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Hr summit v3 linkedin


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Hr summit v3 linkedin

  1. 1. People and Organisations for the Future David Stephenson
  2. 2. Our World is changing. . .
  3. 3. 3
  4. 4. Old World New World Planned  Emergent or viral Top down  Bottom up Existing  Future Competence  Soul, character, passion & energy Incremental  Transformational Hierarchy  Social network Sector fit  Diversity Career ladder  Career lattice
  5. 5. “We won’t change fast enough with our current people, attitudes, mindsets, behaviours, skillsets and knowledge...” “Technology is changing faster than our behaviours are.” . . . we know we need to change. “We don’t have very long to reinvent ourselves if we are to survive or thrive.”
  6. 6. • Right people...• Right leaders…• Right environment...
  7. 7. What “Habits” do we want to build? 75% Hard to change Intellect Values PotentialAccuracy PredictingFuture Performance Motivations Behaviours Capability 25% Experience Easy to change
  8. 8. The differentiating change competence for competitive companies is…• Harnessing an organisation of people who thrive on the challenges of ambiguity, complexity and uncertainty, and who can successfully and rapidly implement strategic and operational changes (INSEAD study)
  9. 9. More clients New markets Sector growth FLEXIBILITY Revenue growth Profit Attrition costsSENSE OF UtilisationURGENCY Expansion
  10. 10. 10 crazy ideas for a crazy new world?1. Net promoter score for line managers2. Clout index internally3. Real time online internal 360 index (& cheers/boos)4. Upward job interviewing5. In place promotion6. Social network map replaces org chart7. Strengths based recruitment, development & evaluation8. Tailored rewards and development for mission critical roles9. Fixed term contracts for digital disruptors10.Passion based development
  11. 11. The life of a new manager INPUT OUTPUT Enthusiastic  Isolated maverick High expectations  Revert to type External  Leave for a better life knowledge and experience CAPABILITIES STRUCTURE PROCEDURES INFORMATION PERFORMANCE Ops know best Chain of command Slow Hard to access MANAGEMENT Low commercial Escalate decisions Complex Out of date Mediocrity acumen Time consuming Time consuming Limited consequence Paperwork Game the system Unlearn Disempowered Frustrated Not in control Low expectations
  12. 12. Fuel innovation Strong Organisation .25 capitalIncremental Improvement Radical Innovation Strong Strong Social .84 capital .54 Strong Human .30 Negative capital - .27 (Source: Subramanium and Youndt) Strong human capital on its own actually hinders radical innovation, but mixed with strong social capital it can strongly enable radical innovation
  13. 13. PUSH PULL
  14. 14. Thank you Any questions? The Big OD