Diamond Program for Android Software Developers


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Diamond Program for Android Software Developers

  1. 1. Information Technology Solutions SELA Diamond Program for Android Software Development is an excellent opportunity for an immediate career breakthrough as an Android developer. This program provides you on-the-job-training as an Android Developer working with top companiesAfter completing the Android in the Great Seattle Area. It includes intensive ramp-up training and on-going technical mentoring.Software Developer Diamond If you currently have 0-2 years of development experience, allow us to help accelerate your career.Program, you will be able to: Course Topics: Develop mobile applications • Java for Android Developers through the Android mobile • Java Design Patterns for Android Developers Operating system • Developing Mobile Applications with Android • Advanced Android Application Development Install and properly configure the Android • Practical hands-on Android Projects development environment The Diamond Program Use various UI 1 . Selection Process 2. Training elements, controls and the framework resources Learn about common design patterns and their implementation in Java language within the Android platform  Applicants must have Computer Science  Trainees are provided with PCs, required Apply advanced features to background. software & Android track course material. your Android applications  Should be located in Greater Seattle area.  Practice sessions, assignments, open  Must clear all tests and interviews. discussions and hands-on projects. Learn to use location  Receive a provisional offer letter.  Code reviews and guest lectures. providers, maps, geocoding,  Applicants commit to ramp-up training  Trainees receive small transportation stipend. create background duration of 30 hours/week for 6 weeks. activities, control camera and get information from 3. Placed/Outsourced to client 4. Support device sensors, plus moreDiamondDeveloper@Sela.co.il  Trainees attend Interviews by SELA clients.  All employees receive technical support 1-888-774-9471  Selected trainees join the client’s development through continuous mentoring by SELA team as SELA employees. technical experts. www.Diamond-Program.com  Trainees become W2 employees of SELA.  All employees have free access to SELA  Competitive salary plus bonuses & vacations. technical knowledge bank & lectures.  2 year commitment, 40+ hours per week.  On-going technical training and seminars on the latest technology.
  2. 2. Information TechnologySELA helps companiesadopt new technology Solutions Diamond Program Factsquickly. AdvantageWith 30 top technologymentors and over 350 Success Career Accelerationdevelopers/testers Diamond graduates have a realglobally, SELA has built SELA Diamond program has technological edge & are as productive successfully created over 3,000a strong reputation for graduates. as developers who already have manydeveloping high quality years of work experience. This allows Out of these, over 2,000 have been Diamond graduates to compete withsoftware, delivering promoted into senior positions around experience d developers and growon-time, transferring the world. much faster in an organization.their technical This will accelerate your career!knowledge rapidly &providing development Trainingservice at a very Coursewarecompetitive price. SELA Trainers are experts with many Proven Effective years of experience in coding, design and software architecture. The training course material and case studies are designed in view of real-world These expert trainers bring real life issuesAs a true cross-platform commercial scenarios and are always up- faced during development as opposed to to-date with changes in technology. text book cases, giving our graduates atechnology innovator, SELA mature understanding of how to solvehas been honored by Designed in view of the software skills that tough technical problems. the industry needs, hence the graduatesMicrosoft many times, are always ‘best fit’ employees for localincluding being awarded software companies.with 7 MVPs, as a 2011Partner of the YearFinalist, and earning 4Microsoft Partner GOLD Diamond Application Prerequisitescompetencies.SELA Experts are soughtafter for their ability tobalance the push fortechnical change with apragmatic team approachto software development.Additionally, each expertactively educates newdevelopers through SELACollege and is responsiblefor real-worlddevelopment projectswith clients. Thiscombination makes themexceptional technologists. Program Start: May 29, 2012 Training Location: Kirkland WA Office Location: Bellevue WA Job Locations: Greater Seattle Area Email to apply: DiamondDeveloper@Sela.co.il www.Diamond-Program.com 1-888-774-9471