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4 powerful habits of successful business leaders


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What makes a business leader successful? After extensive research, there are some habits or routines that stand out from the rest and that really have an impact on leaders and the people they lead within a company or around them.

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4 powerful habits of successful business leaders

  1. 1. 4 powerful habits of successful business leaders Image courtesy of photosteve101 at What makes a business leader successful? There is so much content on the web about how to be a successful business leader or how to be successful in life; or what can you do to improve your chances of becoming a millionaire; or what do leaders do every day to remain successful for the rest of their careers. After extensive research, there are some habits or routines that stand out from the rest and that really have an impact on leaders and the people they lead within a company or around them. It is not about following rules or knowing the mission statement by heart. In fact, is more about things people do on a daily basis that leads them to entrepreneurial success or to be the best leaders in their personal and corporate world.
  2. 2. Successful leaders ask a lot of questions. They have more questions than answers in order to get to the solution to the problem. Even if the business is in a successful peak, they ask more questions in order to be prepared or to try new approaches to make the company even more successful. Asking questions to employees; asking questions to customers; going to conferences and lectures; talking to the people and even questioning themselves gets them to a point where they want to understand everything before they are understood themselves. Successful leaders encourage curiosity among their people, they lead and are curious in every aspect of life. They don’t just agree or say “it is impossible” or “ I can’t”, they arrive to the “why” of everything in order to improve. Image courtesy of Andrew Steele at
  3. 3. Focus, focus, focus. Successful leaders focus on things and get them done. Sometimes this means important sacrifices such as walking away from certain customer to focus on the really important ones. When you focus on a goal or a vision and persist to achieve it, it will eventually lead you to success. A good example is Tesla electric cars. As Elon Musk was developing his car, he received a lot of advice to make hybrid cars as there weren’t enough places to charge the cars. He focused on his goal and developed a charging network. Tesla cars are in high demand and in today´s world are becoming ever more popular. Focus on your goal and go for it. The idea is not to try to do many things as one will end up not doing anything. Keep friends close and never stop networking. For business leaders friends and their network are very important. There are many networking events (if all the events are not about networking) but the most successful leaders make the most out of these meetings and fairs. Business leaders that want to succeed build long lasting networks of professional and useful people. Also, they keep their friends close because it is a very good strategy to get in contact with the right people. Knowing the people you hire or accept useful recommendations is a very good way to choose the right people. Lastly, successful leaders take their time to build relationships and make a name for themselves so people can know them for who they are and not only for what they do or the company they lead or work for.
  4. 4. Image courtesy of PowerMax Energy at Thinking out of the nutshell. Amazing business leaders think out of the box, they always try to look for a better and innovative way out. Even when business is running smoothly they try new approaches and take risks in order to have many points of view and not stay in the same old fashioned way of doing things. Businesses that give customers new products or innovate on their services are the ones that hold to their customers for long time. Leaders that think differently and encourage their teams or employees to do so, are the ones that see problem solving and successful strategies thrive when hard times come. There used to be a cliché that said that if things are working well, why change them. In today’s world either you innovate or you disappear and good business leaders are always asking themselves: is the way it's always been done still the best way to do it? This always leads to amazing, and sometimes very different, ways to solve problem or to approach profitable markets.
  5. 5. There are many more habits that leaders should and must follow in order to get where they want to go. These four are a good starter so you can apply them to your life, company or team. Habits are established within 21 days which means it is an everyday task that has to be nurtured and progressively improved. Once you start, you will see results immediately and things around you will start to change, people will start to follow and success will be just around the corner.