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Big Data examples

This is a talk that I gave at, a big data conference in St. Louis in August 2012

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Big Data examples

  1. 1. How Big Data Can Help Your Business:Case Studies from ReadWriteWeb David Strom StampedeCon August 1, 2012 Download this here:
  2. 2. My publicationsEditorial management positions:
  3. 3. Some oddball stuff• Planes, trains and automobiles• Fun with maps• Big and little ovens• Lessons learned from P&G• Noteworthy scientists• And of course sex!
  4. 4.
  5. 5. The reason behind
  6. 6. Three skills for big data CEOs• Strategic data planning. Data is the new raw material for any business.• Analytical skills. CEOs should be incredibly smart about asking the right questions.• Technology skills. Embrace the technology and make it a key part of your CEO skill set.
  7. 7. More from Jeff Jonas vs.
  8. 8. Mason’s 5-step Big Data process• Obtain• Scrub• Explore• Model• Interpret
  9. 9. Questions? David Strom 314 277 7832 @dstrom (Twitter)