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D aprojects1


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Published in: Technology, Business
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D aprojects1

  1. 1. Developing your! project plan
  2. 2. Digital Ambassador Award requirements What do you need to learn? What did you learn? Choose your challenges What's your idea? Carry out the learning challenges Who can help? Discuss and get support Develop a project plan Create and present
  3. 3. Creating a project plan • Review digital literacies • Develop an idea • Think about what you need to learn • Carry out learning challenges • Discuss and gain support • Develop and carry out the project • What did you learn?
  4. 4. Project idea must cover … • Why are you doing it - what are the aims? • Who is it for? Who will benefit? Who has to be involved? • What are you going to do? What is the content of the project? • How are you going to carry it out? What methods will you use - including digital and other tools? • Where is the project going to be created, and used? • When must it be finished?
  5. 5. Projects must do one of … • Engage and educate people on a topic • Consult people on an issue • Address a social issue Then present the project to a wider audience
  6. 6. Project ideas • Youth council reporter • Debate taser • Forensics • Stop and search • Maximising appeals • Downloading • Bullying/cyberbullying • Role of the youth council and how to use it more • Peer pressure/sexting/grooming/blackmailing • Crime, scams and fraud on the Internet