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Publish or Perish: from Franklin to Ebook


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The power of the press was revolutionary 300 years ago with Ben Franklin and other early American printers, and the nature of the press is revolutionary today with the advent of ebooks and independent publishing.

Ereaders, smart phones and tablets can download ebooks in seconds for free, for 99 or more than $9.99 from online bookstores, libraries or mobile apps. Readers can find titles from any genre by most authors in any length from pamphlet to story to magazine to novella to novel to journal to enhanced ebook. And, most any writer can publish an ebook in days across major markets for the cost of a $100-dollar Franklin note.

Presented at Minnebar 7, April 7, 2012.

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Publish or Perish: from Franklin to Ebook

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  5. 5. Book Sales Are UP!117% 27% 76% Some Print in Decline-23% 
  6. 6. eBooks made up 31 % of adult books and 17.5% of children’s books
  7. 7. How Many Books are Published? 2010 316,480 2,776,260
  8. 8. Self-Publishing
  9. 9. “Write without pay untilsomebody offers pay;if nobody offers within threeyears, sawing wood is whatyou were intended for.” — Mark Twain @BPPress
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  11. 11. Kindle Top 100 — 2011 18$1.40$8.26
  12. 12. E-Books Outsell Print Books at AmazonIn a Blow to Independent Bookstores, Googleto Discontinue Reseller Program