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Content Publishing with EPUB


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EPUB is a pivotal standard for publishing digital content and aligned with the future of web, mobile, and printed content. This presentation on "Content Publishing with EPUB" was given by David Skarjune on April 15, 2013 at MinneWebcon—Two days of grassroots knowledge-sharing for people who create, work with, and love the web. Skarjune addressed the following questions:

• What is Content Publishing?
• What is the state of Publishing?
• What are the challenges of Publishing?
• How is EPUB a solution?
• How does EPUB work?

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Content Publishing with EPUB

  1. 1. ContentPublishingwithEPUBDavid Skarjune
  2. 2. Content Publishing with EPUBEPUB is a pivotal standard for publishingdigital content and aligned with the future ofweb, mobile, and printed content.► What is Content Publishing?► What is the state of Publishing?► What are the challenges of Publishing?► How is EPUB a solution?► How does EPUB work?CONTENT PUBLISHING WITH EPUB David Skarjune
  3. 3. What is the Future of Publishing ?CONTENT PUBLISHING WITH EPUB David Skarjune
  4. 4. What is Content Publishing ? Development Strategy Management MarketingCONTENT PUBLISHING WITH EPUB David Skarjune
  5. 5. What is Content ?Content is anything you produce that your audiencecan consume with its senses. — Evyenia WilkinsCompelling information that informs, engages or amuses. — Joe PulizziContent is Information put to use. — Bob Boiko Content is information or experience captured in a format for transmission to an audience.CONTENT PUBLISHING WITH EPUB David Skarjune
  6. 6. The State of Content PublishingBooks are selling!23% of publishing revenue in 2012was ebooks up from 17% in 20116.2% overall gain in 2012compared to 2011—Association of American Publishers (AAP)How many books are published?More than 1 million annually…CONTENT PUBLISHING WITH EPUB David Skarjune
  7. 7. The State of Content PublishingReader Experience is changing!44% of ebook readers prefer a tablet42% prefer a dedicated e-reader—Book Industry Study Group (BISG)Book buyers overall are beginningto prefer ebooks over print.CONTENT PUBLISHING WITH EPUB David Skarjune
  8. 8. The Future of Content is MobileUbiquitous Computing2.4 billion mobile devices will be sold in 2012— Gartner The majority of Internet access is on mobile devices, with users enabled to access all kinds of digital content almost anywhere, almost anytimeCONTENT PUBLISHING WITH EPUB David Skarjune
  9. 9. Enhanced EbooksA book is no longer just a book.Alice was beginning to get very tiredof sitting by her sister on the bank,and of having nothing to do: onceor twice she had peeped into thebook her sister was reading, but ithad no pictures or conversations in it,‘and what is the use of a book,’thought Alice ‘without pictures orconversation?’Lewis Carrol, Alices Adventures in Wonderland, Downthe Rabbit-Hole, 1865.CONTENT PUBLISHING WITH EPUB David Skarjune
  10. 10. Challenges of Content PublishingMultiChannel Conversion  Websites  Print to Digital  Social Media  Digital to Print  Web Apps  Ebook Formats  Native Device Apps  Flow Versus Fixed  Ebooks  Quality Control  Enhanced Ebooks  Workflow  Print  Print on DemandCONTENT PUBLISHING WITH EPUB David Skarjune
  11. 11. Ebook Format FlavorsAmazon Kindle  AZW based on older MOBI  Kindle Format 8 (KF8) with HTML5 & CSS3  KindleGen  Kindle Comic CreatorApple iBook  Extension of EPUB for multi-touch books  iBooks Author uses the iBAAdobe Digital Publishing Suite  Native apps for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod TouchCONTENT PUBLISHING WITH EPUB David Skarjune
  12. 12. Too Many Digital Content Flavors?Can a publisher cover every channel?  Online Zines use Adobe Flash  Dedicated Ebook App Ecosystems  Adobe DPS forks layout: • Portrait • LandscapeCan a publisher track every market?  Digital Rights Management (DRM)CONTENT PUBLISHING WITH EPUB David Skarjune
  13. 13. Is there an Open Web pathto the future of publishing?CONTENT PUBLISHING WITH EPUB David Skarjune
  14. 14. What is EPUB?Website in a Box1999 — Open eBook (OEB)  XHTML Subset  CSS  Dublin Core  ZIP file2007 — EPUB 2  Open Publication Structure — XHTML & CSS  Open Packaging Format — XML schema  Open Container Format — ZIP & MIME typeCONTENT PUBLISHING WITH EPUB David Skarjune
  15. 15. International Digital Publishing ForumEPUB is maintained by IDPF  376 organizational members  Adobe  Apple  Microsoft  Publishers  Tech  Vendors  Universities  NonprofitsCONTENT PUBLISHING WITH EPUB David Skarjune
  16. 16. EPUB 2EPUB 2 is the de facto standard for ebooks.  Most ereaders can view EPUB & PDF • Barnes & Noble Nook • Sony Reader • Kobo eReader • Apple iBooks app  Publisher Workflow PDF EPUB KindleCONTENT PUBLISHING WITH EPUB David Skarjune
  17. 17. EPUB 2 Pros & ConsPROS CONS Works on all kinds of devices and  Does not handle complex layouts screen sizes from smart phones to with images nor fixed layouts tablets to PC software  Does not support multiple columns Easy to produce using standard of text XHTML and CSS or converting from  Limited choices for native editing Word documents  Ereaders do not support all features Can include DRM encryption or be DRM-free Supports flexible reader settings and accessibility softwareCONTENT PUBLISHING WITH EPUB David Skarjune
  18. 18. EPUB 2 PackageZIP file  MIME type XML Container  Metadata  Navigation Content  Text  Images  Styles  FontsCONTENT PUBLISHING WITH EPUB David Skarjune
  19. 19. mimetype / META-INF / container.xml content.opf toc.ncxEPUB 2 LiberationMono.otf / Fonts / LiberationSerif.otf cover.jpg / Images / author.jpg / OEBPS / Publisher-logo.jpg / Styles / template.css cover.xhtml title.xhtml copyright.xhtml preface.xhtml / Text / toc.xhtml chapter-1.xhtml chapter-2.xhtml Index.xhtml
  20. 20. EPUB 2 Package Filesmimetype application/epub+zipcontainer.xml <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <container version="1.0" xmlns="urn:oasis:names:tc:opendocument:xmlns:container"> <rootfiles> <rootfile full-path="OEBPS/content.opf" media-type="application/oebps-package+xml"/> </rootfiles> </container>CONTENT PUBLISHING WITH EPUB David Skarjune
  21. 21. EPUB 2 Package Filescontent.opfRequired XML file for Open Packaging Format (OPF)Referenced by container.xmlSections<metadata> Content information — Dublin Core<manifest> File list — toc.ncx, text, css, images, fonts, etc.<spine toc=“ncx”> toc attribute identifies TOC id. File sequence — default reading order<guide> Text file references — semantic role of content: cover, title‐page, copyright, toc, text, indexCONTENT PUBLISHING WITH EPUB David Skarjune
  23. 23. EPUB 2 package filestoc.ncxOptional XML file for Table of ContentsSpecified by DAISY Consortium  Navigation Control Center for DTBOOK talking book  Implemented by ereaders for navigationSections<head> Metadata for book contents<docTitle> Document Title<navMap> navPoint playOrder, navLabel text, content srcCONTENT PUBLISHING WITH EPUB David Skarjune
  25. 25. EPUB 3EPUB version 3 released late 2011 Laden with features the printed page could never offer— such as embedded multimedia and scripted interactivity— EPUB 3 will forever change what a book can be…. EPUB 3 is set to become the new global standard for ebooks as it also becomes the new accessible standard for ebooks. —Matt Garish, EPUB 3 Standard editorCONTENT PUBLISHING WITH EPUB David Skarjune
  26. 26. EPUB 3 Navigation ChangeNavigation  NCX XML table of contents document deprecated • Backwards compatible for EPUB 2 devices  XHTML Navigation document added • HTML 5 Nav element for semantic markup  Navigation now semantic & visual • EPUB 2 books often had XHTML TOC chapter • Device can still offer a semantic TOC overlay • CSS can render visual TOC in various ways • Fits with HTML5 structural elementsCONTENT PUBLISHING WITH EPUB David Skarjune
  27. 27. EPUB 3 ContentXHTML5  Strict version of HTML5 validated by an XML schema  CSS3 new layout features like multiple columns, color and shadow effects, media queries, better fonts, canvas  Will accommodate new HTML5 features as adopted by W3C and supported by device vendorsSVG  Scalable Vector Graphics  XML-based  Illustrations for comics & diagramsCONTENT PUBLISHING WITH EPUB David Skarjune
  28. 28. EPUB 3 HTML5 Caveats HTML5 will not be finalized until 2014 Stricter XHTML5 standard will exclude some features No document object model (DOM ) support Some subsetting for features not accommodated in book form All content resources have to be packaged in the EPUB, but… Exception for remote audio and video resourcesCONTENT PUBLISHING WITH EPUB David Skarjune
  29. 29. EPUB3 TechnologyXHTML5  Structural elements: header, footer, section, article, aside, etc.  Canvas element as supported by device  MathML for presentation of equations  Ruby Annotation support for phonetic pronunciation  JavaScript and Forms are optional and device-dependent  Addition of epub:type attribute for ebook semantic granularity e.g.: footnotes, annotations, glossary, etc.CONTENT PUBLISHING WITH EPUB David Skarjune
  30. 30. EPUB3 TechnologySVG 1.1  Supports Scalable Vector Graphics for content such as comics, manga, and technical diagrams.  Images can used at the Spine level as with XHTML  Does not support animation and eventsCSS 2.1 and 3  Media queries with @media and @import  @font-face for TrueType and WOFF fonts  Multicolumn layout styling, may require prefixing  Writing modes for synthetic speech renderingCONTENT PUBLISHING WITH EPUB David Skarjune
  31. 31. EPUB3 TechnologyJavaScript  General ECMAScript-based automation and interaction  Device supports epubReadingSystem object property • Queries specific scripting support • Detects features: keyboard, mouse, touch, layout, etc. • Used by Apple iBooks  For simple interaction, not complex data applications  Progressive enhancement with fallback content advisedCONTENT PUBLISHING WITH EPUB David Skarjune
  32. 32. EPUB3 TechnologySSML/PLS/CSS 3 Speech  Improved text-to-speech renderingSMIL 3  Synchronized text and audio playbackRDF vocabularies  Embedded semantic information about publicationXML  Namespace declarations for specialized grammarsZIP  EPUB is web content Zipped into a box!CONTENT PUBLISHING WITH EPUB David Skarjune
  33. 33. EPUB3 & AccessibilityEPUB 3 succeeds DAISY standard for accessible books. An ebook format that embraces that there is no single universal way to access information. Any reader may switch between reading modalities at any time. Sighted readers, for example, will switch and listen to books to read in many situations not amenable to visual reading… Nonvisual readers may switch between tactile and audio for many of the same reasons.… It’s time to toss aside the ability/disability labels and embrace choice and difference. Accessibility is critical for some and universally beneficial to all. —Matt Garrish and Markus Gylling , EPUB 3 Best PracticesCONTENT PUBLISHING WITH EPUB David Skarjune
  34. 34. EPUB3 Audio & VideoH.264 H.265?Any VP8 content such as WebMBackwards compatible to MP3 & MP4CONTENT PUBLISHING WITH EPUB David Skarjune
  35. 35. Content Publishing WorkflowCOPE — Create Once, Publish EverywhereCAPE — Create Anywhere, Publish EverywhereDigital First !ToolChain  Customize your process  Combine a set of tools  Get the job doneCONTENT PUBLISHING WITH EPUB David Skarjune
  36. 36. Resources @skarjune What is EPUB 3? By Matt Garrish OReilly Media, 2011, Free Ebook pamphlet. oreilly.comCONTENT PUBLISHING WITH EPUB David Skarjune