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Discount services for Business with Fleet vehicles.

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Af Fleetcustomer Presentation

  1. 1. “Managing and Securing your Fleet Business”<br />David Kessler <br /> Sales Representative / Idaho<br />(208) 350 0334<br />
  2. 2. Managing and Securing your Fleet Business<br />Who is Access Fleet?<br /><ul><li> Access Fleet was established in 2007 and provides complete electronic transaction and marketing solutions for auto care and fleet businesses across the United States.
  3. 3. 20 years of combined experience in the fleet industry.
  4. 4. Access Fleet offers a comprehensive program to acquire, service and retain business for our Authorized Dealers.
  5. 5. Through our relationship with Fleet One, the Access Fleet card is now accepted at over 45,000 locations across the United States.
  6. 6. Access Fleet is a processor of Voyager, Wright Express, Fuel Man and Fleet One cards</li></ul>Who is our focus customer?<br /><ul><li> Our focus is organizations who have more than one vehicle on the road for business use, and the service providers who care for those vehicles.</li></ul>Mission StatementOur mission at Access Fleet is to maximize both top and bottom line revenue for our customers via effective marketing programs and multimedia resources. In conjunction, Access Fleet will provide cost effective fleet management tools designed to maximize business success and longevity for our valued fleet customers.<br />
  7. 7. Managing and Securing your Fleet Business<br />What is a fleet card?<br />A fleet card is used as a payment card most commonly for gasoline, diesel, other fuels, vehicle maintenance/repair and expenses.<br />Why a fleet card vs. a credit card?<br /><ul><li>Individual purchasing restrictions can be set at the at the discretion of the fleet owner or manager.
  8. 8. Prevents fraudulent transactions from occurring at a fleet owner or manager’s expense.
  9. 9. Easy to track and report expenses per user and vehicle on demand
  10. 10. No need to track receipts / Federal and State Tax aid
  11. 11. Useless if lost or stolen without PIN and current odometer reading
  12. 12. And more…</li></li></ul><li>Managing and Securing your Fleet Business<br />Access Fleet offers our business customers the most cost effective fleet service, repair and fuel management tool available today. <br />Offering unlimited Issuance to fleet customers<br />No fleet minimum, $0 cost to fleet end users!<br />
  13. 13. Managing and Securing your Fleet Business<br />Customer Benefits<br /><ul><li>Unlimited cards issuance at $0 – NOT with Voyager or WEXP.</li></ul>Itemized reporting<br /><ul><li>Who made the purchase
  14. 14. Date, time, and location of purchase
  15. 15. Odometer reading at the point of purchase
  16. 16. Detailed summaries of fuel, item and service purchases
  17. 17. Grand total of purchases</li></ul>Purchasing restrictions<br /><ul><li>Restrict what items may be purchased
  18. 18. Control spending limits
  19. 19. Eliminate unauthorized transactions</li></ul>On-line real time account access<br /><ul><li>Retrieve up to the minute reporting
  20. 20. Edit drivers profiles
  21. 21. Activate and deactivate individual or all cards
  22. 22. Change individual pin numbers</li></ul>Extend company cash flow<br /><ul><li>Complimentary 30 day term with a ten day grace period for all purchasing, including fuel
  23. 23. Zero interest rate on billing terms</li></ul>Accepted at over 45,000 <br />locations nationwide!<br />
  24. 24.
  25. 25. Thank You!<br />“Managing and Securing your Fleet Business”<br />David Kessler <br />Sales Representative / Idaho<br />(208) 350-0334<br />