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Cls Projects Outline Jan 08

  1. 1. Centre for Leadership studies - Europe Some example projects Atotech GmbH (Elf) Creating and implementing a strategy to maintain and grow a dominant presence in all world markets for process plant producing PCB’s. Working with the Board and business teams from around the world to develop and implement business improvement strategies in their respective markets. Argos plc Planning and implementing the “hive out” of Argos plc from BAT. Strategic management and team development for plc and operating boards. Leading the new Argos Distributors Ltd board to create and deliver a new 5 year plan extending their retail concept to a new mix of formats, and refining their distribution capability. Building the managerial and staff capability to deliver the results required at every level. Abbey National Working with Directors, Regional, Area and Branch teams to transform Abbey National from a Building Society to a retail bank. Leading and implementing major changes in the retail network. Developing management and staff capability to develop improved customer loyalty. British Olympic Association Strategic development with the board, to review and focus their future aims, and develop the operating principles that underpin the way they work together. Develop specific business actions that would enable them to fulfil their purpose more effectively. Ciba Geigy Working with the executive and management teams of the UK Company to create in their words “a culture of excellence” in Ciba-Geigy plc and its subsidiaries. Working with the top 180 managers and directors in the UK to develop leadership, performance management and people skills; and with manufacturing and sales functions in key divisions to enhance key account management. easyJet Working throughout the business with people at every level to improve service delivery and peoples’ capabilities to sustain it at a time of rapid growth. Working with the Chief Operating Officer and his key team to build the leadership and communications capability within flight deck, cabin and airport operations. Working with them to develop the strategic and operational framework in readiness for further rapid expansion. Developing new thinking and applying new ideas to the way in which all staff contribute to delivering a unique easyJet experience to passengers.
  2. 2. Centre for Leadership studies - Europe EGB – European Golf Brands Working with the Management buy-in team and Private Equity partners to create and plan future strategy which would form the basis of a sustainable future and significantly enhance business value. This concluded with a new strategic plan created, planned and implemented and new investors acquiring the business for over six times its value three years earlier. Fujitsu Services Working with the Senior Vice President Human Resources and his team to transform this Global business into a truly high performance business led by an exemplary functional team as role model. Providing the leadership and business models and methodologies to help support the process, and act as a part time member of the functional lead team. GKN Working with the CEO of their OffHighway Division to accelerate the business to global sales of £1 billion with a 10% net margin from its 5 product centred business units. As a part time member of the lead team, help develop and embed the strategy need to achieve the growth, grow the team’s business and leadership capabilities, and develop the business unit teams, each led by a Managing Director. Go Ahead Group Helping the board design and implement further changes to maintain the position as London’s best performing bus company, and grow the capability to sustain that performance over the foreseeable future. Introduce new business development thinking and ideas, developing peoples business and leadership capability throughout. Hillarys Blinds Working as a member of the group and operations boards to accelerate the value of the business - “going further – faster” to quote the core brief. Hillarys was the subject of a management buy-in/buyout, and the work was to build on the buy in plan and extend it to the 3-5 years beyond that plans horizon. The aim was then to help lead a successful subsequent exit. The work covered a period of 2 years and included envisioning the future business position in its markets, creating and planning the strategy to deliver its future, embedding that plan throughout the business, coaching/leading/mentoring the group and operations boards to succeed, and developing the senior management to both deliver operational performance whilst leading its future development. It culminated in an exit at the end of 2004 significantly beyond the investors expectations.
  3. 3. Centre for Leadership studies - Europe Home Retail Group Working with the CEO and his team in Customer Services Division of the largest multi channel retailer in the UK, to help transform the supply chain service delivery and after sales support performance to customers to an exceptional level. Leading workshops to create and plan the service delivery strategy to meet the group’s individually branded retail companies needs (Argos and Homebase). Embedding the changes needed in all areas of the service delivery organisation from suppliers to warehouse operations, and from home delivery teams to contact centres. Knorr Bremse Helping the Senior Team to focus on developing operations at the Bristol plant. Working extensively with manufacturing teams to manage out production problems: to improve teamwork, productivity and customer service. Ladbrokes Enhancing the customer experience throughout their betting shop estate, and creating the staff capability to sustain it. Lancôme and L’Oreal Developing a shared vision and plans to deliver it: market and sales development: enhancing customer service and embedding brand values through the actions taken by all staff throughout their retail operations. Lloyds TSB Group To provide the methodology to coach some processes, tools and techniques for managing complex information and decision-making, engendering creativity and innovation, planning and implementing improvement through a personal development project. London Buses Limited Work with the board to privatise London Buses. Creating the new companies, recruiting and training the new management teams. Developing business plans for each business and implementing the first phase of those plans. London Underground Preparing the organisation for potential privatisation through a variety of projects at every level. Creating multiple business units, their strategic and operational plans and the teams needed to deliver them. Introduce enhanced Leadership Development throughout with a bedrock of workshops, managed experience on core projects and team and personal coaching; becoming a member of a number of management teams in the organisation.
  4. 4. Centre for Leadership studies - Europe National Express Rail Group Work as a part time non-executive member of the lead team, supporting the CEO to grow the team’s business and leadership capability whilst developing a revised strategy in the changing railway transport sector in the UK and Europe. Run business, leadership and market strategy workshops with the lead team and its divisional Managing Directors to create, plan and embed the new strategy and the skills needed to deliver it. PPP Healthcare Leading the re-branding and re-launch of the company and it’s products and services. Designing and implementing new ways of working throughout to deliver a much enhanced customer experience. Rover Car UK Project to design and facilitate the new Rover 75-launch platform for the Dealer Network. Develop dealer teams to meet the needs of a new customer base, and embed brand values in all that they do. Shell Working with the lead team responsible for operating and maintaining the NAM gas field as the centre of European profitability, helping them to manage the change to a European wide Shell organisation, and take on the specific issues related to managing the depletion of a mature gas field’ Working with the Business and Organisation Development team in the European organisation to help embed the new structure and processes amongst the senior leaders and the teams – in all business, functional and operational areas. Siemens Business Systems Facilitating International strategy, business development and sales and marketing conferences for audiences from 15 to 450 people, summarising at key points and providing keynote inputs through session presentations or after dinner speeches Southern Railway Working with the lead team to reposition the railway in its market, developing the organisation as an exceptional place for passengers, employees, investors and the local communities. Helping to build the operational and management capability that focussed on a reliable, safe, punctual and well presented service delivery to customers at all times through highly motivated people capable of leading and operating the processes and people that make it happen. United Biscuits Work involved the development and implementation of a 5-year plan for the IT Directorate. Specifically, to ensure the department was structured to support the changing needs of the UK business.
  5. 5. Centre for Leadership studies - Europe Virgin Atlantic Preparing the management team to lead a new phase of development in the business. Revitalising customer service and the support needed from all functions in the business. Volvo Car UK Projects include strategic development throughout the UK business at Senior Team, Support, Area and Network level. Specific work involved helping to revitalise the UK Dealer network, devise performance measures for Dealers, enhance corporate account retention and enhance service from Dealer Support Consultants. Warner Lambert Work involved strategic development with the Board and performance improvement with manufacturing shift teams. West Coast Traincare/ Alstom Transport Ltd Implementing the changes required to enable this joint venture between Fiat and Alstom to meet the demands of maintaining existing stock for Virgin Trains, and building the new fleet to be supplied from 2001 onwards. Applying those changes at every level of the organisation.