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Datasheet varonis solutions overview - c24


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Datasheet varonis solutions overview - c24

  1. 1. Varonis SOLUTIONS OVERVIEW Varonis solutions harness metadata so that organizations can intelligently access, govern, migrate, and dispose of their unstructured data. Based on patented technology and a highly accurate analytics engine, Varonis solutions give organizations total visibility and control over their data, ensuring that only the right users have access to the right data at all times from all devices, all use is monitored, and abuse is flagged. ACCESS • Worried about employees using the public cloud for corporate data? Need better mobile access? Files too big to email? • Extend the accessibility of your existing file servers with file sync, mobile access, and 3rd party sharing • Provide the cloud experience without the cloud Governance • Permissions maps in seconds, not days. DatAdvantage gives you a consistent view of permissions across Windows, NAS, UNIX/Linux, Exchange, and SharePoint. • Automate permissions mapping, auditing, intelligence, data ownership, classification, and control with metadata framework technology • Automate data owner involvement in authorization, review and revocation processes Retention • Need to archive, delete, or move data easily between platforms or domains without downtime? • Automate data migration and deletion based on metadata: permissions, access activity, and/or content • Transport and optimize permissions and metadata across platforms or domainsVARONIS® Solutions Overview
  2. 2. Varonis Data Varonis DatAdvantage Varonis DatAdvantage Varonis DatAdvantageGovernance Suite for Windows for SharePoint for ExchangeVaronis DatAdvantage Varonis DatAdvantage Varonis DataPrivilege Varonis IDUfor Directory Services for UNIX/Linux Classification Framework Download our product data sheets at varonis.comVaronis Data Varonis DatAnywhereTransport EngineWorldwide HEADQUARTERS 1250 Broadway, 31st Floor, New York, NY 10001 T 877-292-8767 E sales@varonis.comFederal Sales (US) 1250 Broadway, 31st Floor, New York, NY 10001 T 877-292-8767United Kingdom and Ireland Varonis UK Ltd. Warnford Court 29 Throgmorton Street London, UK EC2N 2AT T 020 3402 6044 TEL 0121 550 4569Western Europe Varonis France SAS 4, rue Villaret de Joyeuse 75017 Paris France T +33 (0) F +33 (0), Austria and Switzerland Varonis Deutschland Robert Bosch Strasse 7 64293 Darmstadt T + 49-0-6257 9639728VARONIS® Solutions Overview