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How to use LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to extend your reach

  1. Working the Internet BDPA October 19, 2009 David Strom [email_address] (310) 857-6867 St. Louis, MO
  2. You too can create content!
  4. But who really is “the real Shaq”
  6. Twitter for business
  13. Social brand index
  19. How not to use social media!
  20. Or the “Motrin Moms”
  21. Yammer
  25. My header
  26. Public profile
  27. Recommendations
  35. Should you pay for it?
  38. My profile:
  41. A better way to use Facebook
  44. Facebook makes it hard sometimes
  45. Facebook “marriage”
  46. What about videos?

Editor's Notes

  1. You don’t the time to mess around with thousands of daily emails in a market that is this tight.I am going to show you ways to save time so that you can focus on your clients and get down to business. If you follow some of my suggestions here, you will free up some of your time each day that you can spend doing real things to benefit your clients. v3
  2. Do you really want to write about something regularly? Are you really passionate and really knowledgeable about the topic, follow the latest news and developments? Do you write well and don’t need spelling, grammar, editing help? Do you have a thick skin dealing with negative comments? post comments, share video, repurpose your existing content or post worthwhile links
  3. Brian surgery at the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit LA Fire department notifications for homeowners at risk Fix a problem with being overcharged on your Wells Fargo bank statement One couple gave birth and Tweeted all the way up to the baby naming  Another hooked up a Twitter-activated feed every time the baby kicked in utero Modovan student demonstrations were organized by Tweets Breaking up relationships and yet another place to leave electronic fingerprints for philanderers Demi Moore stopped an attempted suicide because of what she heard over Twitter Keep up with what your Senators are doing on the floor of Congress when they should be listening to the speakers The up to date progress on the Mumbai bombings and terrorist attacks Inuit finds customers of its competitors via Twitter and then sends them offers to try their services SF massaeurs notify their clients of open slots in their schedules  Dell found out about a keyboard problem from Tweets on one of their Netbooks and fixed it as a result Finding an open gas station during the holidays
  4. Turns out to be a marketing expert by the name of Amy Martin with tons of followers who stages Twitter events!
  5. companies w/ own Twitter page. This is another notification system, better than email because it can reach people’s cell phones via text messages, so it is even more immediate than IM. started by a single person within the company who now has the job responsibility to check the feed and resolve any customer complaints You can resolve ticketing issues with Southwest, banking fees with Bof A, or even keep track of the latest community alerts from the LA Fire Department!
  6. Didn’t make their target though But they do broadcast Twares (Twitter-only fares)
  7. Burger king ad campaign -- drop 10 FBk friends, get a free burger Handed out 20,000 coupons
  8. And there is even someone tweeting entire recipes in 140 characters!
  9. is a great place to get more info about businesses that are using Twitter. There are also links to other indexes online.
  10. Another place to find executives on twitter
  11. has lists of 100s of apps
  12. Here is one company that really gets Twitter and has collected all of its resources together at
  13. Buzzable can be used to create groups of Twitter users which is helpful if you want to notify a lot of your customers or partners
  15. http://www. davidhenderson .com/2009/01/21/key-online-influencer/ James Andrews from Ketchum PR flies to Memphis to consult with Fedex on social media
  16. Motrin is owned by Johnson and Johnson, the firestorm was started by    Jessica Gottlieb  i. The dialogue (and overwhelming outrage) is growing exponentially. Already there are thousands of comments on  # motrinmoms  and almost all are negative with many saying they will no longer use the brand name product.
  17. provides a private discussion forum space for $1 per staff member per month, and a great way to get started with bringing together forums Another site is, which currently is free and you can install it behind your own firewall too There are more than a dozen such apps -- Yammer case studies  -- Fitton's comparison of others --  Enterprise Micro Sharing Tools Comparison 11032008
  18. Can post to multiple social networks at once, from phone or IM or email or Web browsers
  19. Let’s look at LinkedIn’s collaboration tools Answers : for asking and answering specific questions among your network Groups : for discussions among your peers and like-minded people you know
  20. This is because LinkedIn doesn’t display emails, so if you want to be found, put it in
  21. Note the public URL, make it some form of your name Check all the boxes that you want people to find you at
  22. Make and ask for them from your past clients
  23. Link Facebook to your Wordpress blog posts, so they automatically appear
  24. This is a big fear -- on Facebook you have the option to indicate all sorts of personal things, including your sexuality, your politics, and religion. Some of the answers are pretty whisical, as Buddy Brown is the name of this fellow’s dog. And I am not sure what the Republican Party of the Virgin Islands has to do with anything.