Social Media Marketing Short


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A brief over view of some of the social media tools and why we should be thinking about ways to use them

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Social Media Marketing Short

  1. 1. Presented by David Vane
  2. 2. What do you want to achieve –Use Social Media Marketing for  Networking – Facebook, Myspace, Linked in, Ning  Link building – Digg,, Reddit, Propellor  Video sharing – Google, Yahoo, Ning,  And don’t forget Blogs, SEO, ppc etc
  3. 3. Some do’s and don’ts Use your own content It is not sales pitch Talk to friends and use your photo You are the brand Build gradually Plan your information [worksheet]
  4. 4. Content Planner Aim:  Networking or Bookmarking Keywords  Which sites? Keyphrases  ID and passwords Target audience Brand Short description  Traditional –  PR? Contact details  Press release?  Web site?  Other???
  5. 5.
  6. 6. Networking sites Twitter-search for people in your niche Ning- find groups to join according to your interests and contribute My space- more for young people? Facebook-find business section and put up a page for both Linked in- focuses on content not you -bookmarks to increase traffic. Stumbleupon - thumbs up or down social link building Ecademy – one of the longest running networking sites Tip: use a separate login
  7. 7. • use to find people• follow them• join conversations and contribute• find Ning community sites and join them• contribute to forums• create your own if there isn’t one for your topic • find groups related to your niche and contribute • create your own group • invite friends to connect with you • comment on ‘walls’, give testimonials , • find groups related to your own niche and contribute • create your own group • add friends and comment on groups
  8. 8. Link building sites Bookmarking • add URLs or web content that would like to save • tag them so others can find them • speeds up searching if you get the right groupSocial Voting • submit links to stories • users vote the submissions up or downContent publishing • blogs •add your articles • link to your web site with an article or author bio don’t forget wikis ... .... Youtube ...
  9. 9. Other ideas
  10. 10. Other Twitter ideas
  11. 11. Lots of help online...
  12. 12. Summary Plan your campaign –  what are you going to say?  who is your audience?  what is your brand?  network or link building?  choose who to follow and who follows you  make it interesting  ask questions to engage your followers  grow it gradually  allow plenty of time!!!
  13. 13. What next? Attend a webinar (online )  Join others and learn from their experiences Attend a half day workshop  To look at some of the components that we have looked at in this introductory workshop Attend a whole day course  To develop your initial ideas and put together a SMM strategy using tools to suit your business needs Get going !
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