Nethope testing proposal


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For a meeting in Seattle in Oct 2012

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  • This was one of my earlier columns for Infoworld, when I began doing some on site testing for them in the mid-1990s. Good times.
  • So what are some of your issues?- We have staff that is busy supporting the daily business operations and have no time for setting up or conducting tests, - We lack the funds or the time for a rich-enough computing environment to set up the test beds,
  • - We have limited sway and influence with vendors to obtain the appropriate products- We lack the ability to simulate their own real-world conditions, particularly with low-bandwidth and high-latency networks without impacting our production networks.
  • Also, none of the vendors is really focusing on things such as the lack of connectivity in key areas of the world, such as this graphic shows.
  • objectives for this project. 1. Have a way for major NGOs and other international non-profits to test complex IT products that they don't have resources to do themselves.2. Simulate high-latency WANs and third-world networking and other conditions in a way that can accurately predict how apps will behave under these circumstances.3. Leverage the mutual interests of these organizations and share test results effectively.4. Get the attention of vendors in this market and become more influential in shaping product features and overall direction.5. Leverage the infrastructure being set up for The Humanitarian Cloud.
  • One option would be to leverage The Humanitarian Cloud which could be used as a model for the testing operation, or perhaps contain a virtualized collection of apps for the actual test bed itself. This effort could leverage a pre-set cloud-based testing environment at THC, for example, that all members could access and share their test results. We could also augment the THC infrastructure with test products that aren't part of the production cloud environment as a demonstration or staging area.
  • Fun pix that we could use elsewhere in the deck
  • Nethope testing proposal

    1. 1. Nethope testing discussion David Strom Twitter: @dstrom
    2. 2. Who am I? 2
    3. 3. Infoworld, c1994!
    4. 4. Objectives• Testing resource• Simulate third world networks• Leverage your mutual interests• Get the vendors attention• Humanitarian Cloud
    5. 5. Thanks for your ideas!• Copies of this presentation:• My blog:• Follow me on Twitter: @dstrom• Old school: 11