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Cards for the communications game

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  1. 1. Finding connectors Key interest collaboration Staff and/or Board blogs An initial network mapping exercise A specially-designed interactive site give Staff and/or Board members have one or identifies who are the key connectors in residents, staff and key interests a space more blogs where they can post news the community. where everyone has an equal voice to and ideas and invite comments discuss and propose actions. 2 3 2 Online forums Free Web services strategy Community content The organisation’s web site stays with a In order to cut costs and grow The programme encourages residents to traditional format, but adds some communications bottom-up, the team use find their own voice by creating blogs, discussion forums. free services from Google, Yahoo etc for posting photos and videos, without central newsletters, forums, email lists, blogs - control. and encourages others to do the same. 1 1 2 Newsletter Surveys Wikis for instant web sites Printed and email newsletter keeps Telephone and other survey methods aim Wikis - easily edited web pages - provide everyone updated. to identify people’s concerns groups with simple ways to create sites 1 2 1
  2. 2. Video and podcasts Email news and discussion Use feeds to cut email The programme adds video and podcasts A free email list sends messages from a Staff and champions learn how use to the range of media it is using on the central address as a newsletter, and also information feeds from blogs and other organisation’s web site. enables many to many discussions sites to keep up to date and cut email. among those who sign up. 2 1 1 Online maps Regeneration news feed Focus on mobiles Online maps and other new ways of A daily digest of regeneration news is Mobile phones and SMS play a major part showing information help improve access available through an RSS feed. in the programme. to information and services. 2 1 2 Chief executive’s blog Your idea? Your idea? The chief executive takes a lead by writing a blog - a personal web site with text, photos, video, commenting. 2
  3. 3. YourSpace plus OurSpace Experts Online Home page dashboard The programme team set up spaces on Experts on different topics provide Board Anyone can set their browser home page social networks like MySpace and and staff with a shared question and to a new dashboard that brings in news, Facebook, and encourage discussion answer service - like an extra member of discussions and other content around key there. staff when needed. topics. 2 2 1 Engagement co-design Workshops and conferences Champions Key interests are invited to help design the The programme includes a series of The team identifies and supports people engagement programme. workshops and larger events. Content who will be connectors and animators may be reported online. online and off. 2 3 1 Internal collaboration system Media briefing Social bookmarking/tagging A dedicated internal collaboration system Substantial time and effort is spent on Programme team share their research is set up for the Board and staff to share briefing media. bookmarks publicly through, documents, messages and other encouraging others to tag relevant pages, content. blogs, photos, videos. 1 2 1