What is target marketing and have you defined yours


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You might not know this but almost all marketers struggle with what is target marketing. For the very reason that they sign up anyone and everyone they can find is what has caused a huge failure percentage in online marketing.

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What is target marketing and have you defined yours

  1. 1. You may have stumbled on this post and thought to yourself what is target marketing? What isthis guy talking about? If you’re in any type of marketing this may be one of the most importantposts you read. Defining your target market will seriously hone your online marketing skills andbring them to a new level.The Struggle in Figuring Out What is TargetMarketingYou might not know this but almost all marketers struggle with what is target marketing. For thevery reason that they sign up anyone and everyone they can find is what has caused a hugefailure percentage in online marketing.Well back to the question, what is target marketing? Simply put its who you would prefer tobecome business partners with, then creating the valuable content to attract those people. But itdoesnt stop there, you need to know them intimately, what they are struggling with, whatconsumes their thoughts, what they need etc... etc... An easy way to think about this is to askyourself... If you could think of the perfect person to do business with... who would it be? Whatwould they even look like?What is Target Marketing and How to Figure it Out
  2. 2. Some basic questions to figure out what is target marketing to ask yourself on this would be... 1. What do they desire or hope to achieve in life? 2. What benefits would your service bring them? 3. Why would they be interested in your business? 4. What kind of experience do they have? 5. How old are they? 6. What do you bring to the table that would interest them and help build rapport in a conversation?Almost nobody in online marketing has thought to define their Target MarketIn all marketing your Service will dictate your Prospect. Heres a couple examples of targetingmarkets:  If you market weight loss products, you should not approach the ice cream vendor, it just wouldnt makes much sense now would it...  If you sell web page optimization, youre surely not going to proposition someone without a computer, right?  If you sell Pet supplies, you are most likely going to target people who own pets, right?Now you can figure out on your own that in marketing the problem is we can sell or sign up justabout anyone we can get within 3 feet of, which is what most marketers are hoping for... theproverbial.. "Anyone". This is the very reason why their efforts attract exactly NOBODY. Youhavent figured out what is target marketing and you need to.So Lets Wave the Magic Wand and Find out What is Target MarketingWhen you zero in on a target market, think about the type of person you would "Like" to workwith. If you are new to marketing then you will most likely answer incorrectly "ANYONE", itsunderstandable, but now you will know better. Do Not just hope and dream, become a businessminded person and chose who it is you will work with. Business people do it... why shouldntyou?As for myself I love to work with people that want to learn new skills online in the field ofattraction marketing, blogging and teaching, people who have not had the level of success they
  3. 3. have always wanted. You may have noticed by my blog there is a lot of "How To" stuff in it. Idont write to the person who is the expert in these fields because they of course are alreadyexperts. I would whole heartedly rather teach those that dont have the skill sets yet and showthem how to do the same once they have reached the success they have desired.What is Target Marketing Examples 1. Baby boomers concerned about retirement. 2. Dads who are worried how to pay for their childrens education. 3. Adults concerned on covering the costs of their elderly parents. 4. Retirees who needing to supplement their pension. 5. Retires who are wishing they had saved more money. 6. Personal trainers that want to increase their income. 7. Stay at home Mom’s that want to remain at home but help out financially.A little while ago I talked about being able to have a rapport with your prospects. Please realizethat you are not limited to marketing to only these people. BUT, if you are not fully versed inthat target market then you need to ensure that you become full immersed in it. Learn it beforeentering their world. Find out what they read, what they watch, where they go, what they enjoy...etc.Remember this post is entire post is about marketing, if you are out prospecting and they do notfit your target market dont let that stop you from talking to them. If your there anyway, why notdo a little prospecting, but if you are going to market, why not target.Who is your ideal prospect? Your avatar? Your perfect target market?Hopefully you understand more now about what is target marketing and some of the aspectsinvolved in finding your perfect market target.Lock arms with us below and gain access to training & masterminds on things like what istarget marketing and other subjects for FREE!!!We’ll see you there,Got More Questions? Get Them Answered Here <======
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