.
  13. If you have more money than brains, focus on outbound marketing. If you have more brains than money, focus on inbound marketing. “ ”- Guy Kawasaki
  14. Campaigns are short-term and only deliver a short-term benefit.
  15. Strategy helps your company form long-term habits that have a greater impact than campaigns.
  16. Big ideas are often not implemented. Small ideas have a larger overall impact as these can be implemented faster.
  17. Were you at InboundCon? If so, add what you found beneficial in the comments section below.
  18. Connect with me: Twitter: @wogandavid LinkedIn: David Wogan