Improving the learning


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Improving the learning

  1. 1. Learning in the past Teacher explanation Paper, pencils, and chalkboard There was only one way of learning
  2. 2. Nowadays situation We use paper We start using computers (a way of hanging out) We mix many things but without good results
  3. 3. How can we change this? Adding technology to the learning process Not concentrating in technology, but in learning Giving more freedom to the students
  4. 4. Resources Social Networks Laptops Tablets & Smartphones Apps & websites
  5. 5. Twitter It’s an innovational sharing system. Hashtags We can use it as a collective diary and forum.
  6. 6. Facebook Not as good (it’s more personal) Good for creating a group and use it with the same purpose than Twitter.
  7. 7. Ultrabooks Thin and light, instead of books. For working with digitalized books and making Text Documents or Slide Presentation. Internet.
  8. 8. Tablets & Smartphones Really easy and intuitive using. We can use Social networks and apps. Brilliant for surfing on the net. Small and portable. Personal calendar and timetable.
  9. 9. Apps Evernote: You can save documents, notes, images and more in the “cloud”. Dropbox: Save and share media among your devices.
  10. 10. Google Gmail: Personal mail account. Google Docs: Save and share your documents. Google calendar: an online calendar. Google sites: create your own website.
  11. 11.  Wordreference, voxy: learning English. Wikipedia: The free encyclopedia Dragon dictation: You speak and the phone writes it. iBooks: digital books iTunesU: Downloadable courses
  12. 12. Scientific apps Calculator Periodic table Scientific converter Equation solver
  13. 13.  The point is learning, and this resources will help us. It’s easier, funnier and more interesting. We don’t need to use all of them. It’s not necessary to completely break with papers. We have to distinguish among the subjects. We don’t have to obsess with technology.