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Proposal.docx 2

  1. 1. ProposalBriefIn this unit I have been put in a group of four to create a 5 minute music video. Our group haseach been given a role so that we will be organized and get everything done according to thedeadlines. We can pick any song that does not have a music video to it or got a music videothe music cannot be produced by an extremely well known artist such as Beyonce. Ourchosen target audience is mainly people aged 15 – 20 years therefore we have to focus oncertain aspects that we can imply in the video to meet their expectations. Our lecturer willgive us deadlines in which we will have to follow in order to get everything finished. We areplanning to finish the whole project which includes the music video and the paperwork by the12th of December. Shortly after we will have to create the DVD covers and theadvertisements for them which will all have to be done by the 30th of January. By February6th we would have had to complete our blogging moreover by the end of march we shouldhave finished our evaluations.Initial thinkingResearch findingsDub-step is a genre of electronic dance music that originated in south London, England. Itsoverall sound has been described as "tightly coiled productions with overpowering bass linesand reverberant drum patterns, clipped samples, and occasional vocals.To summarize fromthe information that we picked up from our research documents we discovered that themajority of the target audience preferred to listen to music videos that are loud, has specialeffects and with a high tempo. This is because it brings more excitement for the viewer asthere is a lot of visual within the music video. This helped the group a lot as it allowed us tochoose a genre where the tempo is high (ranges of 138-142 beats per min) and the music israther loud.It was in 2001 that Dubstep made itself onto the club scene throughexperimentation from DJ‟s who were mixing the genre of Grime with electric dance to createa two step beat. By 2003 Dubstep had gained so much popularity that it was beginning to beaired on BBC 1 radio and featured in many music magazines such as The Wire and it becameone of the fastest growing music genres of the time. The influence of Dubstep has grownsubstantially over the past few years as in 2007 when Brittney spears used Dubstep in hersong „Freak show‟. Dubstep has continued to grow and many new and popular songs areremixed into a Dubstep version, like the song that my group will make a video for.We did research on the key codes and conventions that make the genre what it actually issuch as the sound, camerawork, special effects and how they edit the video. Moreover wealso looked at the type of locations/Mise-en-scene and sound effects. From researching onour genre that there is no specific costume that a cast has to wear depending on what storylinethat is chosen for the music video. We concluded that with a dub-step video we had to becreative with our storyline and think of the type of costumes that is suitable for the storyline.Overall our research showed that we had to ponder on the setting, costume and the cameraangles and positions in the video.
  2. 2. Initial ideasAnthony0:28-1:08 3:10 Shot of the back of a guy in a bedroom as he Close up shot of the main character starts putting on his jacket, puts hood up signing the lyrics Close up of him tying his trainers and a close up of him putting on his watch which is gold and full of diamonds (looks tacky) Close up shot drinks out of half full bottle of beer and drinks from a bottle of vodka he finds on the floor in his room1:34 3:04 Mid Shot of guy walking down street at night POV shot the camera is swaying and vibrating with the bass of the song, and then he throws up in the street1:42 3:21 Shot of guy going past in hoodie on bmx Still a POV shot a group of guys in hoodies walk up to the character and surround him.2.05 4:18 shouting at him and threatening him. He then he slowly wakes up outside a bus stop, its gets punched in the face and knocked out morning brushes himself off and gets on a bus like nothing happened211 he slowly wakes up outside a bus stop, its morning brushes himself off and gets on a bus like nothing happened3.24 Close up shot of the main character signing the lyrics2:27 Guy walks into an alley and finds another guy Close up shot of the new man giving the main character a small bag with white powder (cocaine)2:30 Shot of main character in a toilet snorting cocaine and then stumbling outSummaryFocusing on our questionnaire from our audience research, his idea was to explore how dub-step uses there special effects and why it is done in a certain way. Anthony came up with anidea to have a special affect in the video where the main cast is moving at normal pace while
  3. 3. everything else is moving extremely quickly. He thought that this special effect will give theaudience a feeling that the main cast is confused and drunk in addition another special affectthat he thought of was when the main cast looks up to the sky the sky should be spinningaround.Again this will give the audience the idea that the main cast is dizzy and is on a vergeof collapsing.MoreoverAnthony also thought that it would be good to start the music videowith the main cast being positioned in a dark alleyway at night which will instantly give anatmosphere of danger.David0:28-1:08 3:10 Establishing shot of a bar Close of up cast throwing up in the toilets. Close up of casts face (looks tacky) wearing Close up of the casts face hoodie and tracksuit Close up shot drinks out of half full bottle of beer and drinks from a bottle of vodka he finds on the floor in his room1:34 3:30 Medium Shot of cast stumbling down street Medium shot of cast stumbling out of the bar due to being drunk Hear police sirens in the background to signify danger1:42 3:50 The background speeds up very quickly to A POV shot a group of guys in hoodies slowly signify dizziness. walking up to the character with hoodies on and surrounds him.1:47 4:18 Medium shot of Group of boys in hoodies Long shot of cast lying down holding his collide with the main cast and everything slows stomach down. Hear sirens in the background Blackout1:58 Tension between the cast and the group of guys as they stare at each other. One of the group members starts shouting.2:05 Close up of main characters face as he draws his attention away from the gang. (slowly)2:11 Close up of cast singing the lyrics Medium shot of background of street lights as background quickens again2:30 Shot from the back of cast as he finds his way to a barSummaryInspired by the fact that our audience liked male genders in a music video, I thought it wouldbe good to follow what the audience thought and pick out a male cast for our music video.Since our music video involves dangers and horrors that we see on the streets which aremainly to do with males, I thought it would be a good idea to get other males to participate in
  4. 4. our video. My plan was to get a group of males to act as if they are a gang, with each wearinga hoodie and a tracksuit to make it look more realistic. My idea was that while everythingaround the main cast is going extremely fast he would bump into one member of the gangand everything goes in slow motion as the main cast turns his head to see who he bumpedinto. I thought that this would create a lot of tension.Zayd0:28-1:08 3:10 Establishing shot of location (North London) Medium shot of boy getting attacked by boys. Medium shot of characteras he walks through Background noise (police sirens) alleyway Establishing shot of the bar that the character enters Close up of drink half empty1:34 3:04 Medium shot of character walking out of the Medium shot of character lying on the ground bar and walking on hurt. Close up of characters face as the character is on the ground1:45 3:21 Medium shot of different people rushing Establishing shot of location around the streets Long shot of people walking on1:50 3:50 Close-up shots and medium shots of wild Blackout animals from the zoo Contrast the wild animals with the people4:18 Close-up of character’s face while character is singing2:05 Medium shot a group of boys Medium shot of main character2:11 Long shot of main character bumping into one of the boys in the gang. Close up of boys face2:30 Close-up of a wild animal to express that the boy is behaving like a wild animal. Close up of boySummaryThe music that we had chosen had the lyrics “Out here in this jungle”. This gave him an ideaof comparing the horrors of the streets to the actual jungle. Due to the fact that the streets canbe wild at times, he thought that it would be great to go to London zoo and shoot some wild
  5. 5. animals and compare it to the wildness of the streets. This will give the audience the idea thatwe are trying to say that the people around the streets are as wild as the animals.Sagar0:28-1:08 3:10 Establishing shot of location (North London) Establishing shot of a dark alleyway as the Close upof character(looking very rough) main character enters. Establishing shot of the bar that the character Close-up of main characters feet as he is enters stmbling1:34 3:04 Medium shot of character entering a bar Medium shot of main character vomiting on Medium shot of character getting drunk the floor due to drunkness1:45 3:21 Special effect of everything spinning to show Long shot of group boys attacking the main that the characters head is spinning character. Medium shot of character lying on the ground1:50 3:50 Close-up of characters face Blackout Medium shot of character walking out of the bar4:18 Medium shot of character walking in the streets2:05 Close-up of character singing the lyrics of the song2:11 Main character looks at a group of boys and they look at him (motion is very slow)2:30 Main character contines walking on singing the lyrics – Medium shotFinal ideaOur final ideas are a development of what the group thought initially. We decided to keep thewhole idea. However we thought it would also be good to go to the London Zoo and filmsome wild animals. This will give the impression that the streets are just like the jungle andsome of people behave like wild animals on the streets. We decided to stick with Anthony‟sideas that the music video will start in the alleyway as the cast is drunk dressed in a hoodie
  6. 6. and tracksuit to symbolise how rough the streets are and the dangers that lie ahead. We alsohad to think about what kind of special affects we were going to add to the film since it is adub step film and we would like to follow the key codes and conventions of this genre. Wethought as a group that we have to make the film look as wild as possible so the fastbackground with everything speeding up with just the cast walking in slow motion is a verygood technique that we would like to do. I also had an idea that the group was very happywith which was that at one point the cast should look up to the sky and everything will juststart spinning. This will allow the audience to remember that he is drunk however the castwill think that he is the only sane person in the world. We will be shooting a lot of London‟slights to express where the location is and also hooting other people with hoodies which wethought it would be better to let other people join the video. I thought that this is goodbecause at a certain point the cast will bump into them and slowly turn his head to see who hebumped into then we will view at the people he bumped into with close-up shots. This willgive the audience an insight to what the characters are feeling and also thinking moreover theclose-up shots will create a lot of tension. The ending is something we still have not figuredout yet however it is most likely favoured that we will end the music video with the policesiren and then the music video slowly fades away with a black out.Production Team RolesPlanning(Inc related Misc Prod Paperwork)Everybody – Textual Analysis QuestionnaireDavid – Front Sleeve first draft QuestionnaireSagar – Music information first draftQuestionnaireAnthony – Proposal QuestionnaireConstruction (Inc related Misc Prod Paperwork)David - Meeting formRisk assessment Permission of access formConsent formCopyright clearanceFront of sleeve first final (Print Construction)Textual AnalysisSagar - Print Research(Forms and conventions)Music information leaflet final (Print Construction)
  7. 7. Anthony - Advertisement final (Print Construction) Script development Project ScheduleZayd- Music information leafletfinal Questionnaire analysis Textual Analysis