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Project W: Overview & Prototype


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Project W: Overview & Prototype

  1. 1. PROJECT
  2. 2. WHAT IS PROJECT W 1 Business Network that helps you manage your company’s relations with it’s environment: clients, suppliers and competition. 2 Social enterprise network that allows companies to recieve, evaluate and compare proposal as well as participate in offerings according to the other members needs. 3 A tool for all companies who need to evaluate a large numbers of proposals, from various suppliers regarding different services. 4 Efficient way to manage various proposals, to standarise and evaluate more accurately and create more concise and beautiful proposals for clientes.
  3. 3. BUSINESS ENVIROMENT Clients Suppliers Your Company Competitors Partners
  4. 4. BUSINESS FLOW Suppliers Partners Competitors Satisfy your Aggregate Satisfy someone needs Value elses needs Your Company Clients
  5. 5. HOW IT WORKS Tell others about Connect with Interact with your company your them environment
  6. 6. TELL OTHERS ABOUT YOUR COMPANY • Basic Info: industry, location, website, etc. • Showcase your products and services. • Case studies and best practices. • Everyday activities: your progress, your achievements
  7. 7. CONNECT WITH YOUR ENVIROMENT • Connect with the companies in your environment and flag them as your current clients, competitors, partners or suppliers and keep up to date with them. • Discover. Find new companies and flag them as potential clients, competitors, partners or suppliers. Get to know them and keep up to date (search by location and sector and connections). • Create groups among partners, trade unions, etc. Share relevant info easily no matter where you are. • Get to your potential clients with Product W ads.
  8. 8. INTERACT WITH THEM • Like other companies achievements and activities. • Create a need. Whether your need is a new supplier, or a sponsor just create a need and get proposals right away, organize them and choose the one that better suits you. • You think you have a solution: answer to other companies needs. Show your products or services and create new connections. • Create opportunities: you support startups ? you think you can get a deal if you have a partner? Create an opportunity and connect with the right people.
  9. 9. TOOLS Info Phone Events & Timeline Book Milestones Connect Lists/Flags Groups Interact Proposal Manager Templates
  10. 10. ANALYTICS & REPORTS •Advanced and detail reports of your proposal performance. •Industry benchmark analytics •Understand your performance in comparison to competitors. •Detail performance reports on your ads activity.
  11. 11. PROTOTYPE
  12. 12. WEB PAGE MAP Inicial Landing Home Sign Up Proposal Manager Contacts Presented Discover needs Received New need Clients Suppliers Competitors Resources Help About Us Press Jobs Terms Privacy Service
  13. 13. HOME
  14. 14. ABOUT US
  15. 15. ABOUT US
  16. 16. ACCOUNT SET UP
  20. 20. CREATE NEEDS