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Evaluation media

  1. 1. 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge theforms and conventions of real media products?Our music video was based on the artist Professor Green with his song “Jungle”.His genre is R n B and Rap and now is one of the biggest artists in Britain.However we have gone for the dub-step version of his song so that it would notbe the same and because it is more unique.Our research on dub-step videoswas fairly limited as we could onlyfind two. However we analysed thetwo videos and both of them werequiet similar in the sense of effectsand that it wasn’t linear. Of the twodub-step videos none of them had astoryline to it. They had flashinglights and people’s faces popping upsinging the lyrics. Our video haschallenged these codes and conventions and has gone for a different approachas there is a storyline to ours. From our research dub-step videos are all overthe place and they do not make too much sense. We decided that we wanted tomake the audience understand what was going on with our music videootherwise they would instantly loose interest in it. On the other hand we havedeveloped some of the genre’s codes and conventions for example the use ofeffects such as fade to black, split screens and making a part of the scene blackand white. We utilised these effects to make the music video more of a dub-stepvideo.When researching dub-stepvideos we found out that they were very fast passedand the editing was very quick and sharp. We used that code and convention insome part of our music video for example in the beginning of the scene as themain character is getting ready to go out. We made sure that the shots wereshort and concise and the editing was sharp so that the audience would knowwhat’s going on within the sequence without getting bored. The narrativesections were comprised with straight forward styles of shots including mediumshots, long shots close-ups and also establishing shots. We had to make some ofthe shots a bit pacey so that it would match the song. Dub-step is a new genrethat not a lot of people know about. The beats are very unique as they can slowdown or gradually speed up at any time. It is not like R n B where you canpredict the pattern of the song easily.During our initial ideas as a group we decided that we did not like the approachof dub-step so in order for us to make our music video as interesting as possible,we thought we were going to challenge a lot of its codes and conventions. Forexample dub-step music videos there are not a lot of vocals in it, mostly just the
  2. 2. rhythm. We thought it wold be a good idea to have a main vocalist in our so thatthe audience could understand what kind of role he is.In conclusion I think that2. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillarytexts?For the digipack initially the group thought that it would be best to take a freezeframe from our music video however when we did this the quality of the picturewas very bad so we thought that we should take a photographed picture thatwould relate to the conventions of the music video.The combination of our main product and ancillary texts flows together and arevery well linked. The song that we chose to for our music video was “Jungle” byProfessor Green but it was the dub-step remix. We looked at the official videoand thought that we should use some of the codes and conventions of the officialvideo and apply it and make it slightly different to make our video more unique.We thought straight away that we had to use props such as hoodies, gangs,knives etc. throughout the product. Our digipack consists of a dark backgroundwith a hint of street lights to give it a very shady Soho atmosphere. We madesure to make sure that the colours and the themes were very similar so that itwould flow together however we had to differentiate certain aspects so that theaudience could recognise that each product wasdifferent.We were not really heavily influenced by any advertsor magazines when we had to make our digipakhowever we were influenced by the original video of“Jungle”. We took the aspects from a scene were wesee a gang group with hats and hoodies. At that point the group came to a conclusion that it would be suitable if we had the main character of our music video with a black hood on. We also thought because the theme of the music video was based on Soho we had to make the background dark. We also decided that because the singer of our video was playing pool we should add apool table with a black ball and also a sign saying Soho so that the audiencecould get a vague idea of what could happen in the music video without havingto watch it.
  3. 3. In regard to our digi-pack we created a digi-pack front cover and a back coverfor the song “Jungle”. We also made a cover for a magazine and an insidesleeve.Figure 1 Figure2 Figure3 Figure4We are very happy with the final product of our ancillary texts that is shownabove (figure 1, 2, 3, 4). We thought that the colours that we chose were verywell thought out and the background flows very well. From the feedback we gotfrom the audience, we feel that we did a very good job and it looks veryprofessional.From observing figure one we wanted to make the magazine cover as simple aspossible however as efficient as possible. In my opinion I think we have achievedthis very well as the colours and the style of font works very well. The layoutwhere you can see the main character in a hood on the right hand side of thepage and then a hint of light on the left hand side to give contrast between lightand dark was very much planned out and has worked very well. The imageshave been very well edited of the main character. We have sort of challengedthe conventions as normally you would see the singer on the front coverhowever we have gone for a different approach.Looking at Figure 3 the background was carefully planned out and it had to flowwith the figure 2. The background of figure 2 and 3 are very similar except thereis a tree on the left hand side. The feedback we got was very positive with figure3 as the colour chosen was good as it allows continuation from the front cover tothe spine.In figure 4 we have taken a shot of china town near Trafalgar square were wefilm and used it for the inside sleeve. The background corresponds with theother ancillary texts which are very good and the choices of colours are verysimilar too.In conclusion our digi-pack has been very effective as it does reflect whathappens within the music video. It also reflects what might happen in the musicvideo without having to watch it.
  4. 4. 3. What have you learned from your audience feedback?Our music video was aimed at audiences from age 15-25 of all genders and alldifferent types of ethnicity because it was this age group that can seethemselves relate to our video more. This age group was chosen because itappealed to the group the most.The majority of people that I showed thevideo to responded and thought that thevideo was very good. They thought itwas very well edited and the musicvideo flowed very well. Location was avery big part of our music video as itwould define the whole film and we gotfeedback from all apart from one, that our choice of location was very wellthought of. The only criticism we had about our choice of location was when themain character was playing pool, he thought that the location could have been alot better as the location looked like a garage and was covered in boxes.Many of the audience that observed the music video were not into dub-stephowever they all commented that the music really suited the video and theyactually liked the choice of dub-step song that we chose. The majority of targetaudience said it was very catchy and entertaining. After witnessing our musicvideo most of the observers said that they were going to listen to dubs-stepmore and wanted us to make more music videos.Most of the audience thought that we used too much fade to black effects; theyadvised us that we should have just let the video flow a bit more or usedanother effect. I told them that we tried to put in different effects into it but themusic video was not as efficient and effective as it is now. Having said that, theycame up with the conclusion to remove one or two fade to black effects fromcertain scenes just to see how it looked. The respondents also commented onour camera work and said that the hand-held shots were done very well as theywere steady. A few commented saying that there was one hand-held shot thatwas very shaky, which was when we filmed a Chinese shop that had bright lightson it. They believed it would have been better if we used zoom in that shot.I presented the digipack and the magazine cover to the audience for them tohare their opinions on it. They all said that they were very good as each of themflows together and they can see how it suits the music video. They reallyadmired the choice of colours used and the type of images and fonts used also.Not one of them said that they would change anything from it. This proposesthat we put a lot of thought into the layout, the images, the font and also thecolours we wanted to put on it. They all said that it fits the codes andconventions of our music video.
  5. 5. 4. How did you use the media technologies in the construction andresearch, planning and evaluation stages? I used different and multiple types of technologies during the process of constructing research, planning and evaluation. The use of the technologies I used during these stages helped me to develop my skills even further as I had to get used to some of them. During the research, I used the internet to help me gain knowledge of codes andconventions of different music genres and to research different kinds of dub-stepmusic. Youtube was one of the most popular websites that I used for myresearch. It allowed me to look at several dub-step bands and this influenced mymusic video as I could observe and take out similar bands even though therewere hardly any dub-step bands. I used Wikipedia and Google as my mainsearch engine as we did a lot of research on the artist Professor Green since webased the the music video with a remix dub-step version of his song “Jungle”.This was very useful to use as we has to do a subject matter. This required us tofind background information about the artist and this improved our knowledgeabout the kind of songs and genre he was at. We used blogger to post all ourwork of research that we did which was very simple to do.We used Final Cut pro on Mac computers toedit our music video. This was my first timeusing Final Cut Pro as I was used to useAdobe Premier. However it did not take mevery long to get used to Final Cut Pro as Ifound it very easy to use. I feel that FinalCut Pro is much more efficient than AdobePremier as it is much easier to use efficienteffects and keeping the video is sync withthe music was also very simple. We used effects such as split screens and fade to black. Photo shop CS4and also Adobe Photoshop Element 10 were another use of technology of computers that we used to construct our magazine and digi-pack. Each member of our group chose which part of the digi-pack they wanted to do and we each tried to make it so that each of it flows together e.g. same or similar use of colours and font.
  6. 6. To film our music video we used a cannonLegriaHF R36digital camera. Thecamera was very good quality however the camera man did find it a bit difficultto begin with however he did get the hang of it. Everybody in the group got achance to record so that we could all become familiar with it. We used a tripodfor some parts of the film so that we could get steady shots. The most vital partof our production was the lighting. We had toadjust the lighting of the camera because we werefilming at night. I learnt from using this camerathat lighting was one of the main things we had toadjust before using it otherwise when editing thevideo we would not be able to see much.