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  1. 1. What started as a desire to have a taste of home, turned into apassion to provide others with a sense of community and familyaround a table of American comfort food. Founded in 2009 as FullExpression Cafe, David and LaTonya Whitaker have beenproviding catering services and cooking classes around the Kantoarea. Specializing in the area of Southern, Cajun and Tex-Mex,they work to show true southern hospitality, leaving no hungrystomachs.LaTonya is a Mississippi native. Along with the help of herAtlanta raised husband, David, she currently teaches AmericanSouthern Style cooking using Japanese ingredients for Niki’sKitchen David & LaTonya have done acooking show for American Fair at Koshigaya Laketown Mall andhave been featured in Mens Kitchen, Lightning Magazine andTrinity Magazine to name a few. They have also been featuredon NHKs 50 Voice and TV Tokyos Getsuyou Puremia~! forcooking classes. LaTonya has also been featured as a part of theEcouma campaign for Ajinomoto.In 2012, David and LaTonya decided to change Full Expressionto Taste The Love. It was birth out of hope that with every biteeaten, with every song heard and with every friendship made, youcan have a Taste of Love. Therefore, it is their dream to buildTaste The Love into a cafe that is not just another place, but ahome away from home where everyone can come and listen togood music, eat good food and feel like family.“Oh taste and see that the Lord is good.”-Psalms 34:8-
  2. 2. Fresh Hot SoupsMenuChicken NoodleCorn Crab BisqueLoaded PotatoGumboChili
  3. 3. Roasted ChickenMenuRoasted Chicken & GravyMash PotatoesLima BeansFried ApplesCornbread
  4. 4. Chicken Enchilada MenuChicken EnchiladasChiliCoriander Rice7 layer SaladStrawberry Daiquiri
  5. 5. Tamale MenuMississippi Hot TamalesBlack Bean SoupSouthern Style Spanish RiceStrawberry Margarita
  6. 6. Chimichanga MenuChicken ChimichangasTortilla SoupSpanish RiceRefried BeansFrozen Margarita
  7. 7. Shrimp Creole MenuShrimp CreoleShrimp Po BoyGrit CakesFried OkraCaramel Cheesecake
  8. 8. BBQ Rib MenuOven BBQ RibsBake BeansSouthern Style Potato SaladBroccoli SaladCherry Cheesecake
  9. 9. Salisbury Steak MenuSalisbury SteakSauteed Scalloped PotatoesSquash GratinCinnamon RollsLemonade
  10. 10. Turkey MenuSmoked Turkey or Deep Fried TurkeyCornbread DressingGreen Bean CasseroleCorn CasseroleEasy Peach Cobbler
  11. 11. Country Meatloaf MenuCountry Meatloaf w/ Tomato SauceGarlic Mash PotatoesCornbreadBanana Pudding
  12. 12. County Fried Chicken MenuCountry Fried Chicken w/ White GravyMash PotatoesSouthern Style Green BeansBiscuitsPecan Pie
  13. 13. Stuffed Pork Chop MenuPork ChopStuffed WithCornbread DressingSouthern Style Green BeansSweet Potato CasseroleStrawberry Pie
  14. 14. Southern Fried Catfish MenuSouthern Fried CatfishMacaroni & CheeseSteam CabbageHoe CakesApple Dumplings
  15. 15. Cajun Catfish MenuCajun Baked or Fried CatfishDirty RiceCole SlawHushpuppiesPear Dumpling( Pears will be changed to a different fruit if not in season
  16. 16. Garlic Garlic Garlic MenuGarlic Cheese Grits & GrilladesGarlic Sauteed SpinachGarlic Cheese BiscuitsBrandy Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
  17. 17. Crab BoilMenuCountry Crab BoilGumbo & RiceApple DumplingServed with French Bread
  18. 18. Jambalaya MenuJambalayaCrab CakesCajun Tarter SauceCorn Crab BisqueBanana Foster
  19. 19. Jerk Style Chicken MenuSpicy Jerk Style ChickenRice & PeasCoconut CabbageSour Cream CornbreadMini Lemon Meringue Pie
  20. 20. The 3 Chicken Slider MenuTraditional Chicken Salad SliderCurry Chicken Salad SliderCountry Fried Chicken & Biscuit SliderChicken Noodle SoupDeviled EggsCarrot Salad
  21. 21. Jack Daniel Pork MenuJack Daniel PorkRoasted Garlic Mash PotatoesCarrot SoupAlmond Green BeansStrawberry Banana Brownie Trifle
  22. 22. Fish Taco MenuBlacken Fish TacoBeer Batter Fish TacoTaco FixingsSpanish Yellow RiceBlack Bean & Corn SaladKey Lime Style Pie