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Front End & Back End in Sync with Pact CDC Tests


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The slides of my session "Front End & Back End in Sync with Pact CDC Tests" given at the Agile Test @Munich Meetup on 25.10.2018.

How can we test that the REST calls from the front end and their respective back end endpoints work correctly together? Of course browser tests against the deployed application cover that. But their feedback is very slow and finding the root cause for a test failure takes ages. Thus the Testing Pyramid suggests to complement those with more isolated tests.
In the last few years Consumer-Driven Contract (CDCs) Tests have become an elegant solution to keep a consumer and a provider service in sync in a decoupled fashion. So why not transfer this idea to the interactions between back end and front end? So we tried to use the Pact CDC library to assure our Angular front end and our Spring Boot back end do fit together. Nice by-product: the front end and back end tests are logically connected but can be executed isolated and decoupled from each other.
In the session I will explain the approach, show you the code of an example project and tell you about our experiences with it.

You can find a full example project in this github repository:

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Front End & Back End in Sync with Pact CDC Tests

  1. 1. PACT CDC Tests Front End & Back End In Sync David Völkel Agile Testing @Munich Meetup
  2. 2. codecentric Software Craft Meetup #TDD @davidvoelkel
  3. 3. PACT CDC TestsOur PAIN Back End <=> Front End
  4. 4. Consumer Driven Contracts (CDCs) ?
  5. 5. Pact CDCs Producer Consumer Request ResponseInteraction Pact File
  6. 6. Projects Consumer / Client Request Response Mock Server Pact File Consumer Test Producer / Service Producer Test Consumer Producer
  7. 7. Our Approach Consumer is Front End Pact Web for Angular Services
  8. 8. PACT CDC TestsDemo Project
  9. 9. Trade Offs
  10. 10. Diff-Job vs. Pact Broker ?
  11. 11. Consumer vs. Producer first ?
  12. 12. Couple Deployments ?
  13. 13. Back End Tests black box white box mocking below controller vs. at system boundary
  14. 14. Assessment
  15. 15. Alternatives ? Angular Mocks Integration test with deployed server Selenium like Tests -
  16. 16. Pact JS Cumbersome Nice Tests +-
  17. 17. + Pact JVM Spring Boot Tests Slow Tests Usability -
  18. 18. The Approach ? Worth the quirks Nice Dev Flow & Tests Front End & Backend in Sync +
  19. 19. Q&A
  20. 20. License Creative Commons-ShareAlike 3.0