Hello Coseom (English)


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What we do who we are. More on http://www.coseom.com/en/

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Hello Coseom (English)

  1. 1. Hello!We are Coseom Limited
  2. 2. Coseom was founded 2008 in Spain after many years of web development by singlemembers of the team.In 2010 we changed to Coseom Limited in the UK and have people based inMadrid, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca and other places in order to provide local knowledgeand presence.We are a Team of SEO, SEM, Affiliate and Social Media enthusiasts managing campaigns forB2B and B2C clientsWe create multilingual online marketing campaigns with impact and focus on ROI.Basically, we are an online sales team made in Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Argentina andPoland and we are good.Clients from Germany, United States, Spain, Ireland, Hong Kong and Italy are increasingtraffic and conversion thanks to our campaign strategies and management in many markets.
  3. 3. Search EngineOptimization (SEO)Customers click more often onorganic search results and you do nothave to pay to get listed. Googleshows the most relevant results foreach query.We analyze your website and create along term strategy to get your websiteup into the organic search results.We build links, we create content and Price structure: Analysis/Strategy + Monthlywe structure websites. We track management + Budget for link building and other activitiessuccess via traffic and conversions onyour website
  4. 4. Pay Per Click (SEM/PPC) We create, manage and optimize your international PPC campaigns. Depending on your budget we create targeted campaigns for relevant and profitable keywords. We do sales and conversion tracking and we work towards a cost per sale / ROI target agreed with your team. We create and translate targeted Ad Texts and campaigns with native speakersPrice structure: Analysis/Strategy + getting your sales prospects to enter and10% of budget for monthly management convert into customers.
  5. 5. Performance/ Affiliate Marketing Website 2 Affiliate Networks YOUR Website 1 Website 3 sends sends WEBSITE SALE! Website 4 traffic traffic Website 5 Website 6 Comission % of sale Comission % of salePrice structure: Analysis & Strategy + Affiliates can help you to quickly gather traffic but youCreation of banners and videos + Affiliate need to get the Affiliates to choose your AdvertisingManagement and Recruiting. Multilingual! material by offering good % on sales and keep affiliate banners updated, discounts up to date etc.
  6. 6. Social Media and Brand Reputation We help you to promote and connect your brand, we monitor and react on customer opinions. We train your team andEverything what people say install tools to manage and monitor social mediaabout your brand is nowreaching a broader audience Price structure: Analysis/Strategy + Get aWe do: social media manager> Multilingual Profile/Page Management assigned and promote your> Personalized Profile Designs brand with blog> Apps posts, Tweets, Facebook, Lin> Social Monitoring kedIn and Co.> Reporting> Reputation Management Targets Results & Reporting for a monthly fee
  7. 7. Blog Buzz, Influencer Marketing and Link Building What we do: > We contact with Bloggers & Influencers > Wecreate and distribute content to promote >We help you to generate reviews of products and services >We build highly relevant links for your website in order to improve you SEO Price structure: Price per published content piece, or blogger. We also work with fixed monthly budgets.
  8. 8. Videos and VideoMarketingVideos are the most engaging contentpieces in the internet. Videos cantransmit information in short time andhelp to increase conversion in shopsand social media.We create animated videos of yourservices or products and help todistribute them in the web with focus onROI and branding.We work with all common videoplatforms and use platforms like GoogleAdwords for Video to reach theaudience you need.
  9. 9. Mobile App PromotionYou just developed a new app and needmore users?You still have no presence on mobile?Mobile is on a rise. More users use appsmore time on many different devices.Our Mobile App Promotion campaigns helpApp Developers and companies to promotetheir Apps Online, in the Google Play Storeand the Apple AppStore for all languagesand countries.We work with several partners to generatethousands of new quality and real Appdownloads in days.We use advanced tracking software to trackthe advertising campaigns for your app
  10. 10. TeamWe are a team of marketing enthusiasts based inLondon, Barcelona, Madrid and Palma deMallorca. David Schoenfeld Esther Aguila Stefania ChiellinoWe offer a complete support and an extensiveservice of customer support and campaignmanagement second to none.Please, do not hesistate to contact us at Florian Wude Luca Parrella Luca Ravagnanimail@coseom.comor fill out our contact form atwww.coseom.com/en/ Roland Beaussant Rafael Duran Javier Sanz
  11. 11. Barcelona:C/ Amadeo Vives 42 2º08906 Barcelona (Hospitalet de Llobregat)SpainPhone: +34 934380622London:2nd Floor 145-157 St John StreetLondon EC1V 4PYUnited Kingdom Web: http://www.coseom.com/en/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/coseom/Phone: +44 (0)7031915645 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/coseom/