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How Big Data Can Help Your Business

  1. How Big Data Can Help Your Business David Strom NPMA Pestech Jan 2016 Slides available for download here:
  2. Our speaker David Strom Editor and speaker
  3. Agenda • What is Big Data and why you should care • Vendor landscape • Making maps and data dashboards • Real world examples from exemplary retailers • Some practical takeaways and next steps
  4. What is Big Data?
  5. Do you have to be a big business to use big data?
  6. Value of Big Data in retail is HUGE!
  7. 3 ways Big Data can help your business • Make it more predictable • Replicate your initial successes or trials • Enhance customer engagement
  8. What kinds of tools do I need to have? • First, you need to know where your data lives • Then how to store it properly • Use cloud infrastructure to store it • Finally, make use of various analytic tools to process and visualize it (also cloud-based)
  9. It is a Big new world!
  10. What if I already use a “regular” database?
  11. You already have the RIGHT data Now use it to your advantage!
  12. Unlock the value of your customer database
  13. Use third party and public data and develop personnae
  14. Build predictive models for identifying high-potential prospects
  15. Survey your current customers for insights
  16. Are you asking the right questions?
  17. Let’s talk about maps and dashboards
  18. The days pre-Big Data looked like this:
  19. Isn’t this more meaningful?
  20. Why maps work
  21. Not all visualizations are helpful…
  22. UPS’ ORION routing software
  23. Build data dashboards
  24. But how do I find good developers?
  25. Mr Spock, first ‘big data’ officer “When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”
  26. Four skills for finding your own Spock • Strategic data planning. Understand how data is the new raw material for any modern business. • Analytical skills. Act like a reporter! They have always been smart about asking the right questions and digging through the data. • Technology skills. Embrace the technology and make it a key part of your job. • Communication skills. Tell others using social media management tools.
  27. Social media success tactics • Be yourself • Be helpful • Post regular updates but don’t get crazy • Listen to your customers constantly
  28. Counter-examples
  29. Or poor phone etiquette
  30. Practical suggestions • Start with little data first • Find your inner map • Become a data hoarder • Find other retailers and copy their examples • Attend a local hackathon or meetup to learn more
  31. Don’t forget about email!
  32. Try this simple 5 step plan • Don’t be shy about asking customers what they think • Define what you are trying to measure • Take the time to analyze customer feedback regularly • Make it easy for your customers to provide feedback • Take action!
  33. In summary, monitor things like: • Truck routes, fuel consumption • Chemical consumption • Your most influential customers • Your most problematic customers • Delivery services with the highest profits • What other retailers are doing
  34. Stay in touch • Copies of this presentation: • My blog: • Follow me on Twitter: @dstrom • Old school: 63