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The 3Cs of WordPress


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In this advanced development session we will review how to create structured data for your WordPress website by using Custom Post Types, Custom Taxonomies, and Custom Fields.

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The 3Cs of WordPress

  1. The 3Cs of WordPress A Custom Trifecta @davidscotttufts
  2. About Me• Born and raised in Brazil• Live in Grand Rapids, Michigan• 1 beautiful wife• 6 great kids (5 boys and 1 girl)• Co-founder at Rocketwood• Web Producer at RBC Ministries• Developing KickPress, a WordPress plugin
  3. The Sweet Smell of SuccessAfter 2 years with WordPress on• From 2.1 million to 5 million page views per month• From 0 to 140,000 subscribers to daily email• Over 50% increase in web donations• Over 110,000 mobile app sales• Over 140,000 Facebook fans• 40% less hardware• 30% savings Graph by Francesco Schwarz
  4. WordPress Powers16.7% of the Web
  5. WordPress Evolution 1. Blog 2. Multi-User 3. CMS 4. What’s next? Illustration by Rob Green
  6. State of the Word 2012Slide from Matt Mullenweg’s presentation
  7. What’s Next for WordPress• Web App Engine?• Enterprise Grade Systems?• Public Facing APIs with OAuth Integration?Structured Data
  8. The Building Blocks for Structured Data• Custom Post Types• Custom Taxonomies• Custom Fields
  9. What about Post Formats?
  10. Custom Post Type management• Maintain custom post types in the functions.php file?• Create a unique plugin for your site’s custom post types?• Use a third-party custom post type plugin?Custom Post Types Photo by Brad Coy
  11. Advanced custom post type management
  12. Post Terms Term Relationships• ID • term_id • object_id• post_author • name • term_taxonomy_id• post_date • slug • term_order• post_content • term_group• post_title• post_excerpt• post_status• post_content• post_type Term Taxonomy• Etc. • term_taxonomy_id • term_id • taxonomy • description Post Meta • parent • count• meta_id• post_id• meta_key• meta_value WordPress Database Structure
  13. Custom CustomPost Type Taxonomy People People Hobbies Hobbies• ID • people_id • ID• first_name • hobbies_id • name• last_name • description• email_address• home_phone• cell_phone Custom Fields• birthday• Etc. The Illusion of Structure
  14. Custom Post Type OptionsDo it yourself: a plugin:
  15. Custom Fields - Good
  16. Custom Fields - BetterHow to create Custom Meta Boxes•• wordpress/• writemeta-boxes/
  17. Custom Fields - Best
  18. Advanced roles and capabilities for managing user permissions
  19. Popular Web Apps
  20. Features of Web Apps  Offer a service  Safe-keeping of your personal data  Access to your personal data through an API  Roles and permissions for controlled and/or restricted access
  21. With no API, users are limited in how the can access their data Illustration by Eric Tufts
  22. Separating contentfrom presentation Illustration by Eric Tufts
  23. Illustration by Eric Tufts