David W. Deeds: Game-Based Learning & Gamification


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Teacher professional development session conducted recently for Colegios Peterson in Mexico City.

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David W. Deeds: Game-Based Learning & Gamification

  1. 1. Games-Based Learning and Gamification Peterson Schools Professional Development June 13, 2013
  2. 2. G-B Learning & Gamification Objectives:  Define Games-Based Learning (GBL) and Gamification, compare/contrast  Provide a few examples, be as hands- on as possible (not Death by PowerPoint!)  Done by 3:30
  3. 3. G-B Learning & Gamification Games are serious business!  Not “up and coming,” already here in education (K-12 Horizon Report)  Games market to hit US $2.5 billion by 2015 (fueled by education, mobiles)  Immersive Learning Environments being used by military and corporations for training simulations
  4. 4. G-B Learning & Gamification Are Games-Based Learning and Gamification the same or are they different? Definitions? Comparisons/contrasts?
  5. 5. G-B Learning & Gamification Games-Based Learning is a type of gameplay with defined learning outcomes. Goals: balance gameplay with subject matter, relate both to real world. 2 types of games:  Designed specifically for education  Made for fun, used for education
  6. 6. G-B Learning & Gamification Gamification is the introduction of game thinking and mechanics into a usually non-game context in order to engage users. Doesn’t have to involve computers! With or without rewards, leverages people’s desires for competition and achievement.
  7. 7. G-B Learning & Gamification Gamification Existing content/context, adding games dimension to activities. Games-Based Learning Game is the content/context or the delivery system.
  8. 8. G-B Learning & Gamification Gamification Example: Math contest, prizes for who can solve equations fastest. Games-Based Learning Example: MathChimp (Common Core) as lesson basis or supplement.
  9. 9. G-B Learning & Gamification http://www.mathchimp.com
  10. 10. G-B Learning & Gamification http://gamification.org/wiki/ Gamification Advantages  Metrics include engagement, influence  Non-metrics include fun, challenges Gamification Disadvantages  Rewards expected for performance  Usual routine boring by comparison
  11. 11. G-B Learning & Gamification http://mark.blogspot.mx/2005/12/what- are-advantages-and- disadvantages.html Games-Based Learning Advantages  Complete 21st century learning skills  Digital natives are doing it anyway! Games-Based Learning Disadvantages  Usual technical and logistics issues  Non-education games objectionable
  12. 12. G-B Learning & Gamification How have you used or how can you use Games-Based Learning and/or Gamification in your classes? Work together. Team up by subject? Not lesson plans, but ideas. While or after you’re working, we’ll be demoing some current/future games.
  13. 13. G-B Learning & Gamification Best List of Serious Games Databases: http://gamesforchangechicago.com/conten t/list-serious-games-databases Great Summary: http://www.teachthought.com/technology/h ow-game-based-and-traditional-learning- are-different/
  14. 14. G-B Learning & Gamification Second Life – actually an Immersive or Virtual Learning Environment (ILE/VLE)
  15. 15. G-B Learning & Gamification OpenSimulator – actually an Immersive or Virtual Learning Environment (VLE/ILE)
  16. 16. G-B Learning & Gamification MinecraftEdu
  17. 17. G-B Learning & Gamification Quest Atlantis
  18. 18. G-B Learning & Gamification World of Warcraft
  19. 19. G-B Learning & Gamification Guild Wars 2
  20. 20. G-B Learning & Gamification Thanks for your attention today! Questions/comments? ddeeds@peterson.mx