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Learn how a common business process, HR Onboarding and Training, can be automated by SharePoint to various degrees of complexity. We will explore the common challenges associated with onboarding and training to identify success metrics that prove the value of SharePoint solutions. We will compare 3 solutions with increasing costs and benefits to determine the best value for the business. See how an iterative improvement approach can also minimize risk and build confidence with team members and stakeholders.

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Good. Better. Best. - SharePointlandia

  1. 1. @davidsamoranskiGood. Better. Best.David SamoranskiDirector, Western Regiontwitter @davidsamoranskidavid.samoranski
  2. 2. @davidsamoranskiSession SummaryOnboarding Analysis Prioritization Agile
  3. 3. @davidsamoranskiONBOARDING
  4. 4. @davidsamoranskiWhat is Onboarding?Relationships KnowledgeSkills Behavior
  5. 5. @davidsamoranskiCommon ChallengesTime CostConsistency Outcome
  6. 6. @davidsamoranskiProcess ModelingParticipants StepsDecisions Metrics
  7. 7. @davidsamoranskiProcess Modeling 101Work TimeCycle Time
  8. 8. @davidsamoranskiExplore PainData DocumentsProcesses Interviews
  9. 9. @davidsamoranskiProblem Identification TemplateID What is the problem?Who isaffected?Where does itoccur?When does ithappen?Why does itexist?1New employees frequently donot have the access or toolsthey need to be productive ontheir first day/week/month.Organization,department,manager,employeeHR, IT, Legal After hiringprocess iscompleteInconsistentprocess andmaterials2Loss of information due to highturnover in HR/IT and lack ofprocess or governanceOrganization,HR & IT,EmployeeHR, IT As theonboardingprocess is beingexecutedAd-hoc processwith littleguidance for3Time intensive process tocreate all necessary accounts,procure hardware & software,and deliver trainingOrganization,HR, IT, & Legal,employeeHR, IT, Legal During theonboardingprocessManual processwith tedious andtime consumingactivities4Even less rigor aroundtermination and closingaccounts/saving business dataOrganization,HR, IT, & LegalHR, IT, Legal Aftertermination ofemploymentOut of sight, outof mind5No visibility into process statuswhen being executedManagers,StakeholdersHR, IT, Legal During theonboardingprocessNo mechanism inplace to captureor present data
  10. 10. @davidsamoranskiIdentify AlternativesContent WorkflowIntegration Reporting
  11. 11. @davidsamoranskiSolution Identification TemplateID What is the solution? Who is affected?Where doesit occur?When does ithappen?Why is it animprovement?1Execute standardized processby using task list/templateOrganization, HR, IT,& Legal, employeeHR, IT, & Legal OnboardingprocessexecutionConsistentprocess2Create site to manageprocess and communicatestatusOrganization, HR, IT,& Legal, Managers,StakeholdersIT OnboardingprocessexecutionEnhancedcommunicationand visibility3Deliver training materialsonlineOrganization, HR, IT,& Legal, Managers,StakeholdersHR, Legal OnboardingprocessexecutionReduces worktime for HR andLegal associates4Create automated scripts foraccount access/setupOrganization, HR, IT,& Legal, Managers,StakeholdersIT OnboardingprocessexecutionReduce worktime for ITassociates5Create workflow to automatetask notifications and statusupdatesOrganization, HR, IT,& Legal, Managers,StakeholdersHR, IT, & Legal OnboardingprocessexecutionImprovegovernance andtaskmanagement
  12. 12. @davidsamoranskiANALYSIS
  13. 13. @davidsamoranskiAnalyze AlternativesToday TomorrowCost Benefit
  14. 14. @davidsamoranskiSolution Analysis TemplateID Solution Value Complexity1Execute standardized process by using tasklist/template 3 12Create site to manage process and communicatestatus 3 13Deliver training materials online2 24Create automated scripts for account access/setup2 35Create workflow to automate task notifications andstatus updates 1 2
  15. 15. @davidsamoranskiDetailed Complexity AnalysisID Solution Implementation Training Support External Complexity1Execute standardizedprocess by using tasklist/template1 2 1 0 32Create site to manageprocess and communicatestatus1 2 1 0 43Deliver training materialsonline 3 1 2 0 64Create automated scriptsfor account access/setup 3 1 2 3 95Create workflow toautomate tasknotifications and statusupdates2 1 2 0 5
  16. 16. @davidsamoranskiDetailed Value AnalysisID Solution Urgency Scale Impact Reuse Value1Execute standardized process byusing task list/template 3 3 2 0 82Create site to manage processand communicate status 3 3 2 0 83Deliver training materials online2 3 3 1 94Create automated scripts foraccount access/setup 2 3 3 0 85Create workflow to automatetask notifications and statusupdates 2 3 3 1 9
  17. 17. @davidsamoranskiPRIORITIZATION
  18. 18. @davidsamoranskiValue vs ComplexityToday TomorrowCost Benefit
  19. 19. @davidsamoranskiPrioritization MatrixDeliver trainingmaterials onlineCreate automated scripts foraccount access/setupExecute standardizedprocess by using tasklist/templateCreate site to manageprocess and communicatestatusComplexityLow 1HighHigh 3Low3221ValueCreate workflow to automatetask notifications and statusupdates
  20. 20. @davidsamoranskiLow Hanging FruitSites & Pages Lists & LibrariesWeb Parts Columns & Views
  21. 21. @davidsamoranskiVision for the FuturePain OpportunityProblems Solutions
  22. 22. @davidsamoranskiSolution RoadmapReview and Refine TaxonomyProcure and Install Hardware/SoftwareDesign Information Architecture (Controlled Vocabulary and Taxonomy)Design Mockups and WireframesCreate Graphic Standards GuideDesign Master Pages and CSSDesign Site TemplatesImplement Controlled Vocabulary and TaxonomyConfigure Production FarmConfigure DR EnvironmentDevelop Internal Training Materials (Visitor, Member, and Content Owner)Document Governance and Content Migration Plan Migrate Intranet ContentContinuously Gather Feedback, Prioritize Suggestions for Improvements, and Provide Visibility into the Status of the ProgramTrain Administrators and DevelopersEvaluate System for ReleaseDocument Backup/Recovery PlanDocument Disaster Recovery PlanProvision SitesBuild Site CollectionsSearch Configuration (Search Center, keywords, best bets)Customize SitesDeliver Internal TrainingWeekly Tactical Team Meetings and Monthly Strategy Team MeetingsImplement Backup/Recovery PlanImplement Disaster Recovery PlanDevelopment in Pilot Environment Configure Test and Dev Farms
  23. 23. @davidsamoranskiAGILE
  24. 24. @davidsamoranskiIterative ImprovementBuild ReviewRepeat Feedback
  25. 25. @davidsamoranskiSprintsIterativeResponsiveImage courtesy of SSW
  26. 26. @davidsamoranskiBuilding MomentumContent SearchIntegration Reporting
  27. 27. @davidsamoranskiAdoptionMake it Easy! Connect the DotsCurrent Needs Future Possibilities
  28. 28. @davidsamoranskiQUESTIONS?David Samoranski | @davidsamoranski | (707)
  29. 29. @davidsamoranskiTHANK YOU!