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End of the Resume, Rise of the Super User


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Whether you're looking to get hired, or you're looking for A+ talent, you want to be seen as or want to be looking for super users.

The 8 ½ x 11 paper resume has no more future in the age of social media. Be seen as a super user by attaching yourself to a brand and/or industry. Create, share, and build relationships with industry members and other super users. Super users are highly visible. Look for them. They're an excellent source for marketing, staffing, business development, and more.

This 14 minute live presentation given at the Dice event at The Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA explains the super user model and gives examples of how companies have found, built relationships with, and hired super users.

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End of the Resume, Rise of the Super User

  1. The end of the resume<br />The rise of the super user<br />By David Spark, Spark Media Solutions<br /><br />Blog:<br /> <br />Twitter: @dspark<br />
  2. Passion<br />
  3. Channels<br />
  4. Passion<br />
  5. For ourselves<br />
  6. For our businesses<br />
  7. Create and follow<br />Channels of passion<br />
  8. Create<br />Individual channels<br />
  9. Follow<br />Business channels<br />
  10. Biggest fans can first be<br />Complainers<br />
  11. Social media<br />Passion distribution<br />network<br />
  12. Experience<br />Stories<br />
  13. Sarah Evans loves<br />PitchEngine<br />
  14. Candace Lindemann loves<br />LeapFrog<br />
  15. Want great employees?<br />Make them fight for it<br />
  16. Boxee needs<br />Booth reps<br />
  17. BzzScapes needs<br />Community managers<br />
  18. exuve needs<br />Talented designers<br />
  19. These jobs were<br />Never “listed”<br />
  20. How do you become<br />A super user?<br />
  21. Ruth Perryman is a<br />QuickBooks expert<br />
  22. Super users are<br />Visible<br />
  23. Look for<br />Super users<br />
  24. Your creative department<br />Vs. super users<br />
  25. Create channels<br />To cultivate and support<br />
  26. Photo thanks<br />Flickr users<br />Jfravel<br /> (aka Brent)<br />Usaq.yongsan<br />Luiz Felipe Machado<br />Kbaird<br />Prizepony<br />gerlos<br />
  27. Thanks<br />David Spark, Spark Media Solutions<br /><br />Blog:<br /> <br />Twitter: @dspark<br />