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How to manage your brand with LinkedIn and other social media

  1. 1 Using social networks to build your brand and media empire AITP St. Louis David Strom Twitter: @dstrom
  2. 2 In the beginning ….
  3. 3
  4. 4
  5. 5
  6. 6
  7. Follow these simple steps: • Scrub session on Facebook, Web • Start with LinkedIn and mix in others • Develop regular habits to grow your networks • Add a blog, podcast or email newsletter 7
  8. Scrub session 8
  9. 9
  10. 10
  11. 11 Don’ts • Don’t send out mass invites to more than 30 people at once • Don’t put non-professional items in your status updates • Don’t obsess about the number of connections and build slowly over time • Don’t just get started on the site two weeks before you are changing jobs • Don’t worry too much about using InMail
  12. 12 Do you want your connections visible? • Visit this setting first!
  13. What is the difference? 13
  14. 14
  15. Privacy settings 15
  16. 16
  17. 17 Ways to show your name • Nancy Shoup, MBA • Nancy Shoup, ace project manager • Nancy Shoup, project manager maven • Nancy Shoup, project manager professional
  18. Regular habits 1. Always Be Connecting 18
  19. 19 Criteria for adding people
  20. 2. Ask for recommendations 20
  21. 21 Recommendations • But I don’t know anyone! • Part time jobs • Family friends, neighbors, others who know you well
  22. 22
  23. Endorsements 23
  24. 3. Join and post on groups 24
  25. 25
  26. 26 4. Make all of these regular habits • For new job postings on your groups • For new connections with your network • To tweak your profile and update your job history • To update your status with noteworthy activities, meetings, content or plans
  27. 27 Other social networks
  28. 28
  29. 29
  30. 30
  31. 31
  32. Post content regularly! 32
  33. 33 Here are just a few local groups
  34. Slideshare: the best way to post content 34
  35. 35
  36. Medium 36
  37. Think about other content sites 37
  38. 38
  39. 39
  40. 40
  41. Tying it all together 41
  42. 42
  43. My profile ‘headline’ 43
  44. 44
  45. Should you pay for LinkedIn? No. • Job Seeker: $30/mo (not very functional) • Business Plus: $48/mo (unlimited searches) • Sales Navigator: $65/mo • Recruiter Lite: $200/mo 45
  46. 46 Good luck with your networking! David Strom (314) 277-7832 Twiiter: @dstrom Slides available:

Editor's Notes

  1. Oct 2016 talk at UMSL
  2. Mark Twain was supposed to have said Never pick a fight with someone who buys their ink by the barrel , but he didn’t. A more modern interpretation: Never pick a fight with someone who has more than 500k Twitter followers or who buys their bandwidth by the terabyte.
  3. This is Don Imus, who has been on the radio for decades on dozens of radio stations around the country.
  4. Then we have this guy, who is one of the most popular contributors on Fox News. He just follows 47 people (most of whom are Fox on air personalities), but has more than a million followers and 10,000 Tweets
  5. And this is Anthony Weiner, notorious sexter. He lost his job and his marriage, and built his brand using Twitter perhaps wrong headedly.
  6. In LinkedIn’s Profile/edit then scroll down to “Additional Info” and then add your contact info here. As they warn you, anything you put here can be seen by anyone, even those that aren’t connected to you directly. But that is the point.
  7. Facebook privacy shortcuts. There are plenty more settings!
  8. On each network, come up with a consistent mechanism for how you are going to add people to your friends or connections. You might have some of these criteria: Have you met this person ever in person or talked to them on the phone? Do you remember what they look like? Have you corresponded with them via email?
  9. Make and ask for them from your past clients. Revisit this regularly, because you are always meeting new people, and you should add them to your networks.
  10. LinkedIn has beefed up its Groups features, so it definitely is worth spending time reviewing what you get here. Like other social networks, you can create, join, and post to different affinity groups. First, there are a lot more private groups than before – 2 million of them, they have updated their user interface, they are more policed to prevent spammers ,and even with the open groups aren’t indexed anymore by search engines, making it more compelling to spend time there. Group members will be vetted by the moderators, again keeping the riff-raff out, but that also means you should update your profile to clearly show your interests to make it easier to be vetted as well.
  11. Here is an example of the member details page showing you how you can manage your groups’ members. You can see my group here is unlisted and closed
  12. “Reserve” your name for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, email lists, and other places around the Internet
  13. Connect Twitter updates to your LinkedIn status or posts, there is a setting here in LinkedIn that you can add Twitter accounts and display them in your LinkedIn profile, which is a good thing to do.
  14. You can come at this another way. Here is how you can share your blog posts on Wordpress on your social media accounts, you will have to go to Settings, then Sharing and fill in the details here on the screen on the left. Then when you get ready to post your entry, you can check or check the boxes on the screen on the right and add a custom message to your other social networks when the blog post is online. This looks more complicated than it actually is. If you don’t want to share the posts, you can uncheck the boxes on the right too.
  15. Always a good idea to review the list of third party apps that you have allowed to access your LinkedIn and other social media accounts every couple of months and make sure that you know what all these connected apps are. I was able to go from 40-something apps to 25 with a bit of careful deleting. This is the screen from LinkedIn, the ones for your Google and Facebook and Twitter accounts are similar.
  16. Here is the connected app screen on Facebook for example. You can see below each app icon what it shares with each app, as you might want to have only friends or just for your own use.
  17. This is under the profile menu, and you can look at how much traffic has viewed your content
  18. Slideshare analytics screen
  19. KnowEm results screens, where you can see the effect of your domain name on these other sites, such as blogging or non dot com availability.
  20. So here are screen shots of my Wordpress blog and my email newsletter, two of the best ways that I promote my own content online. I cross-post between them
  21. This is what my current profile headline looks like. Some people put their email address underneath their name, because LinkedIn doesn’t display it directly until you are connected.